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The War On Terrorism


“They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety. – Ben Franklin (American statesman, inventor, scientist, & writer; 1706-1790; written in the Historical Review of Pennsylvania in1759.)

“Government is not reason; it is not eloquence – it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.” – George Washington


We are being told by the federal government and by the establishment-CONTROLLED mainstream media ((hereafter referred to as the “CONTROLLED media”)) that in the event of major terrorist attacks on large U.S. population centers, it is quite probable that LARGE numbers of Americans will be taken, FORCIBLY if necessary, to “relocation centers” ((i.e., Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA)-controlled camps)).

We are also being told by the federal government and by the CONTROLLED media that in the event of major biological attacks on American population centers, it is quite likely that many, if not all, Americans will be required to be immunized – FORCIBLY, if necessary!

We are also being told by the federal government and by the CONTROLLED media that America is going to be involved in a “war on terrorism” for possibly up to 100 years or more! And we are being told that in order to prosecute this “war on terrorism”, we Americans are going to have to give up some of our freedoms and rights. You know, the proverbial “give up your liberty for safety”. ((NOTE: Giving up “liberty” for “safety” has been the motto of tyrannical governments throughout history!))

We are also being told by the federal government and by the CONTROLLED media that if any Americans speak out against the “loss of liberty”, or the “100-years’ War”, or against the current Administration, then such Americans are [supposedly] supporting “terrorism”. ((That, of course, is 100% HOGWASH & BALDERDASH! – But, more on that later.))


This is one the “scariest” proposals of recent Administrations: i.e., that the “government” has the RIGHT to move, FORCIBLY if necessary, large groups of Americans into “relocation” centers ((others have called them “detention centers”; some have called them “labor camps”; and some have likened them unto “concentration camps”!)). Various legislation and “executive orders” and other Presidential Decision Directives (PDD’s) over the past several decades have given the federal government a TREMENDOUS amount of power over the American people that the founding fathers never envisioned; indeed they spoke out AGAINST government having so much power. That’s why the Bill of Rights was approved as an integral part of the U.S. Constitution. ((Such bills as the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act have given the government a TON OF POWER – much of which is totally unconstitutional. Please check out Alex Jones’ great web site: . It has a lot of information of this subject, plus his analysis of the above-mentioned legislation – it also has extracts from those bills, and/or links to them.))

Moving Americans into “relocation” centers in the event of horrible terrorist attacks may not sound all that ominous, at least on the SURFACE. Obviously, if a large population center was hit by a nuclear weapon, people would have to be moved out of highly radioactive areas. However, the use of biological weapons, in almost all cases, would NOT justify moving large population groups into large “relocation camps”. First off, the worst thing you can do when biological agents are used in an area is to gather everybody up and put them in one large enclosed area. If you have somebody within the group who is already sick – and/or a carrier (of a disease) – then you are just about guaranteeing that MANY OTHER individuals within the group will also get infected! Actually, the very smartest thing to do would be to “quarantine” individuals and areas that are infected, and let the rest of the non-infected folks make their own homes as safe as they can (i.e., putting plastic on windows with duct tape, etc.), and taking standard sanitation precautions. People could even wear surgical masks and/or gloves when going outdoors. If necessary, vehicles with self-enclosed air filtration systems could make the rounds in infected areas to distribute food and water to folks.

There are other “negatives” to FORCIBLY placing large numbers of people into “relocation camps” than just the likelihood of infecting others with those sick folks (or carriers of a disease) who would be in their midst. Some of these other “negatives” include:

1) Being DISARMED: If you think that you are going to be allowed to wear side arms, or take any of your firearms with you to one of the government’s “relocation centers”, think again. Plans have already been laid out to disarm all the citizens who are going inside of the “camps”.

((Again, on the SURFACE that may not sound bad to some folks. However, if you consider the fact that the vast majority of America’s fighting forces may be OUT OF the USA fighting wars in numerous locations (Iraq?, North Korea?, Iran?, Syria?, Libya?, etc.), and that government officials have already told us that FOREIGN troops WILL be utilized to “protect” the American people, and quite likely help “guard” many of those camps, then these “relocation centers” do NOT sound so good to this 20-year military veteran! Why? It is because FOREIGN troops have a very long (and documented) record of disarming, raping, pillaging, plundering, and MURDERING local civilian populations!))

2) SUSPENSION of ALL Constitutionally-guaranteed God-given RIGHTS within these “relocation centers”: Think very hard and long about this: All rights will be forfeited in the camp. Also, if attacks are massive enough, FEMA and its CONTROLLERS will take over the country, and the U.S. Constitution will be SUSPENDED! ((This has been in the planning for years!)) There are also plans for “forced labor” within the “camps”. Despite claims to the contrary, our Constitutional Republic will probably become history, and folks will be held INDEFINITELY in these “camps”- UNARMED, and totally at the mercy of their “guards”!

3) SEPARATION of females and males: Again, this one may not sound so bad to some folks, on the SURFACE anyway. ((By the way, the separation of females and males is a GIVEN in the government’s “relocation camps” plans.)) Again, remember that our government has been telling us that if most of America’s fighting men are out of the country, then FOREIGN troops will be “helping” to guard these large “relocation centers”. Now ask yourself the question: “Do I want FOREIGN troops, such as Russians, Mongolians, Czechs, etc., guarding my wife, my daughter, my sister, or my young son?” And ask yourself, “Do I want to take the chance that I might never see my wife, my daughter, my sister, or my young son again once they are sent to one camp and I am sent to a different camp?”

((Much of the above information has been documented in three outstanding videos: Texe Marrs’ “Gulag USA”, and Alex Jones’ two documentary films: “Police State 2000” and “Police State II – The Takeover”. See ordering information at the end of this newsletter.))


This one bothers me just about as much as “forcible” relocation. Why? Because many of these “smallpox”, “anthrax”, and other shots to be used on the American people will probably be experimental. Some of the shots do NOT have a very “good track record”! For example, the military has had some major problems with the anthrax shots. The shots have been so “bad” (i.e., making people very ill) that it has been reported that large numbers of pilots got out of the Air Force rather than take the shots! Also, the immunizations given to our military servicemen prior to and during the last Gulf War (1991 version) did NOT have a great track record. ((At least some of the Gulf War Illness that affected many of our returning Gulf War veterans has been attributed to experimental vaccines given to them prior to deployment overseas!)) ((Please check out two great web sites of the American Gulf War Veterans Association for a ton of information on the Gulf War Illness, the vaccines, and other government malfeasance concerning our military servicemen and women: and . For the sake of your families, please take the time to do a little investigation of these matters!))

Consider this also: Many health workers have REFUSED to take the smallpox shots! Why? Because if the “terrorists” attack us with anthrax, smallpox, etc., it will MOST LIKELY be WEAPONS-GRADE anthrax, smallpox, etc. And, it is also very likely that the “terrorists” ((some of them have been trained in Soviet doctrine on chemical and biological warfare)) will use the old “Russian cocktail” – a mix of various “nasty things”, such as plague, anthrax, etc. So someone please explain why in blazes the government wants to inoculate all health workers, and possibly the entire population, with standard smallpox and standard anthrax vaccines, etc., when such would be of little to NO protection against what the terrorists would throw at us?

Also consider the fact that smallpox is NOT “super” contagious if you take simple health and sanitation precautions. It would be necessary to simply quarantine ONLY those who are infected. Others in close contact with infected individuals could wear surgical masks and rubber gloves. Again, what is the necessity of inoculating an ENTIRE population with smallpox shots just because one or more cases break out on the North American continent?

Also consider that fact that many medical personnel consider the “cure” (i.e., the immunization) to quite often be more dangerous than the “disease”!

Also, does anybody else consider FORCED inoculations to be a rather heavy-duty invasion of privacy? Who appointed these government SERVANTS to be little “gods” over us anyway?

((By the way, if you have some “questions” about the 9-11 “terrorist” attacks, may I most highly recommend that you check out two great documentary films by Alex Jones, TV & radio talk show host in Austin, Texas, entitled: “9-11: The Road to Tyranny” and “The Masters of Terror”. For information on ordering such, see the end of this newsletter. There is a lot of information related to the 9-11 attacks that the CONTROLLED media is KEEPING FROM the American people.))


A. Who are the “terrorists”?

The definition of who is a “terrorist” under recent legislation is something that EVERYBODY NEEDS to check out. ((Again, check out the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act by visiting Alex Jones’ great web site: .)) The definition of a “terrorist” is so broad as to include just about anybody the government wants to go after. While we are on the subject of this legislation that grew out of the 9-11 attacks, let’s just examine a few of the unconstitutional things the government can do under this so-called “antiterrorism” legislation. Under these new laws:

1) You can be declared a “terrorist” for violating just about any federal or state law.

2) If even suspected of being a “terrorist” and/or of “supporting terrorism” (which is so broad as to probably include criticism of the government’s “war on terrorism”), you can:

a.) Be arrested by the military or a swat team and held indefinitely without formal charges being brought against you;

b.) Be denied a lawyer or even a trial by a jury of your peers, and instead face a military tribunal;

c.) Have any of your personal records, files, computer, etc., seized and held without the authorities even being required to inform you that they have done so;

d.) Have your home visited when you are not there, without the police or “feds” being required to obtain a search warrant, and having them going through everything in your house (and not even being required to leave you a note that they were there!);

e.) Be summarily executed by the military (again, without a jury trial by your peers). Etc., etc., ad nauseam!

What, do you doubt the above? Then please check out the web site: . Type in a “search engine” on these above-mentioned antiterrorism bills and see what you get! The U.S. Constitution should NOT be suspended, even in time of war. And whatever happened to “jury trials”, habeas corpus, “freedom of speech”, the RIGHT against unreasonable search and seizure of our personal property and papers, etc. (the Fourth Amendment)? What ever happened to the old English ideal (which was loved by our founding fathers) that the “king’s authority ended at the doorstep of the poorest peasant’s home”? If we Americans cannot be secure in our own homes, then we might as well admit that our own government has turned us into SLAVES! Has the public SERVANT become the public’s MASTER?

And now the current Administration and the CONTROLLED media have the unmitigated gall to tell us that Saddam Hussein controls “the extreme right” in the USA, and that “the extreme right” is going to help Saddam Hussein carry out terrorist attacks here in the USA once the invasion of Iraq begins. Huh? And just who is the Administration going to “tar with the same brush” of “extreme right-wing terrorists”? Will it be those individuals who dare to speak out against their “war on terrorism” and their continual grab for “MORE AND MORE power”?

Dear reader, this 20-year military veteran does NOT like the “smell” of all this “antiterrorism” legislation and the executive orders and PDD’s that have put way too much power into the hands of a few top leaders in the federal government and the globalist rich elite who CONTROL them!

Even Hitler and Stalin did NOT have such totalitarian police-state powers “in written form” available to them as does the current Administration under the recent antiterrorism legislation! And the requirements for the “feds” to eavesdrop on the average American have been reduced to about “zero”! In other words, if the “feds” want to spy on you, they really do NOT have to go to very much trouble to get “permission” from any oversight bodies in government! (Do we really have any HONEST oversight bodies in government anymore?)

What’s next under all this legislation? Will we have a host of official “1-800-turn-in- your-neighbor-on-the-slightest-suspicion-of-anything” lines? Will we have widespread “spy on your neighbor” programs just like in Stalin’s USSR or in Mao’s Communist Red China? Is that what we Americans want for our children and grandchildren? Do we really want “Big Brother ala 1984”? Are we going to surrender our liberty for a little security?

Oh, yes, just exactly WHO have the “feds” been describing as “terrorists” and potential “terrorists”? Well, here are some of the “groups” that the “feds” consider potential “terrorists” (if not outright “terrorists”), or “dangerous cultists”:

1) Folks in the militia: By the way, the old grandma in the militia is NOT a “terrorist”! ((In fact, the “militia” movement in America has been heavily INFILTRATED by federal agents and agents provocateur funded by federal agencies. If there is anyone advocating “blowing up anything” at a militia meeting, you can be pretty sure that it’s an agent provocateur or a federal agent!))

2) People who believe strongly in the U.S Constitution and Bill of Rights, and in American national sovereignty (i.e., “super patriots”): These people are NOT “terrorists”, despite some propaganda by federal agencies and the CONTROLLED media (and Hollywood movies) to the contrary! And since when is being a “patriot” a bad thing?

3) Bible-believing Christians; and people who believe in end-time prophecy: These folks are NOT “terrorists” or “dangerous cultists”, despite some propaganda by federal agencies and the CONTROLLED media (and Hollywood movies) to the contrary!

4) People who “home school” their children: These folks are NOT “dangerous cultists”!

5) People who have a strong belief in the Second Amendment (the right to keep and bear arms): Only an OPPRESSIVE and TYRANNICAL government would be so worried about the average citizen being armed! (And)

6) “War protesters” and those who “criticize the government”. ((Isn’t that our RIGHT of “free speech” spelled out under the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?))

((If you think the above-named groups haven’t been “labeled” as at least “potential terrorists”, then you need to see the FBI flyer out of Phoenix, Arizona. Also, on Alex Jones’ video “9-11: The Road to Tyranny”, you can see a FEMA official briefing fire fighters and police in Missouri on July 20, 2001, saying that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Paul Revere, and other founding fathers were “terrorists”; and also demonizing Christians who hold strong beliefs, etc.))

Oh yes, then there’s the infamous quote made in 1994 by Janet Reno (former Attorney General under Bill Clinton):

“A cultist is one who has a strong belief in the Bible and the Second Coming of Christ; who frequently attends Bible studies; who has a high level of financial giving to a Christian cause; who home schools for their children; who has accumulated survival foods and has a strong belief in the Second Amendment [i.e., the Right of the people to keep and bear Arms]; and who distrusts big government. Any of these may qualify [a person as a cultist], but certainly more than one [of these characteristics] would cause us to look at this person as a threat, and his family being in a risk situation that qualified for government interference.” ((Oh, Janet, what do you mean by “government interference”? Do you mean like “what happened to Randy Weaver and his family at Ruby Ridge, Idaho”, and “what happened to the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas”?))

Dear reader, do YOU fit any of Janet Reno’s definitions of a “cultist”?

B. Which nations support terrorism?

The biggest supporter of “international terrorism” in the world over the past five or six decades was the Soviet Union! ((By the way, though the country changed its name from the USSR to Russia, the communists maintained power in Russia – and they still are the biggest supporter of “international terrorism” in the world! And Russia is still a totalitarian regime despite propaganda to the contrary from our own CONTROLLED media.)) Red China has been a close second to Russia in its support of “international terrorism”.

By the way, other nations, such as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya, and others have all been on the State Department’s list as supporters of terrorism. However, compared to Russia, those countries are relatively “small fish” in the pond of “international terrorism”.


I have raised some issues in this newsletter that ought to cause most folks to have some serious concerns and questions. No matter how you cut it, things are NOT looking super rosy for the immediate future of this nation. Our own government and the CONTROLLED media are telling us that we will be attacked SOON, and that weapons of mass destruction will be used on us, and the next attack (or attacks) will make 9-11 pale in comparison.

“Relocation centers”, “FORCED inoculations”, endless wars, suspension of rights & liberty, FOREIGN troops “guarding” American citizens, etc. – these are all VERY SERIOUS topics! My hope and prayer, again, is that the reader of this newsletter will seriously CHECK OUT the web sites and other resource materials (“information tools”) mentioned in this newsletter. Please do NOT ignore this REAL DANGER to our liberty, and walk away as if you never saw the information contained herein.