The Silent Invasion


“The [Ed. Note: establishment-CONTROLLED] mainstream media has ignored what’s [Ed. Note: really] happening on the [Ed. Note: U.S.-Mexican] border. It’s about time someone talked about what’s happening down there.” – Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Co)

“If we have another [terrorist] event, and it’s perpetrated by someone coming into this country illegally, and we’ve done NO MORE to protect our borders and [to] actually enforce our immigration policy…then the blood of the people that are killed will be on our hands and the president’s [hands]. Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-Co)

((NOTE: The following quotes are from the Summer 2002 issue of “Aid & Abet Police & Military Newsletter”. Information on how to get a copy of the Summer 2002 issue will be given later in this issue of TTT.))

“…Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out [of the U.S. Southwest]! We [Mexicans] are the future. You are old and tired. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people, it is your duty to die.”

“…Go back to Boston! Go back to Plymouth Rock, Pilgrims! Get out [of the U.S. Southwest]! We [Mexicans] are the future. You are old and tired. We have beaten you. Leave like beaten rats. You old white people, it is your duty to die.”

Augustin Cebada, head of the U.S.-based Marxist Chicano revolutionary army (i.e., Brown Berets de AZTLAN)

“California is going to be a Mexican state; we are going to control all the institutions. If people don’t like it, they should leave.”

Mario Obledo, a Marxist & former head of theleftist Mexican American Legal Defense & Educational Fund.

“We shall overcome you [Americans] by vote if possible and violence if necessary… AZTLAN belongs to those who plant the seeds, water the fields, and gather the crops, and not to foreign Europeans [i.e., white Americans].

Text from “El Plan de AZTLAN”, University of California

[The] American Southwest is no longer part of the United States.”

MEChA Group, San Diego City College (MEChA = Movimiento Estudiantil

Chicanos de Aztlan = Movement for Chicano Students of Aztlan)


“The American Southwest seems to be slowly returning to the jurisdiction of Mexico without firing a single shot.”“Excelsior” (a Mexican newspaper; 1982)

“Multi-culturalism and the U.S. government immigration policy have contributed towards the rise of Chicano ethnic separation within the American Southwest that has all the makings of an incipient Nation of AZTLAN.”

Professor Maria Hsia Chang, Political Science, University of Nevada, Reno

“In the border states such as Arizona, many illegal immigrants join criminal Hispanic gangs. It is reported from within the pro-American, Hispanic community that some of Mexico’s military special unit members have executive leadership roles in the vast U.S. Chicano gang network.” – Jack McLamb (Retired Phoenix Police Dept. Gang Squad, Intelligence Officer)

((Following quotes are from the book The Silent Invasion by Scott Gulbransen))

“Most Americans live under the false presumption that the only threat we face on the southern border with Mexico is that of illegal immigration and the smuggling of illegal drugs. [Ed. Note: Many Americans]…know nothing about other national security issues far more important. [Law enforcement officers will] tell you stories of government corruption on both sides of the border and the presence of all kinds of potential enemies just a few hundred feet south of the sovereign land of the United States.”

Scott Gulbransen, author of The Silent Invasion


“Talk with Mexican nationals in border areas like San Diego or El Paso… [they] have much hatred and disdain for their rich neighbor to the north. …They talk of how Texas and California are really part of Mexico and they wait for the day when Mexico can take them back.”

Scott Gulbransen

“It’s unfortunate but Americans are naïve and we’re living in a fantasy world that says our enemies could never attack us. Well, they did it with our own airplanes on September 11 and now they’re smuggling God knows what across our borders. The rude awakening is coming…”

Female Border Patrol agent who was exposing the truth about what really goes

on along the U.S.-Mexican border until she had an untimely “accident”

“With several of the major ports in the Americas being controlled by a front for the Communist Chinese government [Ed. Note: Hutchison Whampoa, Ltd.], we are in danger. From eyewitness reports, the Chinese military is moving materials and ammunition into Mexico for some reason.” – Scott Gulbransen

“I can’t believe the [expletive] number of Chinese that come through San Ysidro or Otay Mesa [on the U.S.-Mexican border]. It’s a crying shame and no one cares. My life is in danger because I know, yet it’s right under the nose of the media and our politicians and no one gives a flying [expletive]. It’s almost like they’re in on it.” – Male Border Patrol agent


The establishment-CONTROLLED mainstream media and the federal government constantly tell us that the government is waging a “war on terrorism”. Yet, our southern border with Mexico (which is 1973 miles long) remains, for the most part, “open” for numerous ILLEGAL crossings by foreigners. Many of these foreigners are Mexicans; however, an alarming number of these foreigners illegally crossing our southern border come from the Middle East – some even come from Red (i.e., Communist) China! If the U.S. government is really interested in STOPPING terrorism, then why in blazes isn’t it doing a whole lot more to STOP the flow of “illegal aliens” coming across our southern border with Mexico? How can the U.S. government claim to be effectively fighting terrorism when it ALLOWS significant numbers of POTENTIAL TERRORISTS to cross our border with Mexico?

Sadly, some of these ILLEGAL aliens crossing our southern border rape, pillage, and plunder on the American side of the border. They also destroy the property of American citizens living close to the U.S.-Mexican border. Alarmingly, some of these ILLEGAL aliens are from Middle Eastern countries. Considering the tremendous animosity toward America (and American citizens) created by the U.S. invasion of Iraq, along with recent U.S. threats to attack both Syria and Iran in the near future, some of these Middle Easterners may well pose a serious terrorist threat to the American people!

Did you know that a June 25th CNN poll (the Lou Dobbs’ Show) revealed that 84% (that’s EIGHTY-FOUR percent) of Americans WANT military troops on the Mexican border to stop the flow of illegal immigrants? So why hasn’t the U.S. government RESPONDED to the desires of the majority of the American people to PROTECT our southern border with military troops? Wouldn’t that be a much better use of America’s military forces than trying to “police” a whole lot of nations overseas? ((NOTE: Other recent polls show the same thing: The vast majority of Americans, INCLUDING Hispanic Americans, want ILLEGAL immigration stopped! This is NOT a “racial issue”; this is an issue of national survival!))

At the bare minimum, the steady flow of immigrants (both legal and illegal) across our southern border with Mexico is tremendously overtaxing the social welfare systems in California and a number of our southwestern states. It is also costing American jobs! NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) is giving the SHAFT to both Americans and Mexicans, but especially to Americans. ((It is not within the scope of this issue of TTT to get into NAFTA and GATT, and the numerous problems they have created for the USA; therefore I recommend that the readers do some investigation on their own on this subject.))

There is also the problem of a whole lot of illegal drugs coming across our southern border with Mexico.

Additionally, the steady flow of unsafe Mexican tractor-trailer trucks has greatly endangered America’s highways!

Much has also been written about the deliberate effort to “reconquer” (la Reconquista) the American Southwest for Mexico. Thus far, this “reconquering” effort has been “peaceful”, and is being conducted through massive immigration from Mexico into the American Southwest. However, there are revolutionary groups such a MEChA and the Marxist Chicano revolutionary army (the Brown Berets de AZTLAN) who espouse the use of violence, if necessary, in order to “return” the U.S. Southwest (California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, and Utah) to Mexico! Or, these revolutionary groups might just form their own nation called “AZTLAN”. The bottom line: The “gringos” must go – the American Southwest is to be “off-limits” to white Americans, and probably to most other Americans!

Sadly, as Jack McLamb reported in the Summer 2002 issue of “Aid & Abet Police & Military Newsletter” (“Southwest U.S. Goes Under Mexico”), this nation called AZTLAN “is being built…with…taxpayer funding and other assistance from Republican and Democratic socialists/globalists within our own government”. ((If you would like more information on this “reconquering” of the U.S. Southwest, editor of TTT most highly recommends that you get a copy of the Summer 2002 issue of “Aid & Abet Police & Military Newsletter” by sending $4 (PPD) in cash or postal money order made out to “Aid & Abet” to: Aid & Abet Police & Military Newsletter // HC 11, Box 357 // Kamiah, Idaho 83536. Bulk prices on this issue are available; for more information, call 208-935-7852, or fax 208-935-7854. While you are ordering the Summer 2002 issue, I most highly recommend you also pick up at least one copy of the outstanding book Operation Vampire Killer 2000 (often abbreviated OVK2000) by” Police Against the New World Order” (Jack McLamb’s organization). OVK2000 can be ordered by sending $11 PPD. This book is an absolute MUST read for all Americans, and especially for military and law enforcement personnel. It deals with the globalist rich elite’s plans to end America’s national sovereignty, and to bring in a New World Order. The book is in 8 ½” X 11″ format; and is profusely illustrated with drawings. It uses a lot of great quotes, including some from the mouths of the globalists, to show us what the globalists are up to. Bulk prices are also available on OVK2000.))


NOTE: For more information on the current “problems” we face on our southern border with Mexico, please check out a super-informative web site: www.americanpatrol.com . This web site has many articles and editorials dealing with the festering “problems” we have along the U.S.-Mexican border. Articles deal with the subjects of illegal immigration, savage attacks on American Border Patrol personnel, the CNN poll referenced earlier in this newsletter, etc. You might want to especially check out American Patrol’s “past features” and “links” (there are a lot of other web sites exposing the problems on our southern border) as well as the many current articles listed on this web site.


Editor of TTT has in the past written about the presence of foreign troops training here in the USA. The presence of Russian, German, Czech, etc., troops training here in the USA [in such ominous activities as “dynamic entry”, “crowd control” and “gun confiscation”] has been well documented in numerous books, articles, and videos. ((The two very best videos ever produced on the topic of “foreign troops being trained in Police State tactics”, in the opinion of Editor of TTT, are: “Police State 2000” and “Police State II – the Takeover” – two great documentary films by TV & radio talk show host Alex Jones. To order these “must-see” videos, call toll-free 888-253-3139 or visit Alex’s web site: www.infowars.com . If you are really interested in learning a lot about America’s emerging Police State, and if you want to save a few bucks off the price of Alex’s great videos, order all three “Police State” videos (the latest is “Police State 3 – Total Enslavement”) – you save $6 off the price of each video when you order three or more videos!))

Oh, by the way, WHY are all these foreign troops being trained at U.S. military installations and training sites in “dynamic entry”, “crowd control”, and “gun confiscation”? Is this training to prepare these foreign troops to disarm and brutalize their own people, or to disarm and brutalize the American people? Or is this training for both of those purposes?

And, just as importantly, WHY is “gun control” being pushed so hard here in the good old USA?

Worse, some of the foreign troops training here in the United States seem to have a “semi-permanent” presence, such as the German Luftwaffe (i.e., Air Force) personnel stationed at Holloman Air Force Base in Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Possibly worst of all, the U.S. government has “assured” the American people that should terrorist attacks escalate here in the USA while most of America’s fighting men are off fighting overseas (Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc.??), then Canadian, Mexican, and other FOREIGN troops will “protect” American citizens here in the USA! Deals have already supposedly been worked out with Canada and Mexico for such contingencies! As Editor of TTT has asked in past TTT newsletters, do we Americans really want FOREIGN troops (who have a great track record of rape, murder, pillaging and plundering) patrolling America’s streets and “protecting” American females? And here’s a novel idea: How about we bring most of America’s military HOME to protect our Republic and our borders rather than trying to police most of the planet?


Throughout history, nations planning aggressive moves (such as invasions of other countries) have often “pre-positioned” their troops and/or their ammunition and other military equipment near to their border with (and sometimes even within) the nation that they were planning to invade. This simply makes great “military sense”. For example, the Soviet Red Army pre-positioned both troops and military equipment close to Afghanistan just prior to launching its invasion of Afghanistan in December of 1979. Some Soviet Red Army airborne troops were simply flown to locations where their tanks, armored personnel carriers, and other heavy equipment were already waiting for them!

And now we find one of the USA’s mortal enemies, Red China, increasing its presence throughout the Americas. It was bad enough that the U.S. government, under President Jimmie Carter, turned over one of the most strategic water ways in the world (the Panama Canal) to Red China’s Hutchison Whampoa, Ltd., a front for the Communist Chinese military. Then under the Clinton Administration nuclear secrets were passed on to Red China’s military.

And – it gets worse! Hutchison Whampoa, Ltd. (remember, this is a front organization for Red China’s military), according to information in Scott Gulbransen’s book, operates ports in the Bahamas, Argentina, and Mexico (two in Ensenada, Baja and one in Vera Cruz).

Now consider that according to Scott Gulbransen’s Border Patrol and U.S. Customs sources, Chinese ammunition and other military items, have been detected crossing our southern border with Mexico. Border Patrol agents who complained about the trucks loaded with ammunition being allowed to pass across the border were told to keep their mouths shut about it. In addition, Border Patrol personnel have seen black Humvees crossing our southern border with Mexico with armed Mexicans and Asians on board. One Border Patrol agent who had grown up in Los Angeles, California, said he knew what Chinese and Koreans looked like, and that he had run-ins with both armed Chinese and Koreans along the U.S.-Mexican border! Caucasians have also been seen with Mexican soldiers [Russians? Cubans?]!

During Alex Jones interview with author Scott Gulbransen on June 23, 2003, Scott indicated that four of his sources had been “whacked” (i.e., murdered). We must ask WHY law enforcement officers on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border have been murdered when they have passed on information about ammunition crossing the border, Chinese activity in Mexico, etc. Something very sinister is going on along the U.S.-Mexican border, and the Chinese activity in the Western Hemisphere needs a much closer look! ((Editor of TTT highly recommends that readers of this newsletter purchase a copy of Scott Gulbransen’s book, The Silent Invasion, by calling Counting Coup Press, Inc. at their toll-free number: 866-394-2665. You can also check out Scott’s web site at www.thesilentinvasion.com .))

Could the Red Chinese military be pre-positioning ammunition, tanks, and armored personnel carriers in Mexico (remember they control several large ports in Mexico) for the use of Red Chinese troops during future operations in the U.S. Southwest? Might such operations include “peacekeeping” (i.e., “saving “the American people from the evil terrorists while America’s combat forces are overseas), or possibly even for an actual invasion of the USA in conjunction with other foreign troops (such as Mexican, Cuban, North Korea, etc.)? Which brings us to:

IV. Summary

Something very evil and sinister is going on along the U.S.-Mexican border, and in Mexico itself. Too many Asians, Cubans, etc., have been spotted on both sides of the border! A number of U.S. law enforcement personnel who have tried to bring the truth to light have paid the ultimate price! Something is very wrong, and this “silent invasion” of the USA needs to be quickly investigated, and something needs to be quickly done to correct the “situation”.

The governments of Communist Red China, North Korea, Cuba, and even Russia (the “former” Soviet Union) consider the USA to be enemy #1 – and they hate our guts! ((Don’t believe the lies of the CONTROLLED media – the Communists STILL control Russia, and their clearly-stated plans for destroying the USA are STILL operative!)) Also, many Mexicans, and revolutionary Chicano groups operating in the USA, believe that the American Southwest belongs to Mexico, and not to the USA!

Russian leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, in his book The Last Thrust to the South, talked about attacking Russia’s southern neighbors. Zhirinovsky, who was no doubt involved with the Soviet Secret Police (old KGB), also said that sometime in the future the USA would be in chaos [Ed. Note: hmm, terrorist attacks, race war, civil war?] and then Russia would retake Alaska!

Years ago the Editor of TTT bought a “war game” called, I believe, “Invasion USA”. This game enabled several players to simulate an invasion of the USA by Russian, Cuban, Nicaraguan, etc. forces.

And what about the movie, “Red Dawn”, that has the USA invaded by Russians and Cubans? In this movie, one of the American pilots tells the young folks fighting the Russians and Cubans that China came in on the side of the USA against Russia. ((Should a “Red Dawn” invasion of America really occur, you can bet the Red Chinese will be helping the Russians and Cubans, and NOT the USA!)) Yes, it was just a movie, but we do know that Hollywood at times actually helps the globalists to “telegraph” their moves to the American people.

But this Editor of TTT, who is a 20-year military veteran (who also worked 26 years in the “intelligence community”), does NOT like the “smell” of all the following:

1. Far too many of America’s fighting forces are OVERSEAS right now at a time when they should be home protecting the American people and our borders. ((Remember, we have this great threat to the “homeland” from terrorists.))

2. Too many foreign troops are in the USA, and they always seem to be training in such tactics as “crowd control”, “dynamic entry” (of buildings/homes), and “gun confiscation”.

3. The U.S. government appears to be trying to alienate the entire Moslem World, the entire Arab World, and the entire Slavic and Orthodox Christian World (remember our bombing Serbia back into the “Stone Age”). The U.S. government is currently threatening Syria, Iran, and North Korea. The U.S. government invaded Iraq, and has a whole lot of our troops tied down there. What’s going on? Could it be that the globalist rich elite have given our top government leaders instructions to get most of America’s fighting men out of the USA and at the same time to provoke other nations, such as North Korea, Syria, and/or Iran into war?”

4. The Communist Red Chinese “activities” in the Western Hemisphere, and especially in Mexico, are alarming! Why would the Red Chinese be pre-positioning ammunition and military equipment close to America’s shores?

The “nicest” scenario is that our own U.S. government is planning to use foreign troops to help patrol American streets in case of terrorist attacks on the USA while many of our combat troops are “tied down” outside of the USA. The U.S. government has already admitted to that. We’ve been told that Mexican and Canadian troops would be involved in such operations; however, my guess is that there would be OTHER foreign troops involved.

The “worst-case” scenario is that the USA is being set up for destruction. It’s simple: get most of the U.S. combat troops out of the USA – get them tied down in at least two major wars at once. Then get U.S. troops concentrated in several overseas locations and hit them with tactical “nukes” or biological and/or chemical weapons of mass destruction (WMD). Then have Russia take back Alaska while Chinese, Cuban, and Mexican troops “liberate” America’s Southwest and give it back to Mexico (or create an independent nation of AZTLAN). Maybe get some race wars going in major U.S. population centers. Or maybe, just hit several large U.S. population centers with nukes or biological and/or chemical WMD. In a matter of days, what used to be the USA would cease to exist. Those sections of the USA not occupied by foreign troops would be run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) under regional administration. All “dissidents” would be quickly eliminated.

What? You say the USA could never be defeated, conquered, or occupied? You say that we’ll never see war on U.S. soil, and that war is only for all the rest of the world? Such an attitude on the part of many Americans almost guarantees that the “worst-case” scenario presented above could occur!

Just about every nation in the world hates the USA right now (with the exception of those whom we buy off). Think of it: the governments of Communist Russia, Communist Red China, Communist North Korea, and Communist Cuba hate our guts and have been planning and waiting for the “opportune time” to take the USA down! Many governments in the Middle East hate our guts – countries like Iraq, Iran, and Syria. ((And there are others in the Arab and Moslem Worlds that likewise hate our guts.))

The globalist rich elite may well have decided to sacrifice the USA on the altar of one-world government – and that means eliminating the one major barrier they have had in their way for decades – the well-armed and independent-minded American people. If the globalists can’t succeed quickly enough in DISARMING the American populace, then possibly they’ll eliminate the “American problem” by occupying portions of this nation with foreign troops while our troops are getting killed overseas.

NOW is the time to get informed on these critical issues of our day, and NOW is the time to be informing others. And that brings us to the final section of this issue of TTT:

V. We All Need to Get More Informed and to Become More Active.

1. Let’s purchase good “informational tools”, such as the videos and books recommended in this newsletter, and then share them with others.

2. Let’s visit the web sites listed earlier in the text of this newsletter, and print off good articles.

3. Let’s listen to some great broadcasts that deal with current events &/or analysis of those events. ((All times are Eastern; Monday thru Friday)) ((SW = short-wave)):

a.) Alex Jones’ Show; noon-3 P.M. (SW frequencies: 12.172 MHz and 9.320 MHz), and 10 P.M.-1 A.M. (SW frequencies: 5.085 MHz and 6.890 MHz); or listen live off of the net at www.infowars.com . Visit his web site for satellite information.

b.) “Perspectives on America”, hosted by Jeffrey Bennett; 10-11 A.M. (SW frequency: 12.160 MHz); Contains excellent editorial analysis; visit his web site: www.federalobserver.com for more information.