The Real Bible

DEDICATION:  This issue of ETI is dedicated to all those who have defended God’s Holy Word in the past – often at the risk of their very lives, and to all those who continue to defend God’s Holy Word today!

ABBREVIATIONS USED: “KJV” = King James Version (1611 Authorized Version);   “ASV” = American Standard Version; “ERV” = English Revised Version; “ESV” = English Standard Version; “LB” = Living Bible; “NAS” = New American Standard; “NKJV” = New King James Version; “NIV” = New International Version; and “RSV” = Revised Standard Version.

NOTE: Newer editions of some of the above Bible versions are seen in various documents with an “N” prefix in front of the older acronym.  For example, the New Revised Standard Version would be listed as “NRSV”.  By the way, the “New” King James Version (NKJV) does NOT appear to be based on the same true Old Testament (Masoretic Hebrew) manuscripts, as is the old 1611 King James Version!  The NKJV does NOT always use the word-for-word translation technique, as does the old King James Version!



  1. “Piedmont” (Per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition): “Region of NW Italy, on the borders of Switzerland and France ((Ed. Comment: The Piedmont region is situated at the base of the Alps.))
  2. “Vaudois” – (Same as the Waldenses per various dictionaries)
  3. “Waldenses” (Per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition): “A sect of dissenters from the Roman Catholic Church which arose about 1170 in S France:  excommunicated in 1184, they survive in the Alps of France and Italy”

((Ed. Comments on the Waldenses (Vaudois):

  1. The Vaudois (or Waldenses) existed in the Piedmont region at the base of the Alps many centuries prior to 1170, though probably not called by those particular names.  There is good historical evidence of their existence as simple, Bible-believing Christians in the Piedmont region in the 2nd century (several centuries prior to the official establishment of the Roman Catholic Church)!  Author Les Garrett tells us: “The Reformers held that the Waldensian Church was formed about 120 A.D., from which date on, they passed down from father to son the teachings they received from the apostles.”
  2. The Roman Catholic Church would later conduct genocidal war against the Waldenses (the Vaudois), just as they earlier had made war upon, and exterminated, the Bible-believing Albigenses in South France.  Two major reasons for these Roman Catholic-sponsored genocidal wars: (1) the refusal of these simple, Bible-believing Christians to recognize and submit to Papal authority; and, (2) their refusal of orders from the Papacy to surrender [i.e., turn in] the true Word of God (true Bibles) to the Roman Catholic authorities.))
  3. “Verbatim” (Per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition): “(adverb): word for word; in exactly the same words;  (adjective): following the original word for word [a verbatim account]”
  4. “Verbal equivalency” (Per author James Lloyd) [warning]: “Verbal Equivalency takes the point of view that every word and statement should be translated precisely across the language chasm In essence, it is word for word, phrase for phrase.”
  5. “Dynamic equivalency” (Per author James Lloyd: “Practitioners of ‘Dynamic Equivalency’ take what they think the writer meant and translate the text along those lines.”
  6. “Textus Receptus” (Per Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary): “[literally, received text]: the generally accepted text of a literary work (as the Greek New Testament)”

((Ed Comment: The “Textus Receptus” is the New Testament in the same Greek language that was used during the lifetime of the Apostle Paul, and is based upon the overwhelming majority of the manuscript evidence.  Dr. D.A. Waite adds the following concerning the “Textus Receptus”: “It is called the Traditional Received Text, or the Byzantine Text, or the Syrian text, or the Textus Receptus.”))



“Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish aught from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.”

(Deuteronomy 4:2)

            “Every word of God is pure (6) Add thou not unto His words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.” (Proverbs 30:5 a., 6)

“(18) For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book:  If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:  (19) And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” (Revelation 22:18, 19)

((Ed. Comment to the preceding three Bible passages: Woe to those so-called “Bible scholars” who have “cut and pasted”, added to, and “diminished aught” from God’s Holy Word!))




            “The changes, additions and omissions discovered in the new [Bible] versions have [Ed. Note: adversely] affected the health of the body of Christ and taken it step by step away from the image of God.” – G.A. [Gail] Riplinger (Author of New Age Bible Versions)

“There is no more important subject in all the Christian faith than the BIBLE.  One vital question is which English Bible are we to read, study, memorize, preach from, and use today?

A second important question is which English Bible can we hold in our hands and say with great confidence, ‘This is the WORD OF GOD in English’?”

Dr. D.A. Waite (Author of the book Defending the King James Bible)

            “It is my own personal conviction and belief, after studying this subject since 1971, that the WORDS of the Received Greek and Masoretic Hebrew texts that underlie the King James Bible are the very WORDS which God has PRESERVED down through the centuries, being the exact WORDS of the ORIGINALS themselves.  As such, I believe they are INSPIRED WORDS.  I believe they are PRESERVED WORDS.  I believe they are INERRANT WORDS.  I believe they are INFALLIBLE WORDS.  This is why I believe so strongly that any valid translation MUST be based upon these original language texts, and these alone!” – Dr. D.A. Waite


((Ed. Comment: All emphasis in above quotation is by Dr. Waite.))

            “No greater mischief can happen to a Christian people than to have God’s Word taken from them or falsified, so that they no longer have it pure and clear.  God grant that we and our descendents be not witnesses of such a calamity.  Let us not lose the Bible, but with diligence, in fear and invocation of God, read and preach it.” – Martin Luther (1483-1546)

            “The King James Bible is the only Bible in print today translated on a Verbal Equivalency [Ed. Note: word for word] basis.  Every other version in America is based on a [translation] technique of Dynamic Equivalency.”

James Lloyd (Author of the booklet The King James Controversy)

            “The publishing and distribution of modern translations of the Bible is a sacred cash cow that the major commercial media entities want to protect at all costs.” – James Lloyd

“The book [Gail Riplinger’s New Age Bible Versions] could disrupt the sale of very profitable proprietary [Ed. Note: emphasis in original] translations, so [media] industry forces continue to blacklist and attack the book at every opportunity.” – James Lloyd (1999)

            “This Textus Receptus [Ed. Note: the New Testament in the same Greek language that was used during the lifetime of the Apostle Paul, and is based upon the overwhelming majority of the manuscript evidence] that underlies the King James Bible New Testament, was basically Beza’s 5th edition of 1598.

            It is called the Traditional Received Text, or the Byzantine Text, or the Syrian text, or the Textus Receptus.  It is the best, and only foundation as far as I can see, to use to translate the New Testament from the Greek language into English or any other language.

            The vast majority of extant [i.e., currently or actually existing] New Testament manuscripts all used the Received Text.  This includes about 99% of them, or about 5210 of the 5255 manuscripts.”

Dr. D.A. Waite (Author of the book Defending the King James Bible)

“Although these two aberrant manuscripts [Ed. Note: Sinaiticus and Vaticanus] and their corollaries represent a 1% minority of the available manuscripts, these were the manuscripts used by the Greek scholars F.J.A. Hort and B.F. Westcott when [they] set out to produce a new Bible text in 1881.  Since that time, virtually every translation produced is based on these two manuscripts – and the work of Hort and Westcott.  Hort and Westcott were both early practitioners of spirit channeling[and] co-founders of a mysterious cultic group called ‘The Ghostly Guild’.” – James Lloyd

((Ed. Comment: Emphasis in above quotation is by James Lloyd.))

((Important Ed. Comment: The New Testament in the King James Version is translated from the Greek manuscripts that comprise 99% of the manuscript evidence; the newer Bible versions have their New Testament translated from a few corrupt, aberrant Greek manuscripts comprising about 1% of the manuscript evidence – and these few corrupt manuscripts disagree with each other in thousands of instances!  Which New Testament do you think you can trust – the one found in the King James Bible, or the one found in the newer Bible versions?))



There is a whole lot of controversy today over which Bible is the correct Bible.  How does the “old” King James Version (KJV) stack up against the newer versions, such as the ASV, LB, NIV, RSV, NRSV, etc.?   Those who are against the King James Bible (the 1611 Authorized Version) have criticized it for its “archaic words”, and thus the supposedly great difficulty that many folks would have in understanding its “old” English words and constructions.  The attackers of the King James Bible also “claim” that it is not based on “the oldest and most reliable manuscripts”. (This is a very BIG LIE!)

While there indeed are “archaic words” in the 1611 King James Bible, that is not a “major problem” – nor should it be a major point of contention.  As Gail Riplinger points out in the introduction to her outstanding book New Age Bible Versions: “Contrary to advertising claims, the new versions are more difficult to read than the KJV [King James Version], according to research using the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Indicators.”   Indeed, it is not a matter of “ease of reading”, but rather the underlining manuscripts used to provide the translations that should be the major point of contention!  If one starts with a FAULTY manuscript, then no matter how wonderfully it is “translated”, it is still FAULTY!  And when we are dealing with God’s Word, “FAULTY” will not do – and it puts those who make, promote, sell, and use such faulty Bibles in great danger of offending an all-powerful and Holy GOD!

The so-called “oldest” manuscripts were not the “most reliable” or the “best”.  They lasted [i.e., survived] longer than the ones that served as the basis for the correct Greek New Testament text because they were basically unused and had been stored under very favorable climatic conditions.

As you read this newsletter, you are going to find out that the key point of contention is, and must be, the underlying manuscripts used in translating the various Bible versions.  There are two clearly marked “trails”, or paths, to be found – or, as David W. Daniels and Jack Chick put it, two “streams” – for these underlying manuscripts.  The first “trail” is found north of Jerusalem, and starts in Antioch, Syria.  The second “trail” is found to the southwest of Jerusalem, and it starts in Alexandria, Egypt.  The excellent book Did The Catholic Church Give Us The Bible? by David W. Daniels (and illustrated by Jack Chick) traces these two “trails” (or, “streams”) throughout history.  Some excellent quotations from this book will be used in Sections II and III.  Information will be given at the end of this newsletter on how to order this excellent book.

By the way, this editor spent a good portion of his 20-year military career in the Intelligence field as a linguist.  We had several “translation/transcription techniques” that included “verbatim” [i.e., word for word], “edit”, “gist”, etc.  Intercepted foreign language communications of great military intelligence value almost always required a “verbatim” transcript, especially if time permitted.  Intercepted foreign language communications of little-to-no intelligence value were often translated and transcribed via an “edited” or “gisted” transcript. It would seem to me that nothing in the world is as important as God’s Holy Words. It would also seem logical to me that if intercepted foreign language communications of great military intelligence value needed to be translated and transcribed “verbatim” [i.e., word for word], then surely God’s Words as given in the original Hebrew and Greek texts absolutely must be translated “verbatim” [i.e., word for word]!  An “edited”, “gisted”, or “paraphrased” translation of even the original, true Hebrew and Greek texts of God’s Word into other languages should never be made, nor should such a ‘translation’ be used by the individual who truly desires to know what God REALLY SAID!  Of course, it also helps immensely if the translators performing a verbatim translation from the Hebrew and Greek into other languages use the correct, true version of the Hebrew and Greek texts!  And that brings us to two different “trails” (or, “streams”) – one for the true Bible, and one for the false “Bible”.



((Important Ed. Comment to Sections II and III:  While I have used numerous quotations solely by author David W. Daniels in these two sections, one should not come to the false conclusion that Mr. Daniels is alone in discovering and presenting these facts.  This editor has numerous books on the subject of the two separate manuscript ‘trails’ (or ‘streams’): one for the King James Version, and a separate ‘trail’ for the ‘newer’ Bible versions. The authors of these many books all agree with Mr. Daniels’ presentation of these facts!))

            “New Testament letters and Gospels [had at that time] only recently [been] written, [so] churches traded and copied them.  And these scrolls were all gathered together in one important city, Antioch of Syria.  Soon they were all collected into a single Bible.  [This] Northern Steam [Ed. Note: or, “trail”] [emanating from Antioch, Syria] was God’s preserved words in Greek.”

David W. Daniels (Author of the book Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?)

            “[People called the Vaudois (later and alternatively called the Waldenses) were living] in the Piedmont Valleys of the Alps, at the northwest corner of Italy, east of France.  In about 120 A.D. some got saved [i.e., became genuine Christians], and went to Antioch [in Syria] to receive God’s words.” – David W. Daniels

((Ed. Note: David W. Daniels tells us further that in approximately 157 A.D., a Bible had been produced in Latin and taken to the Vaudois in the Piedmont Valleys, which he calls “The Old Latin Bible” – also called the Vulgate (common) Bible.))

            “The Old Latin Bible spread so wideall the way to England before 200 A.D., [that] Christians called it the Vulgate (common) Bible.  And Vaudois [i.e., Waldensian] missionaries spread God’s words, even down to Rome, two by two.” – David W. Daniels

            “It took 900 years for the Catholics to destroy most Old Latin Bibles and kill their owners.  Then God moved one man [John Wycliffe (1320-1384)] to translate God’s words from Old Latin into English.  By 1380 he translated the New Testament, and by 1382 the complete English Bible.” – David W. Daniels

“Martin Luther (1483-1546) had already been reading Erasmus’ Greek New Testament [Ed. Note: a translation made from the true manuscripts] since 1516.  [In] 1522 Martin Luther made his translation [into the German language] of the New Testament [And in] 1534 he finished [translating into German] the [entire] Bible.” – David W. Daniels

((Important Ed. Comment: Erasmus (1466-1536), a highly educated Roman Catholic priest, despised and spoke out against the corruption he saw in the Roman Catholic Church.  He published five editions of the New Testament in Greek.  Erasmus was able to get a true, genuine New Testament based on the correct manuscripts printed in 1516 by a rather clever maneuver.  He put a “Declaration Page” at the beginning of this translation that greatly flattered the pope.  The pope quickly signed off on the printing, and by the time the Papacy figured out what Erasmus had done (i.e., using the true manuscripts rather than the corrupt manuscripts long used by the Catholic Church), his New Testament translation had spread all over Europe!  As David W. Daniels states: “This [Erasmus’ translation] was the Bible text that had always been received by true Christians.  That is why a century later it was popularly known by believers as the ‘RECEIVED TEXT’!”))

William Tyndale (1494-1536) had been a student of Erasmus (his teacher for the Greek language).  Tyndale wanted to translate the true Greek manuscript text into English; however, powerful Catholic leaders in England protested against such a translation, and Tyndale was forced to leave England.  He went to Germany and found a strong supporter in Martin Luther.  David W. Daniel continues this story:

            “In 1525 [William] Tyndale published the first preserved English New Testament.”


((Ed. Comment to above quotation: The Papacy for centuries sought to murder anyone who would dare to translate the Holy Bible into the common man’s language (e.g., English, German, etc.).  After murdering such men, the Catholic Church would then burn all such copies of the Holy Bible in the common man’s language that they could get their hands on!))

By the way, Tyndale was “rewarded” for his efforts by being burned at the stake in 1536 (for the ‘heinous crime’ of translating the Bible into English and putting true Bibles into the hands of common folks).  Catholic ‘saint’ Thomas More, who “burned Bible-believers at the stake and tortured them in his own house”, had put a “contract” out on Tyndale.  Author David W. Daniels tells us: “The same day that Tyndale died [i.e., was executed by being burned at the stake], his Bible was being printed – by the king’s own printer.  And the very next year, the Coverdale Bible, a revision of Tyndale’s [English Bible], was printed by [King] Henry VIII’s command!”

As several Catholic monarchs took the throne in England, the burning of true Bibles and those distributing those Bibles resumed.  Jesuits infiltrated England and worked against the true Bible, as well as trying to turn England again into a “Roman Catholic” country under the authority of the pope.

Finally, the Puritans in England had approached King James I in 1604 with a request for “a new and completely accurate Bible”.  David W. Daniels tells us that in 1611 “God’s preserved words were published, perfectly translated into English!  Soon King James held THE BOOK – which we know as ‘The Bible’, ‘The Authorized Version’, or simply ‘The King James Bible.’”

The rest is “history”.  The King James Version (KJV) was for centuries the most widely used Bible in the English language.  But it didn’t take long for the Papacy to launch a “holy” war against the KJV.  This war was not to be fought on literal battlefields with swords and spears, but rather in the halls of Bible societies, seminaries, tract publishing companies, etc.  The Jesuit Order would head up this war against the KJV, launching a major infiltration of the Protestant world using Jesuits, “temporal coadjutors”, “liberal” theologians, etc.   Many of these scholarly “secret agents” pretended to be Protestants in order to get on translation committees, into Bible societies, etc.  Some of these men, such as John Newman, openly became Catholics later in their lives after having performed their undercover duties for the Papacy.


III. TRAIL #2 – THE “TRAIL” OF THE FALSE BIBLE (Alexandria, Egypt)

            “But there was another city, 317 miles southwest of Jerusalem: Alexandria, Egypt.  And in that city the ‘intellectuals’ [i.e., ‘scholars’] perverted the words of God.”

David W. Daniels (Author of the book Did the Catholic Church Give Us the Bible?)

            “The main source of the false Bible (as we know it today) was one particular ‘scholar’ named Origen.  Origen was not a Bible-believer; [he] didn’t believe in the Old Testament miraclesmany of Jesus’ words or stories[that] the Holy Spirit was eternal[or] that Jesus Christ is Almighty God.”

David W. Daniels

            “Origen made up a strange Greek Bible.  He pasted together his own Greek Old Testament, mixed with some old folk tales called the Apocrypha, and added on his own perverted New Testament.  His counterfeit Bible was copied by other ‘scholars’.” – David W. Daniels


            “The ‘scholars’ at Alexandria [Egypt] wrote these 3 Bible perversions:

  • Sinaiticus (about 350 A.D.)
  • Vaticanus (before 400 A.D.)
  • Alexandrinus (about 450 A.D.).

Those ‘scholarly Bibles disagree over 3000 times in the 4 Gospels alone!  They are what you call ‘false witnesses’.” – David W. Daniels

((Ed. Comment: The corrupt Sinaiticus and Vaticanus manuscripts are two of the major “pillars”, along with a couple other corrupt, aberrant manuscripts, for the new “Bible versions”.))

            “The Vaudois and others across the [Roman] empire had God’s words preserved in their Old Latin Bible.  They knew that Rome was the ‘whore of Babylon’.  And [so] one day the pope [Siricius (384-399) – first Roman Bishop to call himself ‘Pontifex Maximus’] declared: ‘We need our own Bible!’   From 382-390 Jeromeanother intellectual like Origenworked on his rewrite of the true Old Latin Bible. (Jerome rejected God’s preserved Old Latin.)  At first he just translated his Latin Bible from Origen’s Greek counterfeit – the so-called ‘Septuagint’. A lot of his Bible was like Origen’s ‘Septuagint’ perversion.  But he still changed certain words to read like his own ‘scholarly interpretation’ of the Hebrew.  …The final insult was the name of Jerome’s disaster: They called it the Roman Catholic Latin Vulgate.”

David W. Daniels


((Ed. Comment: Pretty slick – stealing the name of the true, old Latin Bible for their own counterfeit version!  David W. Daniels points out that the Visigoth invasion of Rome slowed down the Papal assault on the true Word of God.  However, it didn’t take very long before the Pope was sending armies out to slaughter the Vaudois (Waldenses) and to destroy their true, Old Latin Bibles!))

            “It took 900 years for the Catholics to destroy most Old Latin Bibles and kill their owners.” – David W. Daniels

            “As soon as [John] Wycliffe [who had translated God’s words from Old Latin into English] died [in 1384], soon-to-be Catholic John Purvey started perverting that [English language] Bible.  Each year, Wycliffe’s Bible was changed to look like an English version of a Roman Catholic [Latin] Vulgate.” – David W. Daniels

The Jesuits, knowing in 1609 that the King James Version would soon be published, put out their own Bible – the Douay-Rheims Bible.  David W. Daniels tells us: “The Jesuits didn’t mind various Catholic versions of the Bible – they themselves made the Douay-Rheims.  But they hated one Bible with a bloodthirsty passion: THE KING JAMES BIBLE!  They vowed to destroy it!” ((Emphasis in original quotation))

The Jesuits began infiltrating their “men” into the Church of England, seminaries, tract and Bible societies, etc.  One such man was John Newman (1801-1890).  David W. Daniels tells us: “John [Newman] was a deep ‘mole’ who served the Vatican by controlling the Tractarian Society.”  Using a standard operating procedure (SOP) of the Jesuits, John Newman (“a disguised Catholic”) pretended to be against Rome.  However, finally in 1845 he revealed that he was Catholic, and “took almost 250 ministers and theologians, and nearly 625 professors, Parliament members, etc., to serve the ‘great whore’.  Newman delivered England to Rome.  In 1879they [the Catholic hierarchy] made him a Catholic cardinal!” ((Quote by David W. Daniels))

John Cardinal Newman and other Catholic deep ‘moles’ had done their work well in England. They had undermined the King James Bible at every opportunity. They laid the groundwork for two professors named F.J.A. Hort (1825-1901) and B.F. Westcott (1828-1892) to make horrible changes in God’s Word.  Author David W. Daniels tells us:

“Both of them [Westcott and Hort] were respected professors who moved through high society, rubbing shoulders with occultists and psychics.  Westcott and Hort also believed in evolution, and held the preserved Bible in utter contempt.  In 1853 they began their evil task to ‘revise’ the King James Bible!  The Church of England gave Westcott and Hort minimal permission to change the English Bible – when ‘necessary’.  What did they [Westcott and Hort] bring in? [They brought in] the Vatican’s COUNTERFEIT BIBLE!”

Westcott and Hort brought in a supposedly “new and improved Greek text”.  However, it was NOT “new” – it was based on Origen’s earlier corrupt translation.  Shortly thereafter, in 1881, the Revised Version New Testament made its debut.  Westcott and Hort’s corrupt Greek translation became the basis for all the newer versions.  The English Revised Version (ERV) appeared in 1881 – followed by the ASV in 1901; the RSV in 1946; the NAS in 1963; the ESV in 2001; and there were others too, such as the NIV, LB, etc.

Author David W. Daniels lets us know that these modern Bible versions are based on Catholic manuscripts, and are big sellers.  Mr. Daniels states: “In 1997, wealthy media mogul Rupert Murdoch received papal knighthood for promoting the Catholic Church and the pope’s interests.  This Roman Catholic version [i.e., the NIV] is Rupert’s bestseller!  Let’s face it:  Roman Catholic [Bible] versions have become big business.”



If you don’t have the true, correct Bible manuscripts as a starting point for your translation, then no matter how great your translators are, you are going to get a FAULTY Bible version!  The so-called “modern Bible versions” are based on FAULTY manuscripts – thus they are all FAULTY translations.  Additionally, the modern versions are based on “dynamic equivalency” [translating according to what THEY think the writer meant] vice “verbal equivalency” [i.e., word-for-word translation].  The KJV is based on strict “verbal equivalency”, and it uses the true, correct Bible manuscripts.

One can see clearly from the pages of secular history a horrendous war being waged upon the true Word of God, the Holy Bible.  For centuries the Papacy [i.e., the Roman Catholic Church’s hierarchy] has waged relentless, vicious warfare against the Word of God, with relatively few periods in history where Bible believers weren’t slaughtered and their Bibles confiscated by the Catholic Church!

Initially, the Roman Catholic Church tried the direct approach – i.e., a FRONTAL ASSAULT using armies sponsored by the Papacy that targeted entire populations and regions for annihilation.  The Papacy sent professional army after army against innocent, simple Christian farmers and peasants – slaughtering men, women and children who would not submit to Papal authority, nor surrender the precious Word of God.  The Roman Catholic Church for many centuries forbade the Bible to be read by the common man (or woman or child), especially Bible translations not approved by the Papacy.  Thus, the Bible-believing Albigenses in southern France were exterminated on the orders of the Papacy.  Later, the Papacy sent army after army to try to exterminate the Waldenses (i.e., the Vaudois) – again for the “heinous sin” of trying to get God’s Holy Word into the hands of common folk.  Fortunately, the Waldenses, though many were slaughtered by Catholic armies, survive as a people to this day in Northern Italy.

When the Papacy failed to exterminate by force all Bible-believing Christians who clung to the true Word of God and who refused to recognize corrupt Papal authority – or to destroy all of their Bibles, it decided on a different tactic – substituting “doctored, cut & pasted” corrupt, aberrant manuscripts and translations in place of the true manuscripts.  They also decided to carry out a massive infiltration of Protestant and Baptist denominations, churches, seminaries, Bible societies, etc., with their Jesuits, “temporal coadjutors”, “liberal” theologians, etc.  These plans were no doubt mainly the work of the wily Jesuit Order, and they have been extremely successful.

Oh, you may be asking: “Why would the Papacy make war on the Bible and all those Bible-believing Christians for so many centuries – after all, doesn’t the Papacy love the Bible?”  The short answer is that the Papacy has HATED God’s True Word for centuries, and tried for centuries to keep it out of the common folks’ hands BECAUSE the Holy Bible condemns many of the “traditions”, practices, and doctrines of the Catholic Church, and BECAUSE the Holy Bible clearly identifies the Papacy as the Antichrist (i.e., sitting in the place of Christ) system spoken of in Daniel Chapter 7 and Revelation Chapters 14, 17, and 18.

((Ed. Comment: If you don’t believe this to be so, read those chapters in the Holy Bible.  The Papacy sits on seven mountains (hills), uses purple and scarlet colors for her higher-level clergy, has slaughtered millions of Christians and is thus drunk with the blood of the saints, is a great city that has ruled over the kings of the earth, is a Motherchurch with harlot daughters (i.e., Protestant denominations), etc., as meticulously described in God’s Holy Word.  What other institution in the history of the world comes even slightly close to fitting ALL those descriptions given to us by a Holy God in His Holy Word?  I recently wrote a 30-page ETI issue (#19) on this topic, entitled “The Real Antichrist”.))

BOTTOM LINE: The KJV Bible is the only Bible that uses the true, correct manuscripts for its translation, and is the only Bible widely available in the English language that uses “verbal equivalency” [word-for-word translation] rather than the “dynamic equivalency” used by the other Bible versions.  The other Bible versions are FAULTY because they start out with FAULTY, corrupt, aberrant manuscripts.  Which Bible do you think that you should use?



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  6. The 42-page booklet Heresies of Westcott and Hort by Dr. D.A. Waite: This booklet deals with the “theological heresies” of those two professors, Westcott and Hort, whose “revised” Greek text serves as a foundation for the newer Bible versions.  This booklet is only $8.50 postpaid.  To order it, please make check or money order payable to “The Bible For Today” and mail it to: The Bible For Today // 900 Park Avenue // Collingswood, NJ 08108.
  7. The following books also deal with this topic of the true and the false Bible.  They are all available from “Power of Prophecy”.  To order any of these books, please make check or money order payable to “Power of Prophecy” and mail it to: Power of Prophecy // 1708 Patterson Road // Austin, TX 78733-6507.  To order by credit card, please call toll-free 1-800-234-9673.

(1) New Age Bible Versions by G.A. (Gail) Riplinger; 1993; AV Publications; 690 pages, paperback; ISBN 0-9635845-0-2; $16.50 postpaid: This book examines the manuscripts used in the newer versions, and the backgrounds of the translators. Many comparisons are made between KJV Bible verses and “corresponding verses” from the new translations.  This book is a well-documented exposé of the horrendous tampering done with God’s Holy Word by the newer translations!

(2) The Language of the King James Bible by Gail Riplinger; 1998; AV Publications; 179 pages, paperback; ISBN 0-9635845-1-0; $13.20 postpaid: This book shows how the KJV Bible has a “built-in dictionary”.  It also shows the beauty and power of the English language used in the KJV Bible.

(3) Defending the King James Bible by Dr. D.A. Waite; 1992; The Bible For Today Press; 307 pages, paperback; ISBN 1-56848-000-8; $9.00 postpaid: This scholarly work shows the four-fold superiority of the KJV over the new translations: superior Hebrew and Greek texts, superior translators, superior translation technique, and superior theology. ((NOTE: There is only a limited number of this paperback edition of Dr. Waite’s book, and these few paperback books are available through “Power of Prophecy”.  If “Power of Prophecy” is out of them when you call, you can get information on ordering the hardback edition of this book from “The Bible For Today” by calling them at 1-856-854-4452.))

(4) The Answer Book by Dr. Samuel C. Gipp; 1989; Bible & Literature Missionary Foundation; 164 pages, paperback; (no ISBN); $13.20 postpaid: This book provides the “answers” to commonly asked questions about Bible manuscripts, the King James Bible and its supporters, etc.

(5) The Christian’s Handbook of MANUSCRIPT EVIDENCE (1970; 227 pages) and The Christian’s Handbook of BIBLICAL SCHOLARSHIP (1988; 404 pages):  Both of these paperback books are by Dr. Peter S. Ruckman, and are $16.50 @ postpaid.  These books provide in-depth examination of the manuscripts used for the Bible and the scholarship of the men who produced various translations.

(6) Honoring the King James Bible by Dr. Aordkian; $11 postpaid: This editor has not read this book; however, it comes highly recommended by Texe Marrs of “Power of Prophecy”.