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“A government which has decided on embarking on the hazardous and terrible enterprise of war must at the outset present a one-sided case in justification of its action, and cannot afford to admit in any particular whatever the smallest degree of right or reason on the part of the people it has made up its mind to fight.

Facts must be distorted, relevant circumstances concealed, and a picture presented which by its crude coloring will persuade the ignorant people that their government is blameless, their cause is righteous and that the indisputable wickedness of the enemy is beyond question.

A moment’s reflection would tell any reasonable person that such obvious bias cannot possibly represent the truth. But the moment’s reflection is not allowed; lies are circulated with great rapidity. The unthinking mass accept them and by their excitement sway the rest. The amount of rubbish and humbug that pass under the name of patriotism in wartime in all countries is sufficient to make decent people blush when they are subsequently disillusioned.”

– British Member of Parliament Ponsonby

“Falsehood in Wartime”, 1928


The proverbial “drums of war” are being beaten with great frequency these days – both by the current Administration, and by the establishment-CONTROLLED mainstream media. We are being told that we must remove Saddam Hussein from power, since he is a “modern-day Hitler”. We are also being told that this upcoming war in Iraq (Gulf War II) will just be one in a series of battles in the “war on terrorism” (a war that may last 100 years). We are to have “perpetual war” with those nations who carry out terrorism, or who in any way support terrorism. We have been told that North Korea, Iran, Syria, and Libya may soon follow Iraq on the “hit list”!

Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, the Taliban, North Korea, etc., etc., – the list of enemies seems to keep growing and growing. Amazingly, with all of America’s intelligence sources (and those of Israel and other American allies), no one seems to be able to locate and “take care” of Osama Bin Laden. Equally amazingly, C-130 aircraft were used to “accidentally” fly Taliban and al-Qaeda leadership safely out of Afghanistan and into Pakistan after the U.S. military victory in Afghanistan.

Also quite amazingly, U.S. forces had the “Hitler-like” Saddam Hussein “on the ropes” in the 1991 Gulf War (Gulf War I), but U.S. politicians let him get away safely! So now, we are told, we must go and finish the job that the politicians refused to let the military finish in the first place! ((Anybody remember how the politicians made American military forces fight with “their hands tied behind their backs” in both Korea and Vietnam? Anybody remember the “lies” and “deception” involved with the wars in both Korea and Vietnam – especially concerning our prisoners-of-war (POW) and missing-in-action (MIA)?))

As a matter of fact, we seem to see a “PATTERN of betrayal, lies, and deception” in the recent history of American warfare – you know, in helping to persuade the American people to “come on board” for the war effort; and to cover up such things as Agent Orange and Gulf War Illness; and the betrayal of our fighting men (the POW/MIA issue).



((NOTE: I will be covering ONLY the recent “major” wars that point out certain “patterns”.))

A. The Spanish-American War

On February 15, 1898 the American battleship Maine was blown up in the harbor at Havana, Cuba. Thus the slogan “Remember the Maine!” was born, and the war was on with Spain. The American people were told that Spanish military forces in Cuba had sunk the U.S. ship. Years later, when divers examined the hull of the battleship Maine, it was discovered that the explosion had come from WITHIN the ship’s hull. It seems like it was an “inside” job, carried out in order to blame Spain for the resulting war between her and the U.S., and take some of her New World territory from her.

THE BOTTOM LINE: A small group of rich elite individuals got what they wanted, i.e., a war between the USA and Spain – and were able to divest (i.e., strip) Spain of some of her territories.

B. World War I

The vast majority of the American people (approximately 4 of every 5) wanted to remain NEUTRAL in World War I. Both Presidents Washington and Jefferson had earlier warned the American people against getting involved in “entangling alliances” and in wars overseas in far-off foreign lands.

However, England and the globalist rich elite wanted the U.S. in this world war to tilt the balance against Germany and her allies. So, American civilians were allowed to board the Lusitania (a British steamship loaded with ammunition and explosives) in New York for a trip across the ocean. The Lusitania, with American citizens aboard, was sunk off the coast of Ireland on May 7, 1915. 1198 souls lost their lives.

What was not well publicized in the USA at the time was that the Germans had some of their officials at the docks warning Americans not to board the Lusitania. The German officials warned the Americans boarding the Lusitania that she was carrying munitions, and would be headed for waters patrolled by German submarines. And since there was declared war between England and Germany, the munitions-carrying Lusitania would be a legitimate wartime target! ((The Germans had even printed up warnings in several newspapers.)) Nevertheless, Americans did NOT heed the warnings, and lost their lives. This, combined with FALSE stories of the “Huns” (i.e., German soldiers) running around the Belgian countryside “cutting off the breasts of young girls”, was enough to “convince” the American government to come in on the side of England and her allies. This, despite the PROMISE of President Woodrow Wilson that he would keep America out of the war!

THE BOTTOM LINE: A small group of rich elite individuals got what they wanted, i.e., American intervention into the war, and a “start” on global government (The League of Nations).

And, of course, they made a whole lot of money off of the war! ((War is fantastically PROFITABLE BUSINESS for those companies and corporations that make the bombs, bullets, rockets, artillery shells, etc. – and, of course, the body bags and caskets.))

((A fantastic little book, entitled War is a Racket, and written by double Medal-of-Honor recipient Smedley D. Butler, Major General, USMC(Retired), details the tremendous profits made during war time. To order War is a Racket, you may do so by ordering a booklet entitled “Slick Willie & the Amazing American Bodybag Factory Inc.” (which includes War is a Racket, and “The War Prayer” by Mark Twain) by calling 410-374-4255 .))

WWI POW/MIA Status: 3350 POW/MIA.

C. World War II

The vast majority of the American people (approximately four of every five) wanted to remain NEUTRAL in World War II. ((Just about the exact same percentage of Americans who had wanted to stay NEUTRAL in World War I.)) There were still obviously a lot of Americans who believed the words of Presidents Washington and Jefferson about staying out of foreign wars!

However, England and the globalist rich elite wanted the U.S. in the war to tilt the balance against Germany and her allies. And again they needed another “Lusitania-type event” to galvanize American public opinion for entrance into the war. So President Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and Winston Churchill got exactly what they wanted when the Japanese Naval Task Force (with several aircraft carriers) attacked Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

What was not well known at the time was that FDR and at least one of his top military men KNEW at least TWELVE DAYS BEFORE the attack (“the day that will live in infamy”) of the plans of the Japanese Naval Task Force to hit Pearl Harbor! Declassified cables, etc., show that FDR KNEW of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto’s message that said he was going to deal a “death blow” to the American Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor! And yet FDR allowed our ships to remain like “sitting ducks” for the Japanese torpedo planes and bombers. FDR allowed our fighting men to suffer horrendous losses (approximately 3000 killed or wounded)! And so we went to war, despite FDR’s assurances that he would keep American “boys” OUT OF the war. ((Yes, I know we did not have much of a choice after Pearl Harbor – at least as far as the Japanese go. But why did FDR do just about everything he could prior to the Pearl Harbor attack to provoke Japan into going to war, such as the “oil embargo” on Japan? Answer: The globalist rich elite wanted America in the war, and FDR made sure that his “handlers” got what they wanted!))

THE BOTTOM LINE: A small group of rich elite individuals got exactly what they wanted, i.e., American intervention into the world war, and a continuance of their efforts toward global government (i.e., the founding of the United Nations in the aftermath of WWII). And, of course, that small group of rich elite individuals also became much, much richer because of the war!

And, sadly, many of our brave fighting men were abandoned and LEFT BEHIND!

WWII POW/MIA Status: 78,777. Did you know that more than 25,000 of our WWII American POW/MIAs were “liberated” by Soviet Red Army troops as they advanced through Eastern Europe? Did you know that only 4165 of those American fighting men “liberated” by the Red Army ever came home? Did you know that close to 21,000 of those American servicemen are STILL unaccounted for, and that many of them were sent to Soviet gulags where many were WORKED TO DEATH in mines, digging canals, etc.? Did you know that General Eisenhower had lists of those American servicemen “liberated” by the Red Army, and that he and top officials of the U.S. government “WROTE OFF” those men who had bravely served their country, leaving them to ROT in Soviet gulags?

D. The Korean War

Korea was the first of two major “no-win” wars (Korea and Vietnam) where our American servicemen were forced to fight “with their hands tied behind their backs”!

((My main emphasis is on WWI and WWII in this newsletter (because there seems to be some “deja vu” between the “sinking of the Lusitania” and “the Pearl Harbor attack” and the first two world wars AND the 9-11 attacks and what smells like World War III on the horizon!). I am mentioning Korea and Vietnam because of the betrayal of our POWs & MIAs in those wars, and because of the Gulf of Tonkin incident.))

During the Korean War, our aircraft were NOT even allowed to bomb the main bridge over which the Chinese Communists were bringing in their troops, ammunition, and other supplies. This ensured far greater casualties for our American fighting men!

THE BOTTOM LINE: American fighting men fought “with their hands tied behind their backs” in this “No-Win” war. And, sadly, many of our brave fighting men were abandoned and LEFT BEHIND!

KOREAN WAR POW/MIA Status: 8177 MIA; 7190 POW (with only 4428 repatriated).


E. The Vietnam War

Vietnam was the second of the two major “no-win” wars fought in the 20th Century by American troops, where they were forced to fight “with their hands tied behind their backs”!

America’s fighting men suffered far greater casualties than should have occurred because of such INSANE policies from our “leaders” in Washington, D.C. as the following:

1) Our aircraft were often NOT allowed to fire on enemy aircraft unless first fired upon;

2) Certain strategic targets in North Vietnam, such as their dikes, were OFTEN OFF-LIMITS to our fighter-bomber and bomber aircraft; and,

3) Our ground forces were OFTEN refused permission to turn the FULL FORCE of their fighting assets against the enemy. ((Such policies were worse than “insane” – they were “criminal”.))

American involvement in the war really picked up after Congress passed the “Gulf of Tonkin Resolution” on August 7, 1964. The resolution basically gave President Johnson (LBJ) vast war making powers. The “Gulf of Tonkin incident” deserves a brief examination:

On July 31, 1964 South Vietnamese naval units attacked the island of Hon Me about 10 miles off the coast of North Vietnam. Several U.S. ships had been performing surveillance missions off the coast of North Vietnam during the same general timeframe. On August 2, 1964, two days after the South Vietnamese naval attack, North Vietnamese torpedo boats allegedly fired on an American destroyer, the USS Maddox, which was inside North Vietnamese territorial waters. Some have postulated that the Maddox was not aware of the earlier South Vietnamese naval attack in the same area two days previous. ((In January of 1964 LBJ had approved top secret covert actions against North Vietnamese bridges, railroads, etc., and had ordered the US Navy to conduct surveillance missions along the North Vietnamese coast.))

On August 4, 1964, on LBJ’s orders, more U.S. ships were sent to the same area. Both the USS Maddox and USS C. Turner Joy, both destroyers, reported being fired upon by North Vietnamese patrol boats. LBJ then ordered air strikes by U.S. aircraft on North Vietnam, and then went before the American people on TV to seek their approval for this expansion of the war.

Subsequent Congressional investigations concluded that the August 4, 1964 attack on the two U.S. destroyers “almost certainly NEVER occurred”. Congressional hearings in 1968 disclosed that LBJ and the Department of Defense had “misstated” the facts [concerning the “Gulf of Tonkin incident”] in order to “gain support” for an expansion of the U.S. role in Vietnam!

Why did I take time to explain the “Gulf of Tonkin incident”? I did so to show that when someone wants to INITIATE or EXPAND a war, that an “incident” will either be provoked or “CREATED”; or the circumstances surrounding the “incident” will be greatly EXAGGERATED.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Once again America’s fighting men fought “with their hands tied behind their backs” in yet another “No-Win” war. And, sadly, once again many of our brave fighting men were abandoned and LEFT BEHIND!

VIETNAM WAR POW/MIA Status: 2459 POW/MIA (a significant number of them are STILL UNACCOUNTED for – the Pentagon has “labeled” them “Presumptive Finding of Death”).

F. GULF WAR I (in 1991)

In 1991 Iraqi military forces invaded and occupied Kuwait. Soon thereafter, based on the threat to the Western World’s access to Middle East oil, and based on the horrible story of Iraqi soldiers pulling babies out of incubators and leaving them on the cold floor to die ((some reports had the Iraqi soldiers tossing the babies up in the air to bayonet them!)), America went to war with Iraq. Iraq was basically bombed back into the “Stone Age”, and U.S.-led forces “liberated” Kuwait and invaded southern Iraq.

Unfortunately, the American public was NOT told the full story. In fact, at least one very big LIE was told at the beginning of the war. Consider the following:

1) In a meeting with Saddam Hussein shortly BEFORE the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait, the United States ambassador to Iraq, April Glaspie, basically gave Saddam a “green light” to invade. Glaspie told Saddam that should Iraq invade Kuwait, the U.S. would consider the whole thing a matter strictly between the Arab countries. In other words, the U.S. would NOT get involved!

2) The Kuwaitis were drilling at a slant into one of Iraq’s oil fields located near their common border. The Iraqis were understandably upset over this, especially since they had warned the Kuwaitis to stop it.

3) Kuwait was actually once a southern province of Iraq. It was the British who “created” Kuwait as an “independent nation” when they redrew much of the Middle East map while occupying much of its territory in earlier decades.

4) The “story” of the Iraqi soldiers taking babies out of incubators in hospitals in Kuwait and leaving them to die on the cold floor was a totally FABRICATED LIE made up by a slick Madison Avenue advertising firm, and subsequently delivered in testimony before Congress by the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter, Na’ira. Ah, but “lies” can be used to help galvanize public opinion against your “enemy” or against “potential enemies”.

Of course, one of the biggest LIES of the 1991 Gulf War was that of the so-called “Gulf War Syndrome”. Many sick and dying veterans were told that the “disease” was just “in their heads”, i.e., psychosomatic. Since when do over 10,000 veterans DIE of something “in their heads”? ((Some groups have put the number of dead veterans from the biological and chemical agents they encountered in the Gulf War at over 25,000. This does NOT include spouses and children infected when the veterans returned home!)) A good portion of the “medical problems” no doubt resulted from US troops blowing up Iraqi chemical & biolological arsenals, such as those found at the al-Khamasiyah bunkers. Sadly, many returning veterans DIED because they did NOT receive proper medical treatment! 

THE BOTTOM LINE: US troops were NOT allowed to finish the war with “complete victory”. Saddam Hussein REMAINED in power, and now we’re being told that we have to go over and finish the job this time. Also, experimental vaccines were used on our troops prior to deployment, and may have been part of the problem of “Gulf War Illness”. Returning military personnel, who were sick and dying, received little to no “proper medical treatment” from the government that sent them off to fight!


In March of 1999 “NATO” (i.e., mostly U.S.) aircraft began a massive bombing campaign against the tiny nation of Serbia. ((Technically, the nation is called the “Federal Republic of Yugoslavia” (FRY).)) This is a nation that rescued downed U.S. pilots during WWII (when Serbia was occupied by the German Army)!

We were told that the Serbs were murdering great numbers of non-Serb civilians, e.g., Kosovar Albanians in Kosovo (a Serb province), and elsewhere, and burying those civilians in mass graves, i.e., “ethnic cleansing”. We were told that we had to intervene to save helpless civilians from “ethnic cleansing”, and to go after the Hitler-like dictator of Serbia, Milosevic.


Well, it turned out later that there were NO “mass graves” of non-Serb civilians to be found. Guess the Serbs really hadn’t gotten into any real serious “ethnic cleansing”. But then again, the first casualty of any war is the TRUTH! ((If you haven’t seen the movie, “Wag the Dog”, you really need to go rent it and watch it. It shows you HOW propaganda is generated in wartime, and, interestingly, the movie is about a “phony war” in this part of the world!))

THE BOTTOM LINE: Based upon FALSE stories of massive “ethnic cleansing” of non-Serb population groups, NATO (mostly U.S.) aircraft bombed Serbia almost back to the “Stone Age”. In doing so, the U.S. alienated a vast majority of the “Slavic World” and the “Eastern Orthodox Christian World”! You see, we were supporting the Kosovo Liberation Army (a group of armed, drug-running Moslem thugs who blew up school buses with children aboard, etc.) against Orthodox Christian Serbs who were staunch allies of ours during WWII. But we just had to go after that wicked, Hitler-like Serb dictator, Milosevic. ((Anybody beginning to see some very clear PATTERNS here in these recent American wars?))

I would like end Section II of this newsletter with a great quote from George Washington, which I find very appropriate after reviewing these recent American wars:

“The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to HOW they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.”


In view of all the above information, you should really go check out an interesting document from March 1962 called “The Northwoods Document” (so named after “Operation Northwoods”). This now-declassified (and formerly “Top Secret”) document is a real “gem”.

((An analysis of this document can be found on . You can actually access the original document through this web site. You can also use this web site to link to other major media web sites that reported on this document.))

“The Northwoods Document” was signed by then Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General Lyman L. Lemnitzer, in March of 1962. The subject of the document was “JUSTIFICATION for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba”. This document proposed such interesting things as:


1) CREATING a “Remember the Maine!” incident by blowing up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and then blaming Cuba – adding that “casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation”;

2) Developing “a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington…[and] exploding a few plastic bombs in carefully chosen spots”;

3) Using men dressed up in Cuban military uniforms to attack the U.S. base at Guantanamo Bay;

4) Sinking boats of Cuban refugees and blaming it on the Cuban government;

5) Using the “potential” death of astronaut John Glenn during a space launch as a false pretext for war with Cuba; etc., etc.

As David Ruppe wrote in an article entitled “Friendly Fire” (, “The [Northwoods] plans were developed as a way to TRICK [emphasis by editor of TTT] the American public and the international community into supporting a war to oust Cuba’s then new leader, communist Fidel Castro.” ((Again, if you have not seen the movie “Wag the Dog”, it is an absolute MUST SEE in view of the trickery we often see in wartime, or during the time leading up to war.))


We have launched a “war on terrorism” in the wake of the 9-11 attacks. Again, we have been told that this “war” may last 100 years or more.

The 9-11 attacks resulted in the loss of approximately 3000 lives (close to the casualty numbers suffered at Pearl Harbor). The limited scope and space of this issue of the TTT newsletter cannot get into an examination of the many serious questions surrounding the 9-11 attacks that remain unanswered by our government and the CONTROLLED media. However, since the 9-11 attacks appear to be being used as a “Remember the Maine!” or “Pearl Harbor” to take us into endless war on terrorism, it would behoove us all to get quickly INFORMED on what the government and CONTROLLED media are NOT telling us about the 9-11 attacks. ((The best information available, in this editor’s opinion, on the 9-11 attacks are:

Alex Jones’ two videos, “9-11: The Road to Tyranny” and “The Masters of Terror”. Two excellent books dealing with the 9-11 attacks are: 9-11: Descent into Tyranny by Alex Jones, and Painful Questions: An Analysis of the September 11th Attack by Eric Hufschmid. All can be ordered through web site: or by calling toll-free 888-253-3139 .))

BOTTOM LINE: The 9-11 attacks are very important, and should be checked out somewhere other than the CONTROLLED media!


As we look back over past wars in recent American history, we find a PATTERN of betrayal, lies, deception, and cover-ups. And the betrayal, lies, deception, and cover-ups have not just been limited to periods during actual wartime. They seem to take place BEFORE the war begins, and AFTER the war ends. Good examples are “Agent Orange”, “Gulf War Illness”. And the POW/MIA issue.

It is our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, etc. who are going to have to “bleed and die” in many, many far-away foreign lands in this endless “war on terrorism”. If our government can genuinely justify such sacrifice, then let it do so honestly, without the lies and deception. If it cannot, then we must hold it accountable for sending our sons and daughters off in unjustified wars! And we need to be able to make INFORMED decisions – and that involves taking the time to do SOME INVESTIGATION and RESEARCH. We owe that to our children and to our grandchildren. That is an integral part of being a good citizen! My hope and prayer is that you will take the subject of this newsletter VERY SERIOUSLY. We indeed could be headed into World War III – and we, the American people, might just experience very large casualties. Stomping Iraq will no doubt alienate both the “Arab World” and the “Islamic World”(i.e., the Moslems) against us. ((And there are 1.5 BILLION MOSLEMS in the World!)) Stomping Iraq will no doubt lead to greatly increased terrorism against the American people, possibly both overseas and at home! Yes, indeed, we are talking about a MOST SERIOUS topic here, this endless “war on terrorism”. So, PLEASE, PLEASE get INFORMED, and then INFORM OTHERS! Which brings us to our last section:


1. Purchase some good books that tell the facts that the establishment-controlled mainstream media often keeps from the American people. Here are some good books: None Dare Call it Treason and None Dare Call it Education, both by John Stormer; Into the Buzzsaw, edited by Kristina Borjesson; and The Planned Destruction of America by Dr. James Wardner.

Another book I most highly recommend is Operation Vampire Killer 2000 (often abbreviated OVK2000) by” Police Against the New World Order” (Jack McLamb’s organization). OVK2000 can be ordered by sending $11 PPD in check or money order made out to “Aid & Abet”, and mailing it to “Aid & Abet Police & Military Newsletter” // HC 11, Box 357 // Kamiah, Idaho 83536 . ((This book is an absolute MUST read for all Americans, and especially for military and law enforcement personnel. It deals with the globalist rich elite’s plans to end America’s national sovereignty, and to bring in a New World Order. The book is in 8 ½ X 11″ format; and is profusely illustrated with drawings. It uses a lot of great quotes, including some from the mouths of the globalists themselves, to teach us what the globalists are up to.)) Bulk prices are available on OVK2000 – you can call 208-935-7852 for more information; their Fax is 208-935-7854 .

A booklet that I also most highly recommend is “Slick Willie & the Amazing American Bodybag Factory, Inc.” (which includes “War is a Racket” by Major General Smedley D. Butler) – call 410-374-4255 for information on how to order.

2. Obtain some great video tapes ((they are great informational tools to loan or give to others)):

Documentary films (on VHS video tape; some on DVD): “The Masters of Terror”, “9-11 : The Road to Tyranny”, “Police State 2000”, and “Police State II – The Takeover”; all by Alex Jones. Most of these documentaries are over two hours in length; are fast-moving and professionally-done; are fully-documented; and tell the truth that the mainstream media keeps from you! (Those in the military and in law enforcement REALLY NEED to see the two “Police State” videos!) If you order three or more of any one or combination of videos, the price drops down to $20 per tape. If you can only afford two, I recommend the first two listed above. To order: either call toll-free 888-253-3139 ; or, visit their web site at .

 Video, “Gulag USA” by Texe Marrs (:) It contains 82 minutes of documented information on “relocation centers” in the USA. To order, call toll-free 800-234-9673; or send $27.50 PPD check or money order made out to: “Power of Prophecy” and mail to: Power of Prophecy // 1708 Patterson Road // Austin, TX 78733 .

 Visit some great web sites that are loaded with articles on current events and/or with insightful analysis of current events (listed alphabetically by organization):

a.) Alex Jones’ Show, and and ;

c) Call to Decision Ministries, .

d) “Perspectives on America”, .

4. Listen in to some great broadcasts that deal with current events &/or analysis of those events (listed in alphabetical order) ((all times are Eastern; Monday thru Friday)) ((SW = short-wave)):

a) Alex Jones’ Show; noon-3 P.M. (SW frequencies: 12.172 MHz and 9.320 MHz), and 10 P.M.-1 A.M. (SW frequencies: 5.085 MHz and 6.890 MHz); or listen live off of the net at . Check his web site for satellite information.

b) “Perspectives on America”, hosted by Jeffrey Bennett; 10-11 A.M. (SW frequency: 12.160 MHz); Contains excellent editorial analysis; check his web site: for more information.