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((NOTE: This issue of TTT may severely DISTURB some folks’ “comfort zones”, because there will surely be some who could never dare to admit to themselves the truth of what follows in this newsletter.))

In my previous newsletter, TTT #23, entitled “The Planned Destruction of America”, (Part I), dated April 4, 2003, I listed a number of groups that were working to DESTROY America’s national sovereignty. These groups included: the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, large multinational corporations, the establishment-CONTROLLED mainstream media, major financial institutions, the United Nations, large tax-exempt foundations, intelligence services, “extremist groups”, secret societies, the National Education Association, the U.S. Department of Education, the military-industrial complex, etc.

I would like to elaborate on some other groups who are “aiding & abetting” this planned destruction of America in this issue.

I had mentioned in the previous issue that the reason all the above-named groups were working to destroy America’s national sovereignty was because these groups are all CONTROLLED by the globalist rich elite who want GLOBAL GOVERNMENT under THEIR TOTAL CONTROL. I would also like to elaborate on this point in this issue of TTT.

II. WHY THEY’VE BEEN DOING IT (i.e., trying to destroy America)

Global government (i.e., a one-world government) has been a dream of the rich elite for many, many centuries. Some can make a good case that such dreams go all the way back to Biblical times, where we find a charismatic leader named Nimrod building the Tower of Babel to rally the world’s population into his empire! Of course, the Roman Empire took much of the “civilized world” under its wings for centuries.

In more recent times (i.e., the 20th Century), we find the globalist rich elite setting the foundations for their “one-world government” via such instruments as the League of Nations and the United Nations. Interestingly, the Rockefellers donated the land on which the current United Nations headquarters is located! The globalist rich elite PLANNED and ORCHESTRATED both World War I and World War II, at least in part to bring about a desire for “world peace” under “global” leadership, such as that of the United Nations!

Tons of documentation exist (mostly in books) showing quite clearly that today’s globalist rich elite want not only a “one-world government”, but they also want a “one-world religion”. And that brings us to “WHY” they have been working so hard to destroy America. It is because America, and more specifically the wellarmed American people and true Christianity, represents the last MAJOR ROADBLOCK in the way of their grandiose dreams of TOTAL CONTROL of all the world’s peoples and natural resources. Alarmingly, their grandiose dreams also include massive population CONTROL (which includes, in their own words, massive population reduction)! ((It also includes plans for massive gun CONFISCATION.)) The globalist rich elite want it ALL, and they want it NOW. They want to take the world back to FEUDAL times, and herd the survivors of their “population REDUCTION” onto their “global plantation”. And again, it is only the wellarmed American citizens and the vestiges of true Christianity here in America that STAND IN THE WAY OF THEIR GRANDIOSE PLANS for GLOBAL GOVERNANCE. For their plans to succeed, the American people must be DISARMED, American national sovereignty must be DESTROYED, and true Christianity must either be totally neutralized or totally DESTROYED! ((And now you know why so-called “moderate” Republicans and so-called “liberal” Democrats push so hard for “gun control”!))

Yes, indeed – the globalist rich elite “took out” (i.e., destroyed) the Russian Empire under the Czars with their Bolshevik Revolution funded by American financiers; they “took out” the German Empire in World War II after American financiers had funded Hitler’s rise to power; and they now plan on “taking out” the American Empire! Yes, America and her well-armed people are indeed the LAST ROADBLOCK in the way of the globalist rich elite’s grandiose plans for a one-world government!

III. HOW THEY’VE BEEN DOING IT (i.e., trying to destroy America)

Please carefully consider the following “blueprint” for revolution:

((The below excerpt was taken from the outstanding book, Operation Vampire Killer 2000 by Police Against the New World Order. Please see the last section of this newsletter for information on how to order it.))

Communist Rules for Revolution (Captured at Dusseldorf, Germany in May of 1919 by Allied Forces):

1. Corrupt the young; get them away from religion. [Editor of TTT Note: Or, infiltrate their religious denominations with “leaders” who will NOT resist tyranny, and who will teach their “flock” to obey the government, no matter how evil it is.] Get them interested in sex. Make them superficial; destroy their ruggedness. [Editor of TTT Note: They’ve sure done a good job in those arenas!]

2. By specious argument cause the breakdown of old moral virtues: honesty, sobriety, continence, faith in the pledged word, ruggedness.

3. Encourage civil disorders and foster a lenient and soft attitude on the part of government toward such disorders.

4. Divide the people into hostile groups by constantly harping on controversial matters of no importance.

5. Get the people’s minds off their government by focusing their attention on athletics, sexy books, plays, and other trivialities. [Editor of TTT Note: Anyone remember how long the O.J. Simpson trial and ordeal played on the CONTROLLED TV & press?]

6. Get control of all means of publicity.

7. Destroy the people’s faith in their natural leaders by holding the latter up to contempt, ridicule, and obloquy [i.e., verbal abuse; disgrace].

8. Cause the registration of all firearms on some pretext [Editor of TTT Note: School shootings?], with a view to confiscation and leaving the population helpless.

Well, dear reader, what do you think? Have the “social engineers” been very successful in those areas listed immediately above, or not? Editor of TTT thinks they have been EXTREMELY successful!

And how have they worked on the above goals for destroying a society in order to remake it? It’s simple – they took CONTROL of every key element of society that had authority, power, and/or influence. Such key elements included the public education system, major publishing houses, the dominant media, the banking system, various agencies of the federal government, large tax-exempt foundations, etc.

And just like the “social engineers” of the Nazi Party did in 1930s Germany, these “social engineers” here in America began to STEAL THE MINDS of America’s youth – little by little. The “social engineers” gained full CONTROL of what our youth are taught in the public school system; and they decided what history would be taught, and what history would NOT be taught.

And just like they did in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, and Communist Red China, these “social engineers” have INFILTRATED America’s churches (her mainline Christian denominations and their seminaries) by using “LIBERAL theologians”! ((This will probably be the most “comfort zone”-disturbing item in this newsletter.)) Most people can NOT bring themselves to believe that THEIR large denomination has been heavily INFILTRATED at the top levels by the “social engineers” through their lackeys (communists and “liberal theologians”); however, such infiltration has been the modus operandi (i.e., the standard operating procedures) of “communists” and communist front groups for DECADES. Such “religious organizations” as the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches have been heavily INFILTRATED by communists and “LIBERAL theologians”! Because of this INFILTRATION of the churches by “liberal theologians”, we find the mainline church denominations in America, for the most part, SILENT about this PLANNED DESTRUCTION of America, and the current POLICE STATE being established in our Republic! In essence, this SILENCE on the part of these large church denominations on these key issues actually is AIDING & ABETTING the globalist rich elite in their efforts to destroy America! Again, this INFILTRATION of the churches has been well documented in numerous books, but most Americans simply won’t bother to investigate the matter. ((Remaining in DENIAL is much safer and much more comfortable!))

The “social engineers” also ensured that the FILTH LEVEL of entertainment out of Hollywood and the TV sets would little by little be raised so that the American people would NOT realize that this DELIBERATE ASSAULT on morals and family values was a LONG-RANGE plan for destroying family values.

Little by little the “social engineers” began attacking real Christianity. Isn’t it interesting that in a nation founded clearly on Christian values and principles (i.e., Biblical principles), that it is only Christians who are regularly vilified and made fun of in Hollywood and on TV? Hollywood and TV have so far stayed far away from vilifying Moslems and Jews; however, it is always “open season” on Christians in the entertainment business!

And, of course, can anyone seriously dispute the fact that our youth (and many older folks too) have been “hooked” on sex, sports, and a zillion other forms of “entertainment” – including some of the most wicked and bloody-thirsty computer games imaginable?

And our military forces have not been exempt from the “social engineers”. Any “old soldier” worth his salt will tell you that “allowing women to serve in combat roles in the military” and forcing the military to “accept alternative lifestyles” are NOT conducive to combat readiness and effectiveness! And let’s not forget how “certain elements” made sure that illegal drugs were “readily available” to our U.S. servicemen in Vietnam, and how that availability of drugs adversely affected the morale of our troops in the field!

The “illegal drug assault” was NOT limited just to American soldiers in Vietnam. The FLOOD of illegal drugs into America has been carefully PLANNED and orchestrated by elements INSIDE America as well as OUTSIDE of America! This illegal drug assault, along with the abuse of alcohol, has DESTROYED many lives and many minds in America!

This, sad to say, has all been done BY DESIGN – it has all been most carefully and most meticulously PLANNED. As Dr. James W. Wardner states: “America’s destruction has been PLANNED.

Editor of TTT could write (or type) volumes more on the above assault on America’s foundations; however, the above should suffice to send ALARM BELLS ringing in any American who has not been totally brainwashed, conditioned, and desensitized by Hollywood, the TV set, and the establishment-CONTROLLED mainstream media!

IV. HOW THEY MAY PLAN TO FINISH IT (i.e., the total destruction of America)

What will the globalist rich elite need to do to drive the “final nails” into America’s coffin?

We know from their own words that TOTALLY DISARMING the American people must be done BEFORE America can be “taken out”. The “social engineers” have already passed a ton of disgusting “gun control” laws; however, they NEED a CRISIS to bring about a total disarmament of the American people. Could attacks on major population centers in the USA with weapons of mass destruction (WMD) by “terrorists” or a nation or group of nations be the “excuse” that they will use to DISARM us?

We also know that as long as America’s military forces remain strong, the destruction of America’s national sovereignty remains difficult for the globalist rich elite. Could that be the reason that so many of our fighting men are scattered all around the globe, and involved in a Middle Eastern war right now? We are being told that we are in a “perpetual war” on terrorism – a war that could last 100 years or more. We are being told that Iraq may just be the first nation on a long list of nations needing “attitude adjustments”, and that Iran, Syria, Libya, and North Korea, among others, may be “next” on the “hit list“. Could it be that the globalist rich elite are hoping to significantly REDUCE America’s combat forces through an attrition process in numerous trouble spots around the globe? Might they be hoping to seriously deplete our supply of munitions? Might they have even more sinister plans? Might they plan to have the vast majority of America’s fighting men OUT OF America when America gets attacked? Might there be a “double cross” in the works, i.e., might they get American combat forces concentrated in several key locations, and then make sure these forces get hit by weapons of mass destruction? Are the globalist rich elite hoping that many of our fighting troops will return from Gulf War II seriously ill, as occurred to many of our fighting troops who participated in Gulf War I? ((There are over 10,000 dead veterans from Gulf War Illness from Gulf War I – some estimates are as high as 25,000. And might it even be possible that the globalist rich elite are setting the USA up to be attacked by Russia, Red China, North Korea, and other enemies in a colossal “double cross”?

Editor of TTT does NOT claim to have the answers to the above questions. What disturbs this 20-year military veteran is having so many of our American combat troops OUT OF this country when there are so many FOREIGN troops “training” in this country – training in such tactics as dynamic entry, crowd control, and GUN CONFISCATION! What also disturbs this 20-year military veteran are all these “relocation centers” being built around this country!

What also disturbs this 20-year military veteran is the fact that this whole mess in the Middle East smells a whole lot like the beginning of World War III! And the parallels between what caused the Roman Empire to fall, and what is going on with our dear Republic right now ought to give us all pause. Please remember that historian Will Durant listed “stifling taxes” and “consuming wars” as two of the causes of the fall of the Roman Empire!

Editor of TTT has a “novel idea” – why don’t we get most of our combat troops home to DEFEND America!


We Americans are living in a most dangerous time of history. The threats to our freedom, our Rights, our Constitution, and our national sovereignty are extremely SERIOUS, and they are REAL. Pretending the DANGER is “not there” will NOT make the danger go away.

We all MUST GET INFORMED & INVOLVED in standing for truth and standing against lies, cover-ups, and propaganda. We all MUST fight corruption and tyranny. And to be effective, we must get SERIOUSLY INFORMED on the key issues of our day! And we can NOT be informed if our sole source of information is the CONTROLLED media.

As I have done in my previous newsletters, I again plead with every reader of this newsletter, PLEASE take action now. PLEASE do NOT “stay in denial“. PLEASE check out the information for yourself, and do so quickly, because we may not have a whole lot of time. The globalist rich elite are on a timetable – and by their own admission they are behind schedule. They are moving quickly to REMOVE the LAST ROADBLOCK to their plans for one-world government and one-world religion. And their plans do NOT include true Christianity or America’s national sovereignty. So again, for the sake of your children and grandchildren, please SEEK TRUTH! Which brings us to this last section:


1. Visit some great web sites that are loaded with articles on current events and/or with insightful analysis of current events (listed alphabetically by organization):

a.) Alex Jones’ Show, and and ;

b.) Call to Decision Ministries, .

c.) “Perspectives on America”, .

2. Listen in to some great broadcasts that deal with current events &/or analysis of those events (listed in alphabetical order) ((all times are Eastern; Monday thru Friday)) ((SW = short-wave)):

a.) Alex Jones’ Show; noon-3 P.M. (SW frequencies: 12.172 MHz and 9.320 MHz), and 10 P.M.-1 A.M. (SW frequencies: 5.085 MHz and 6.890 MHz); or listen live off of the net at . Check his web site for satellite information.

b.) “Perspectives on America”, hosted by Jeffrey Bennett; 10-11 A.M. (SW frequency: 12.160 MHz); Contains excellent editorial analysis; check his web site: for more information.

((Most of the web sites listed above have a TON of great “information tools”, such as books, video tapes, audio cassette tapes, etc. PLEASE check them out! If you do not have access to a computer, than PLEASE visit your local library and use theirs! If you cannot listen to some of the above-mentioned broadcasts on the net, consider purchasing a short wave radio so that you can listen!))

3. Obtain some great video tapes ((they are great informational tools to loan or give to others)):

a.) Documentary films (on VHS video tape; some on DVD): “The Masters of Terror”, “9-11 : The Road to Tyranny”, “Police State 2000”, “Police State II – The Takeover”, and “Police State 3 – Total Enslavement”; all by Alex Jones. Most of these documentaries are over two hours in length; are fast-moving and professionally-done; are fully-documented; and tell the truth that the mainstream media keeps from you! (Those in the military and in law enforcement REALLY NEED to see the three “Police State” videos!) If you order three or more of any one or combination of videos, the price drops down to $20 per tape. If you can only afford two, I recommend the first two listed above. To order: either call toll-free 888-253-3139 ; or, visit their web site at .

b.) Video, “Gulag USA” by Texe Marrs (:) It contains 82 minutes of documented information on “relocation centers” in the USA. To order, call toll-free 800-234-9673; or send $27.50 PPD check or money order made out to: “Power of Prophecy” and mail to: Power of Prophecy // 1708 Patterson Road // Austin, TX 78733 .

4. Purchase some good books that tell the facts that the establishment-CONTROLLED mainstream media often keeps from the American people. Here are some:

a.) The Medusa File by Lieutenant Colonel Craig Roberts (deals with “government secrets” you are not supposed to know about; covers the period from 1940 through 1996).

b.) The Brotherhood of Darkness by Dr. Stanley Monteith (deals with the influence of secret societies on civilization);

c.) None Dare Call it Treason by John Stormer (a compilation of facts from hundreds of Congressional investigations of communism and its infiltration into many aspects of our society);

d.) Into the Buzzsaw, edited by Kristina Borjesson (deals with some journalists in America who had major stories SUPPRESSED by “those above them” – debunks the myth of a “free press”);

e.) The Planned Destruction of America by Dr. James W. Wardner (deals with the plans made many years ago to destroy our Republic).

f.) Another book I most highly recommend is Operation Vampire Killer 2000 (often abbreviated OVK2000) by” Police Against the New World Order” (Jack McLamb’s organization). OVK2000 can be ordered by sending $11 PPD in cash or postal money order made out to “Aid & Abet”, and mailing it to “Aid & Abet Police & Military Newsletter” // HC 11, Box 357 // Kamiah, Idaho 83536. ((This book is an absolute MUST read for all Americans, and especially for military and law enforcement personnel. It deals with the globalist rich elite’s plans to end America’s national sovereignty, and to bring in a New World Order. The book is in 8 ½” X 11″ format; and is profusely illustrated with drawings. It uses a lot of great quotes, including some from the mouths of the globalists, to show us what the globalists are up to.)) Bulk prices are available on OVK2000 – for more information call 208-935-7852; or Fax 208-935-7854.

g.) “Slick Willie & the Amazing American Bodybag Factory, Inc.” (which includes “War is a Racket” by Major General Smedley D. Butler) – call 410-374-4255 for ordering information.


“…They [Ed. Note: the ‘Feds’] are establishing SECRET military trials where you will NOT have ANY rights. NOW it’s just for…supposedly for…foreign terrorists, or people who are here illegally. But it’s A VERY SHORT STEP from taking foreign terrorists into the secret courts to taking Americans into the secret courts.

And this is what it’s really all about, ladies and gentlemen! Freedom hangs like a thread – what are YOU willing to do?

I got a call from a fellow today who said he wanted to get some of my material, but he didn’t want to be put on our web [site] list, because he didn’t want anyone knocking on his door. You know, this is what makes COWARDS of men – an unwillingness to SPEAK OUT for righteousness! We have ‘right’ on our side, and the question is: ‘Are there enough Americans out there who are willing to stand with us?’ Or are they going [to] run for cover and say, as did so many of the Jews in Germany: ‘Well, maybe if we don’t say anything, they’ll leave us alone.’?”

Dr. Stanley Monteith, host of “Radio Liberty” broadcast