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Neo conservatives Stink

I. Introduction

Like many Americans, editor of TTT grew up believing that there were BIG differences between what the Republicans and Democrats did at the national level. Are there really any major differences between the goals of the national leadership of the Republican and Democratic Parties? Or, was George Wallace correct when he stated that “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference.”?

Sad to say, there is NO difference between the national leadership of the Republican and Democratic Parties in their actions – the difference mainly exists in their RHETORIC! ((Watch what they do, NOT what they say!))

II. The Socialist/Globalist Takeover

It is sad that “liberal” Democrats took over the Democratic Party at the national level at least 7 or 8 decades ago (some could make a good case that it was even earlier than that). It is equally as sad that “moderate” Republicans took over the Republican Party at the national level at least a decade or more ago.

Well, you may be asking, is there any real difference between “liberal Democrats” and “moderate Republicans” (many of whom now call themselves “neo-conservatives”)? The answer is a clear “No” when it comes to their ACTIONS. ((We will discuss their actions later.))

((IMPORTANT NOTE: The Republican “neo-conservatives” (neo-cons) are NOT true conservatives – rather, they are liberal, socialist “wolves in sheep’s clothing” (i.e., “liberals” with an “R” for “Republican” after their names). They PRETEND to be “conservatives”, and their RHETORIC often sounds “conservative” (e.g., they criticize the liberal Democrats), but their actions show us that they have the same long-range goals as the liberal Democrats, i.e., bigger government, more socialism, etc., and eventually, a one-world government.))

Yes, there is often a great difference in the RHETORIC between the Republicans and the Democrats at the national level on some issues. But basically, we can classify both “moderate Republicans (neo-conservatives)” and “liberal Democrats” as follow:


1. Almost every single one is a SOCIALIST. ((NOTE: Socialism, for the most part, stinks! It has never worked for very long in any nation where it was practiced, because it always breaks the back of the middle class – and it creates a host of other problems!))

2. Many of them are GLOBALISTS (i.e., many of them are Council on Foreign Relations or Trilateral Commission members; a few are Bilderbergers – and many of the members of these elitist organizations openly advocate one-world government and the end of nation-states).

3. Many of them have absolutely NO love for or loyalty to the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights – they like power, money, fame, and other “fringe benefits”.

4. Almost all of them are “CONTROL FREAKS”, i.e., they believe in “bigger and bigger government” that sticks its nose more and more into every phase of our lives (despite the neo-conservatives’ RHETORIC to the contrary).

5. Many of them are very wealthy (this is because they are well-paid lackeys of the rich power elite). ((These rich powerful men “behind the scenes” ensure that their lackeys obtain key power positions in government, the Pentagon, the mainstream media, etc.))

6. Many of them are PRO-United Nations (sometimes in spite of their RHETORIC to the contrary).

7. Many of them are ANTI-gun; some of them are rabidly ANTI-gun.

8. A significant number of them are PRO-abortion (i.e., PRO-murder in the womb) (sometimes in spite of their RHETORIC to the contrary).

((Again, watch how they VOTE – not what they say!))

9. Many of them are accomplished LIARS (i.e., they are very good at lying to us right to our faces – e.g., “I did not have sex with that woman…”). ((How can you tell when a politician is lying? Answer: His lips are moving.))

((Now for the ACTIONS & FRUITS of these “moderates” (neo-cons) and liberals)):

You see, dear reader, during the past several decades, whether the Republican Party or the Democratic Party controlled the White House or the Legislative Branch of government, or both, we the American people could observe, generally speaking, the very same agenda being implemented, and certain general trends:

1. The Federal Government keeps growing by leaps and bounds, and more and more laws keep getting passed. ((NOTE: Look at the many ways government “regulates” our lives!))

2. Members of elitist organizations such as the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission get the “lion’s share” of the key power positions in the federal government, the Pentagon, the mainstream media, etc.

3. The “gun control” agenda keeps getting pushed (yes, even when the neo-conservative Republicans are in power – despite their RHETORIC to the contrary). ((NOTE: Both the “moderates” and “liberals” use the Communist “two steps forward, one step back” technique of gradual, incremental change – to try to fool us into thinking they’ve stopped something bad.))

4. Computer technology (with military applications), nuclear power technology (and nuclear plants themselves), and the latest military technology get passed to Communist and other “nasty” regimes by our own federal government (for example, the technology mentioned above has been passed to Communist regimes such as Red China, the former Soviet Union, and North Korea by both Republican and Democratic administrations!) ((NOTE: The U.S. government provided both biological agents and chemical weapons to Iraq in the 1980s!))

((NOTE: Anyone getting tired of the U.S. taxpayers’ money funding the technological advancement of America’s enemies?))

5. Marxist thugs are supported, and sometimes even put into power, by the U.S. government under both Republican and Democratic administrations (for example, agents of the federal government have BRAGGED how they helped to put into power one of the most murderous dictators that the world has ever known, i.e., Mao Tse-tung, former head of Red China).

6. “Most-favored nation” trade status is given to, and then renewed for, blood-thirsty communist regimes, such as Communist Red China. ((Again, why are we helping our ENEMIES?))

7. U.S. combat forces are placed in harm’s way, sometimes solely for corporate interests.

8. U.S. combat forces are placed into no-win wars and conflicts (such as Korea and Vietnam).

9. U.S. military personnel get LEFT BEHIND in Prisoner-of-War/Missing-in-Action (POW/MIA) status, and the government and CONTROLLED mainstream media then LIE about it (e.g., Korea and Vietnam). ((Much of the cover-up on the POW/MIA issue continues to this very day!))

10. U.S. military personnel get “experimented upon” with radiation, chemical agents, and biological agents – sometimes without their consent or knowledge (e.g., the A-bomb tests on U.S. servicemen in the late 40s and early 50s).

11. The U.S. government with the help of the CONTROLLED mainstream media does MAJOR COVER-UPS of ailments and illnesses of our returning combat veterans (e.g., Agent Orange and the Gulf War Illness). ((Proper medical treatment is often denied UNTIL it is too late!))

12. America’s borders remain, for the most part, wide-open for illegal immigration, drug smuggling, etc. – especially our southern border with Mexico.

13. More and more innocent Americans are slain by SWAT teams and other “gangs” of armed federal agents. ((Examples: Waco and Ruby Ridge.))

14. In the name of “the war on terrorism”, “the war on crime”, and “the war on drugs”, Americans’ rights (especially the 4th Amendment Right against unreasonable searches and seizures) keep getting trampled.

((NOTE: If the federal government is really interested in fighting terrorism, then why does it leave our southern border with Mexico almost totally “wide-open”, allowing many potential TERRORISTS to cross illegally?))

15. The “Police State” continues to grow exponentially, with government surveillance of its own citizens at an all-time high; and the militarization of America’s police departments continues to rapidly increase.

16. America’s combat forces, and foreign troops training here in the USA, continue to receive more and more training in “police state”-type operations and tactics, such as “dynamic entry” (of buildings), “crowd control”, and “gun confiscation”.

17. More and more of America’s combat forces are sent overseas for “peacekeeping” missions, humanitarian missions, etc.

18. More and more foreign nations get bombed back into the “Stone Age” by U.S. airpower, such as Serbia and Iraq. ((Such actions create a great deal of hatred against the USA!))

19. Good-paying American jobs (such as in manufacturing) continue to go OVERSEAS; and the American worker keeps getting the “shaft” from NAFTA and GATT.

20. Public education seems to get worse and worse, despite ever-increasing amounts of money thrown at it. ((NOTE: This has been by DESIGN.))

21. Murder in the womb (i.e., abortion) continues in a country that used to call itself “Christian”.

22. U.S. support for the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, etc., continues.

23. Those politicians and government leaders who try to act a little too “independently” of the rich power elite get outright assassinated or have “accidents” – this includes presidents, senators, and congressmen. ((For example: President John Kennedy – assassinated; presidential candidate Robert Kennedy – assassinated; Congressman Louis McFadden – poisoned to death [he was trying to get the Federal Reserve audited]; Senator Huey Long – gunned down on the Louisiana Capitol steps; Congressman Sonny Bono – skiing “accident” [he was pushing the POW/MIA issue hard, and was warned to stop]; Congressman Larry McDonald – was shot down while aboard a civilian airliner [McDonald was an ardent anti-communist]; etc. Some, like presidential candidate George Wallace, survive the assassination attempts, but sometimes at a great price: Wallace was crippled by a bullet to his back.))

Again, please review the above list – just about every single item listed in the above section occurs whether we have a Republican or Democratic Administration running the White House! And what should we call these actions that aid and abet the enemies of the USA?

III. Politics & Government: Like Professional Wrestling

The “moderate” (neo-conservative) Republicans and the “liberal” Democrats often engage in activities that closely resemble “professional wrestling” (my apologies to those who love professional wrestling and especially to those who believe it is “real”).

Often, on key legislation, a number of Congressmen and Senators will take the opposite side of an issue during the actual debate of the legislation; however, when it comes time for a vote, most or all of them vote for the legislation. ((Some of those voting “for” the legislation were just minutes earlier vehemently opposing it.)) It’s like professional wrestling – some of the Congressman and Senators yell and scream at each other – even calling each other nasty names – yet when the roll call comes for the vote, nearly all of them vote the SAME. Many of them, who were just at each other’s throats moments before, probably head out for a beer together, hugging and slapping each other on the back! It’s sort of the “political version” of the “good cop, bad cop” routine! Possibly we could describe it as “Shakespearean Theater” for the benefit of the American public!

In a way, the Republican versus Democrat process often resembles two professional football teams. Since many Americans belong to one or the other “major” party, they can often be seen “rooting” for their party in a presidential election much the same as avid football fans root for their favorite professional football team. And really, this is part of a “grand diversion” – making the American people think that there is really a “choice” between Republican and Democratic candidates at the national level, and especially during presidential campaigns.

Sadly, America does NOT really have a “two-party” system anymore – not at the national level, anyway. Since the “moderates” (neo-conservatives) took over the Republican Party at the national level, and the “liberals” took over the Democratic Party at the national level, well – we now have “Socialist Party A” and Socialist Party B” – two branches of the same SOCIALIST Party! And since the rich power elite fund the candidates for both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party for presidential elections, they CONTROL whichever candidate wins! So whether we get a Republican in the White House, or a Democrat in the White House, we get the agenda of the rich power elite – or, should we say, the agenda of the globalist rich power elite.
((Yes, editor of TTT knows that there are good, conservative candidates for office, both Republican and Democrat, at the local level – but not at the presidential level.))

IV. Denial

Editor of TTT has spoken about “denial” in several of my more recent newsletters. If we are honest, we must admit that we are all in at least some state of “denial” about what is really going on in this country. America has become a “tool” in the hands of the globalist rich elite who often use U.S. combat forces to “carry out” their agenda! (This includes “regime changes”.)

We must also admit that we have very few true “statesmen” in this country. We do have a lot of politicians who serve themselves and their masters, but they do not serve the American people. Our political system has been literally hijacked by the globalist rich elite, just as they have hijacked our banking & financial system. Right now, the globalist rich elite are pulling the strings and calling the shots.

V. This Sounds Bad – Is it Hopeless?

Editor of TTT does NOT believe we have yet reached the point where things are hopeless, but we are getting ever closer to that point. A whole bunch of us had better get informed, and get informed quickly. Then we need to quickly inform others. We also need to put aside at least some of the sports, TV, and other entertainment that are the hallmark of American society. We have got to realize that the sports, TV, and other forms of entertainment have been deliberately “glamorized” in our society by the globalist rich elite to keep us DISTRACTED from what they are up to, and to debauch our society’s moral bearings!

America is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic with representative government. That means we the people are supposed to be informed on the key issues of the day, and we are supposed to be involved in the “government process”. This includes much more than just voting at election time. It means holding our elected representatives and appointed bureaucrats ACCOUNTABLE for their actions. It means reading, studying, and investigating key issues of the day. ((America used to be famous for her people having good reading skills and being voracious readers! TV has NEGATED a lot of that!)) We need to be reading good books dealing with important issues. A good place to start is the Holy Bible! ((America was founded as a Christian nation on Biblical principles.))

Being a good American means being concerned, not apathetic. Yes, things look bad for this country right now. We are rapidly losing our moral compass, and many of our rights are being trampled. A massive “police state” is growing daily in this country, with more and more infringements upon our God-given, Constitutionally-spelled out RIGHTS! That’s why it’s critical that we all get out of any stage of “denial” that we are in, and get busy. Freedom is never cheap – our founding fathers paid dearly ((some paid with their lives)) to give us the greatest Constitution & Bill of Rights ever seen. They also gave us a Constitutional Republic. The question is: Are enough of us going to get seriously involved in this “information war” going on in this country right now to make a difference? Are enough of us willing to sacrifice some of our time, talents, and money to fight the growing “police state” to make a difference? What are your children’s and your grandchildren’s future worth? In what kind of America will they grow up?

VI. What Can We Do to Get Informed?

1. We can read good, informative books! ((And once we have read them, we can loan them out or give them away to others.)) Here are some of the best that Editor of TTT has found:

The Medusa File by Lieutenant Colonel Craig Roberts (deals with “government secrets” you are not supposed to know about; covers the period from 1940 through 1996).

  None Dare Call it Treason by John Stormer (a compilation of facts from hundreds of Congressional investigations of communism and its infiltration into many aspects of our society);

  Into the Buzzsaw, edited by Kristina Borjesson (deals with some journalists in America who had major stories SUPPRESSED by “those above them” – debunks the myth of a “free press”);

  The Planned Destruction of America by Dr. James W. Wardner (deals with the plans made many years ago to destroy our Republic).

Another book I most highly recommend is Operation Vampire Killer 2000 (often abbreviated OVK2000) by” Police Against the New World Order” (Jack McLamb’s organization). OVK2000 can be ordered by sending $11 PPD in cash or postal money order made out to “Aid & Abet”, and mailing it to “Aid & Abet Police & Military Newsletter” // HC 11, Box 357 // Kamiah, Idaho 83536. ((This book is an absolute MUST read for all Americans, and especially for military and law enforcement personnel. It deals with the globalist rich elite’s plans to end America’s national sovereignty, and to bring in a New World Order. The book is in 8 ½” X 11″ format; and is profusely illustrated with drawings. It uses a lot of great quotes, including some from the mouths of the globalists, to show us what the globalists are up to.)) Bulk prices are available on OVK2000 – for more information call 208-935-7852; or Fax 208-935-7854.