“The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.”

Proverbs 22:7


            “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” – Proverbs 22:3



DEFINITIONS: (from Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary)


Fiat money: money (as paper currency) not convertible into coin or specie of equivalent value”


Pollyanna: one characterized by irrepressible optimism and a tendency to find good in everything”





Editor of TTT decided to “take a break” in the series of TTT newsletters that he has been writing on major wars in which U.S. troops had participated in order to put a “warning” into words for the American people. I had thought previously of writing a personal letter on this subject for my loved ones, but reconsidered and thought it would be better to put this information into a TTT newsletter so that it would receive greater distribution – and possibly be put on some of the Internet web sites that normally post my newsletters.


While I have written numerous TTT newsletters (such as TTT #36) warning about the likelihood of a universal (or, national) draft, the likelihood of full-blown martial law in the near future, the dangers facing America as most of her best combat troops are overseas, etc., I thought a short newsletter was due to “warn” my fellow Americans of the imminent dangers facing America today – and to advise them to begin making whatever preparations that they think prudent in order to increase their chances of “surviving” numerous “worse-case scenarios”.




America is today facing great danger. The survival of this constitutional Republic is at risk with the so-called “War on Terrorism”. Let’s take a brief look at some of the dangers we face in America today:




Many fine books have been written about the dangers of a “fiat currency” and privately owned central banks (such as our so-called “Federal Reserve” – which is NOT part of the U.S. government). If you are unfamiliar with those subjects, I would suggest that you do some research on them. I will say that “fiat currencies” have had a very poor “track record” throughout history.


Editor of TTT does not claim to be anything close to an economic or financial expert. However, there are some top economic and financial experts in whom I have a lot of confidence who are warning us of great financial and economic danger on the horizon.


Most Americans are too young to remember the (carefully orchestrated) stock market crash of 1929, and the “Great Depression” that followed on its heels.       Many Americans lost their homes and farms as banks called in mortgages. If we would have another such stock market crash in the near future (it’s far more likely than most folks think), the results would be much more dire than the crash of 1929. Why is this so?       It is because individual and corporate debt is at much higher levels than in the late 1920s. (Many Americans are in debt “up past their ears”.) Thus, banks would be calling in many more mortgages this time around.


Additionally, the real estate/housing market is vastly overpriced.       What happens if the bottom falls out of the real estate/housing market?


What happens if Red China and other countries holding U.S. treasury notes decide to cash them in?       What happens if the other powerful economic nations such as Germany and Japan – and the oil producing nations of the Middle East – all lose confidence in the dollar and switch to other currencies, such as the “Euro”? Are you personally ready for a massive financial collapse here in America ?


And what is going to happen to the American economy as the price of crude oil (and gasoline prices) keeps going up, up, up?       Answer: It will be the “final nail” in the “coffin” of America ’s “middle class”! ((A whole lot of goods move via truck in this country.       Thus, rising costs on crude oil will affect the prices on gasoline and diesel – and on the prices of all those goods moving via truck.       Likewise, the costs of services (such as at restaurants) will also rise, since those increased costs will be passed on the customer in the form of higher prices.))




Editor of TTT has written about this subject in a number of TTT newsletters in the past, such as TTT #9, entitled “Big Lies #1:       Communism and the Cold War” ( March 8, 2002 ). The facts are that Red China and Russia (the “former” Soviet Union) are still run by the Communists; both countries are still military powerhouses; and, both countries – despite what we read in the establishment-controlled mainstream media – consider the USA as “enemy #1”. In fact, both of these Communist military powers hate America , and have been preparing for war – even nuclear war – against America for decades. And both Russia and Red China have made a lot of “civil defense” preparations – such as building underground shelters for significant portions of their population, storing lots of survival materials, etc.       Yet in America , “civil defense” for the general population is almost unheard of, and the only massive underground shelters are those that have been built to protect the rich and power elite in the United States !


Both Russia and Red China consider nuclear war with the United States to be inevitable – and have written numerous military articles stating just that! Additionally, both Russia and Red China consider nuclear war against the USA to be “winnable”! Russian military doctrine is based on a massive nuclear “first strike” on the USA , in which they believe they will knock out a significant piece of our nuclear deterrent forces. They then figure that even if the USA decided to respond with its meager nuclear forces that survived, that their ( Russia ’s) losses from such a U.S. nuclear response would be “reasonable and acceptable”.       The Red Chinese feel the same way.


Now consider the fact that the U.S.A. is committed as part of national policy to “riding out” a nuclear “first strike”. That means that the USA “absorbs” a nuclear “first strike” before even thinking about responding. By the way, the Russian military leadership believes that we would not have enough nuclear forces left after “absorbing” their massive nuclear “first strike” to even think about trying to respond in kind. They believe the U.S. leadership would just surrender and accept our losses, and accept the end of America being a major military power in the world.


Now also consider the fact that most of our best combat forces are overseas fighting in numerous countries.       What happens if we get involved in even more countries, such as Iran ? What happens if Red China decides to invade Nationalist China (Taiwan) or North Korea decides to invade South Korea (where U.S. troops are stationed along the demilitarized zone) while U.S. troops are tied down fighting all over the Middle East? ((Both Red China and North Korea have been preparing for such invasions for decades, and have been openly talking quite recently about launching such invasions.))       What happens if Russia and Red China decide to come in on the side of Iran in the event of a U.S. invasion of that country? What happens if Russia and Red China decide to directly attack the USA while most of our combat troops are tied down all over the globe?       This direct attack on the USA would not have to be nuclear – it could easily be done using conventional warfare.




An invasion of Iran and/or Syria would surely require a national – if not a “universal” (both men and women) – draft. A North Korean invasion of South Korea would no doubt require a national or universal draft.       ((I wrote about this topic in TTT #36, entitled “A National [or, Universal] Draft – How May It Affect You & Your Loved Ones?” ( Nov. 13, 2003 ).))


Even if none of those above-listed scenarios take place, America will probably be facing a national or universal draft in the near future anyway. Why is this so?       It is because so many of the reservists and National Guard personnel are getting out when they return from overseas service.       Recruitment for the active duty military is also down significantly. The U.S. military will need a national or universal draft just to maintain the occupation of Iraq for the foreseeable future. And what does a national or universal draft mean for the American people?       It means our children and grandchildren will be fighting (and dying) all over the globe for decades and decades!





A nearly total “open border” between the USA and Mexico is an “open invitation” to foreign terrorists (to include Middle Easterners) to cross safely over into America – quite likely to commit terrorist acts in the near future.       Editor of TTT wrote about this danger in some depth in TTT #31, entitled “The Silent Invasion” ( July 11, 2003 ).


A U.S. foreign policy of military intervention all over the globe is also an “open invitation” for terrorists of various nationalities to attack American targets both overseas and here in America ! The U.S. bombing of Serbia back into the “Stone Age” alienated much of both the “Eastern Orthodox Christian World” and the “Slavic World” against America . The U.S. bombing of Iraq back into the “Stone Age” has alienated much of both the “Arab World” and the “Islamic World” against America . Indeed, we will find that this military adventurism and interventionism all around the globe will help ensure that we will never have a shortage of “terrorists” willing to risk their lives to attack Americans.


Of course, one of the greatest threats of “terrorism” throughout history has been government-sponsored terrorism against their own populations to push their pet agenda.       Examples of this are numerous, such as the Nazis burning down their own Parliament Building to get increased Police State controls and to blame his enemies, the communists. Roman Emperor Nero also had much of Rome burned to blame his perceived enemies, the Christians, and then to begin a great persecution of the Christians.


And there are certainly more recent examples than those mentioned in the previous paragraph. If you have Internet capability, do a “google-style” search on “Operation Northwoods” or the “Northwoods Document” and see what interesting things “pop up”.





Editor of TTT has written several newsletters dealing with the topic of the likelihood of martial law here in America : TTT #2 ( June 25, 1998 ), TTT #7 ( April 27, 1999 ), and most recently, TTT #40, entitled: “MARTIAL LAW:       The Power Elite Are Talking about It!” ( April 2, 2004 ).


The facts are that the rich and power elite in America expect martial law soon here in this country.       We’ve even had retired generals openly and publicly talking about the likelihood of martial law – and the suspension of the U.S. Constitution – in the event of another major terrorist attack.       Now try to imagine an America where we the people lose all remaining protection against “Big Brother” government’s abuse of power whenever full-blown martial law kicks in! Does anyone know how to “spell” “forcible inoculations”, “re-location/detention centers”, “disarming of the civilian population”, etc.?


The facts also are: A military trains for the “way it plans to fight”.       U.S. military forces do a lot more training these days in “urban warfare”, “dynamic entry”, “crowd control”, etc., than it ever did in previous decades.       In addition, many large American city police departments have been heavily “militarized” with similar training as listed above.       Many of these large metropolitan police departments also have SWAT teams, armored personnel carriers, fully automatic weapons, etc.       Are our fearless leaders expecting martial law in America anytime soon in the future?


The facts also are: No matter whether we get a Republican or Democratic administration in the White House or a Republican or Democratic majority in Congress, we the people get bigger government, more socialism, and more police state controls!


Now try to imagine a massive “high-tech” police state right here in America ! Much of it is already here!


((NOTE: If you would like to learn more about the emerging “high-tech” police state here in America, I would highly recommend that you get the following videotapes (some are available in DVD) from Alex Jones by calling toll-free 888-253-3139: “9/11: The Road to Tyranny”; “The Masters of Terror”; “MARTIAL LAW:       9/11: The Rise of the Police State”; “Matrix of Evil”; “Police State 2000”; “Police State II – The Takeover”; and, “Police State III – Total Enslavement”.       These videotapes are $33.45 postpaid; however, if you order three or more videotapes, the price drops down to $20 each plus postage.       The first three videotapes listed are my #1 recommendations.))





“Socialism” has never worked anywhere in the world for very long. In whatever forms it appears, it always results in the destruction of the “middle class” as “Big Brother” government robs from one class of citizens to support another class of citizens.


“Socialism” includes such horrors as “Communism”, “Nazism”, and even corporate “Fascism”.       And whether a population is “infected” with “Communism”, “Nazism”, or “Fascism”, the result is always the same: a totalitarian system of government that crushes all opposition to it. If you have not already read the book 1984 – or, haven’t read it for quite some time, please read it.


The facts are, as stated in the previous paragraph:       No matter whether we get a Republican or Democratic administration in the White House or a Republican or Democratic majority in Congress, we the people get bigger government, more socialism, and more police state controls!





Much has been written about the moral decline of America , and about the shortage of ethics in government service.


A study of history (especially of the decline of the Roman Empire – which smells a lot like America today) shows that empires “self-destruct” when their moral base is eroded.


Please consider this quote by historian Will Durant:

            “A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within.       The essential causes of Rome ’s decline lay in her people, her morals, her class struggle, her failing trade, her bureaucratic despotism, her stifling taxes, [and] her consuming wars.”


Dear reader, are any of those “poisons” listed in the above quotation present in America today? Can we survive as a nation – as a constitutional Republic – if those “poisons” remain largely untreated?


And if one calls himself (or herself) a “Christian”, please consider that the LORD God Almighty of the Holy Bible personally got involved in bringing about the destruction of the Northern Kingdom of Israel (by means of the Assyrian Empire) and of the Southern Kingdom of Judah (by means of the Babylonia Empire) because they were in gross disobedience to His Holy laws! Question:       Is America today in obedience to the laws of GOD?




Many Americans have a “Pollyanna” mindset – they just can’t imagine anything super bad (such as a military assault on the USA, civil war, anarchy, a financial crash, etc.) happening here in America during “their” lifetime. Many Americans are in some degree of denial about the dangers facing us today.


Yet a major financial crash occurred as recently as 1929.       A horrible “civil war” took place in this country from 1861-1865 (in which a � million Americans lost their lives)!       Millions of Americans served overseas during World War II – and it sure smells like we are in the early stages of World War III.


Editor of TTT does not know if we even have one or two years left before some of the “dangers” listed in this newsletter come to fruition in America . I do know that I highly doubt that we have one or two decades before such dangers come to fruition in this Republic.


Doing nothing (i.e., not making any preparations) is NOT the “smart” thing to be doing right now.       Americans used to “save” for a “rainy day”.       We’d better start making preparations for any and all “worst-case scenarios”, and warning our loved ones to do likewise.       Here are some things that we can be doing:




  1. We need to get out of whatever degree of “denial” we may be in concerning these dangers.
  2. If you are a Christian, please pray fervently for guidance and wisdom on how to meet the dangers that lie clearly ahead of this nation.       And please study God’s Entire Counsel as found in the Holy Bible to assist in obtaining this guidance.
  3. If you think that this issue of the TTT newsletter contains important information, then please make as many copies of it as possible, and give them free-of-charge to others.
  4. Get out of debt as much as you possibly can as quickly as you possibly can.
  5. Get whatever survival materials you may need for any and all “worst-case scenarios”. This would include, but is not limited to: firearms, ammunition, food, water, water-treatment devices (water filters), extra clothing (to include heavy clothing for winter climates), batteries, a good radio, medical supplies, etc. ((And make sure your loved ones are trained on the safe and efficient use of firearms!))
  6. Warn others!       ((This includes getting good “informational tools”, such as the Alex Jones’ videotapes listed in this newsletter.))
  7. Do some “google-style” searches on the Internet concerning the topics mentioned in this newsletter. Here are two great web sites for news and analysis of news that you will often not find in the establishment-controlled mainstream media:

www.infowars.com and www.prisonplanet.com .