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Foreign Troops in the USA

It has been well documented by various authors, radio & TV talk show hosts, etc., that there are FOREIGN troops stationed in the USA. For example, author Texe Marrs has reported on the German Luftwaffe (Air Force) presence at Holloman Air Force Base near Alamogorda, New Mexico in the January 1997 issue of his “Power of Prophecy” newsletter (see his web site: ). Here is another example: The training of FOREIGN troops in the USA in such tactics as dynamic entry, crowd control, gun CONFISCATION, etc., has been well documented in two outstanding documentary films (“Police State 2000” and “Police State II – The Takeover”) by TV & radio talk show host Alex Jones (see his web site: .) What has NOT been well documented, to the best of this writer’s knowledge, is a good “guess-estimate” of the exact numbers of FOREIGN troops in the USA at any given time.

That there are significant numbers of ANY FOREIGN COMBAT troops in America disturbs this 20-year military veteran, especially in light of the fact that MANY of America’s combat forces are currently OUT OF this country, stationed OVERSEAS. And now we have a SIGNIFICANT percentage of our American combat troops tied down in Iraq. And then we hear reports in the media that Iran, Syria, Libya, and North Korea are “next” on the “hit list” of countries scheduled to receive “attitude adjustments” by the U.S. military after it finishes with Iraq! (The above-named countries have all been identified as nations that support terrorism, and/or pose a “terroristic threat” to other nations, and/or have ruthless Hitler-type dictators, and/or have weapons of mass destruction.) Of course, we are also being told that we will be involved in “perpetual war” against terrorism – war that may last 100 years or more!

By the way, this war with Iraq (Gulf War II) is sure to create a whole new generation of terrorists who are willing to sacrifice themselves to kill Americans. We must remember that there are between 1.2 BILLION and 1.5 BILLION Moslems in the world (depending which source you check), and that many of them now HATE America with great passion because of this war with Iraq!

And we must consider this important point: If most of America’s combat forces are OUT OF this country, fighting OVERSEAS, when the “terrorists” begin attacking large U.S. cities, then WHO is supposed to protect the American citizens? We have been assured by some top-level U.S. government officials that FOREIGN troops will be helping to keep American citizens secure! Well, some Americans may be asking, “What could be wrong with that?” I’m glad that they asked.

You see, dear reader, FOREIGN troops have a VERY NASTY HABIT of disarming, raping, pillaging, plundering, and murdering the civilian populations that they are supposed to be “helping”. We have been told that Mexican, Canadian, and other FOREIGN troops will be “helping” the American people and “saving” them from the “terrorists” in the event large numbers of America’s combat forces are “OCCUPIED ELSEWHERE OVERSEAS”! Such FOREIGN troops might be under United Nations (U.N.) command, or under North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) command. ((NATO now appears to be a military strike force for the U.N.)) Even if such FOREIGN troops were under U.S. military commanders, would YOU want Russian, Mongolian, Czech, British, Mexican, etc., troops watching over YOUR daughters, wives, sisters, etc., in detention (“relocation”) centers set up to “protect” us all from smallpox, anthrax, and all those other nasty things the “terrorists” will supposedly be hitting us with (according to top-level U.S. government officials)?

Oh, yes, U.N. “peacekeeping” forces have a rather EXTENSIVE RECORD of disarming, raping, pillaging, plundering, and murdering civilian populations. Here are just a few examples from recent history:

1) In Katanga [part of the former Belgian Congo] in the early 1960s, “U.N. forces bombed hospitals, schools, and churches; machine-gunned and bayoneted women and children; and incarcerated tens of thousands of blacks in incredibly foul concentration camps.” (Quote from the book, Changing Commands: The Betrayal of America’s Military, by John F. McManus);

2) In Cambodia, U.N. troops FORCED young girls into PROSTITUION; and,

3) In Somalia, U.N. troops ROASTED a Somali boy over a fire, and FORCED other Somali children to drink vomit. ((These are but a SMALL sampling of the “peacekeeping functions” performed by most U.N. “peacekeeping” forces wherever they go.))

Also, throughout history, tyrants and dictators have used FOREIGN troops to “police”, SUPPRESS, and OPPRESS their very own civilian populations! Here are a few examples from “fairly-recent” history:

1) King George III of England used “Hessian” (i.e., German) troops against his VERY OWN COLONIAL BRETHREN right here in America;

2) The Union Army used Irish mercenaries against their VERY OWN SOUTHERN BRETHREN right here in America during the so-called “Civil War”; and,

3) The Soviet Red Army of the “former” Soviet Union frequently used various nationalities within its own army against various other population groups within its VERY OWN BORDERS! For example, if some of their “European” nationalities got “restless”, the Soviet Red Army could send in some of its Mongolian Red Army troops to crush the “restless locals”. If Georgians, Uzbeks, or Mongolians got “restless”, the Soviet Red Army could send in some of its native-Russian Red Army troops to crush the “restless locals”. You see, the Communists in the “former” Soviet Union (Russia) always figured that when they called in troops to SUPPRESS the “restless locals”, it was much better if the troops did NOT look the same, did NOT speak the same language, and/or did NOT have the same customs. Why? It is because troops who are “DIFFERENT” are MUCH MORE LIKELY to use FORCE on the “restless locals” than would troops who look the same, speak the same language, and/or have the same customs!

In the outstanding book, Operation Vampire Killer 2000 (OVK 2000), by Police Against the New World Order, we find an interesting world map, adopted in 1952 by the World Association of Parliamentarians for World Government, that shows clearly how the globalist rich elite plan to use FOREIGN troops to “police” every location on Planet Earth! (For example, U.S. troops are to be used to “police” such locations as Albania, Nepal, Bulgaria, etc. Of course, while the U.S. troops are OUT OF THE USA “policing” other countries in far-away lands, FOREIGN troops from such countries as RUSSIA, Mongolia, Belgium, etc., are to be used to “police” the citizens of the USA!) Could this be one of the reasons we have so many Russian, German, and other FOREIGN troops training here in the USA in such tactics as dynamic entry [of homes], gun confiscation, crowd control, etc.??? ((This 20-year military veteran does NOT like the “smell” of all these FOREIGN troops here in America, and he MOST HIGHLY recommends that every American purchase as many copies as possible of Operation Vampire Killer 2000, and the two Alex Jones’ documentary films mentioned earlier in this newsletter, and Texe Marrs’ video, “Gulag USA”, and then loan them out or give them without charge to OTHERS as quickly as possible, especially to those individuals in the U.S. military and in law enforcement. For information on how to order, see the last part of this newsletter.))

Again, editor of TTT asks the question: Would YOU want Russian, Mongolian, Czech, British, Mexican, etc., troops “watching over” YOUR daughters, wives, sisters, etc., in detention (“relocation”) centers set up to “protect” us all from smallpox, anthrax, and all the other nasty things the “terrorists” are supposed to soon be hitting us with??? If YOU do NOT like the idea of FOREIGN troops “protecting” YOUR loved ones, then please get QUICKLY INFORMED on this subject and then INFORM OTHERS of this VERY REAL AND PRESENT DANGER to the American people!


1. Visit some great web sites that are loaded with articles on current events and/or with insightful analysis of current events (listed alphabetically by organization):

a) Alex Jones’ Show, and and ;

b) Call to Decision Ministries, ;

c) “Perspectives on America”, .

2. Listen in to some great broadcasts that deal with current events &/or analysis of those events (listed in alphabetical order) ((all times are Eastern; Monday thru Friday)) ((SW = short-wave)):

a) Alex Jones’ Show; noon-3 P.M. (SW frequencies: 12.172 MHz and 9.320 MHz), and 10 P.M.-1 A.M. (SW frequencies: 5.085 MHz and 6.890 MHz); or listen live off of the net at . Check his web site for satellite information.

b) “Perspectives on America”, hosted by Jeffrey Bennett; 10-11 A.M. (SW frequency: 12.160 MHz); Contains excellent editorial analysis; check his web site: for more information.

((Most of the web sites listed above have a TON of great “information tools”, such as books, video tapes, audio cassette tapes, etc. PLEASE check them out! If you do not have access to a computer, than PLEASE visit your local library and use theirs! If you cannot listen to some of the above-mentioned broadcasts on the net, consider purchasing a short wave radio so that you can listen!))

3. Obtain some great video tapes ((they are great informational tools to loan or give to others)):

a) Documentary films (on VHS video tape; some on DVD): “The Masters of Terror”, “9-11 : The Road to Tyranny”, “Police State 2000”, and “Police State II – The Takeover”; all by Alex Jones. Most of these documentaries are over two hours in length; are fast-moving and professionally-done; are fully-documented; and tell the truth that the mainstream media keeps from you! (Those in the military and in law enforcement REALLY NEED to see the two “Police State” videos!) If you order three or more of any one or combination of videos, the price drops down to $20 per tape. If you can only afford two, I recommend the first two listed above. To order: either call toll-free 888-253-3139 ; or, visit their web site at .

c) Video, “Gulag USA” by Texe Marrs (:) It contains 82 minutes of documented information on “relocation centers” in the USA. To order, call toll-free 800-234-9673; or send $27.50 PPD check or money order made out to: “Power of Prophecy” and mail to: Power of Prophecy // 1708 Patterson Road // Austin, TX 78733 .

4. Purchase some good books that tell the facts that the establishment-CONTROLLED mainstream media often keeps from the American people. Here are some:

a) The Medusa File by Lieutenant Colonel Craig Roberts (deals with “government secrets” you are not supposed to know about; covers the period from 1940 through 1996) ((if you can only afford one book that “Radio Liberty” offers, editor of TTT recommends you get this one));

b) The Brotherhood of Darkness by Dr. Stanley Monteith (deals with the influence of secret societies on civilization);

c) None Dare Call it Treason by John Stormer (a compilation of facts from hundreds of Congressional investigations of communism and its infiltration into many aspects of our society);

d) Into the Buzzsaw, edited by Kristina Borjesson (deals with some journalists in America who had major stories SUPPRESSED by “those above them” – debunks the myth of a “free press”);

e) The Planned Destruction of America by Dr. James W. Wardner (deals with the plans made many years ago to destroy our Republic).

f) Another book I most highly recommend is Operation Vampire Killer 2000 (often abbreviated OVK2000) by” Police Against the New World Order” (Jack McLamb’s organization). OVK2000 can be ordered by sending $11 PPD in check or money order made out to “Aid & Abet”, and mailing it to “Aid & Abet Police & Military Newsletter” // HC 11, Box 357 // Kamiah, Idaho 83536 . ((This book is an absolute MUST read for all Americans, and especially for military and law enforcement personnel. It deals with the globalist rich elite’s plans to end America’s national sovereignty, and to bring in a New World Order. The book is in 8 ½ X 11″ format; and is profusely illustrated with drawings. It uses a lot of great quotes, including some from the mouths of the globalists, to show us what the globalists are up to.)) Bulk prices are available on OVK2000 – for more information call 208-935-7852; or Fax 208-935-7854 .

g) “Slick Willie & the Amazing American Bodybag Factory, Inc.” (which includes “War is a Racket” by Major General Smedley D. Butler) – call 410-374-4255 for ordering information.