“The historian Rene Sedillot…calculates that the [French] ‘revolution’, on account of the terrorism and the civil war, claimed at least 600,000 victims.” – Juri Lina (author; quote taken from his book Under the Sign of the Scorpion) ((NOTE: The French Revolution took place from 1789 through 1799.))


“The entire membership of the [Russian] Communist Party, which in 1918 numbered perhaps no more than 100,000, was turned into an instrument of murder.  Its aims were two-fold: to inspire dread and horror among the Russian masses, and to exterminate the middle and upper classes…these people were the best that Russia had.  They were the leader class.  They were the priests, and lawyers, and merchants, and army officers, and university professors.”

Frank L. Britton (author; quote taken from his book Behind Communism)

“Before the Bolsheviks [i.e., the Russian Communists] seized power there were 360,000 [Russian Orthodox] priests in Russia.  At the end of 1919 only 40,000 remained alive.”

Juri Lina (quoting author Vladimir Soloukhin; quote taken from Lina’s book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion) ((Ed. Note: The above means that the Russian Communists exterminated 320,000 Orthodox priests in just two years!))


1.7 million people were executed during the period 1918-19.  A river of blood flowed through Russia… According to official Soviet reports from May 1922, 1,695,904 people were executed from January 1921 to April 1922.  Among the victims were bishops, professors, doctors, [military] officers, policemen, gendarmes, lawyers, civil servants, journalists, writers, artists, nurses, workers and farmers…Their crime was ‘anti-social thinking’.” – Juri Lina (from his book, Under the Sign of the Scorpion)


“During [Communist leader] Bela Kun’s three month reign of terror [Ed. Note: in Hungary in 1919], tens of thousands of people – priests, army officers, merchants, landowners, professional people – were butchered.” – Frank L. Britton (from his book, Behind Communism)


“During the Spanish Civil War [Ed. Note: 1936-1939], Communists killed four thousand Catholic priests.”  – Richard Wurmbrand (pastor; author; quote taken from his book, Marx & Satan)


DEDICATION: To Texe and Wanda Marrs



Editor of ETI & TTT is doing a combined issue on this topic of the “final assault” on Christianity and the American Republic because I believe one cannot really separate the two.  What I mean is that the globalist rich elite plan to “take down” the American Republic and Christianity at the same time.

I could have listed many more quotes; however, for the sake of brevity, the quotes listed earlier in this newsletter should suffice to show that the “terror” visited upon the poor French people during the French Revolution; upon the poor Spanish people during the Spanish Civil War; upon the poor Russian people during the Russian Revolution; upon the poor Hungarian people during the Hungarian Revolution; etc., has a common thread.  ((This will hopefully be elaborated upon in the next section.))  This common (and very wicked) thread was also played out later in the 20th Century – in places such as Red China, Cambodia, Vietnam, etc.

I am writing this newsletter – which I consider the most important I may ever write – because I strongly believe that the terror, horror, and slaughter seen particularly in the French, Russian, and Red Chinese Revolutions (and later in the Communist dictatorships over the poor Russian and Chinese peoples) are soon to be replayed in the United States of America.  The same type of people who orchestrated the terror seen in the French and Russian Revolutions also orchestrated two world wars.  These globalist rich elite scum and their lackeys hate Christianity; they hate our American constitutional Republic; and they hate freedom.  They have not hesitated to start world wars (i.e., both World War I and World War II) and cause the death of tens of millions of individuals.  They have overthrown legitimate governments all around the globe and put in their place totalitarian regimes that imprison, torture, and murder millions of their own citizens!  What they did to the poor French and Russian peoples during the French and Russian Revolutions, they now plan to do to the American people.  They also plan to destroy Christianity.

The quotes I listed above come from three outstanding books that I recently obtained from “Power of Prophecy” ministry.  Those books are: Under the Sign of the Scorpion: The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire by Juri Lina; Behind Communism by Frank L. Britton; and Marx & Satan by Richard Wurmbrand.  To order these books (and I most highly recommend that you do), call toll-free 800-234-9673 and use your Discover, Master Card or Visa.  Prices (postpaid) for the books are as follow: Under the Sign of the Scorpion – $28; Marx & Satan – $14; and Behind Communism – $11.  Or, you can send check or postal money order made out to “Power of Prophecy” and mail it to: Power of Prophecy // 1708 Patterson Road // Austin, TX 78733.  ((NOTE: If you can only afford to buy one of the above listed books, I most highly recommend that you get a copy of Under the Sign of the Scorpion.  This 368-page paperback book details the horrors of the French and Russian Revolutions, as well as the “Red Terror” that haunted the Russian people for decades after the Russian Revolution.  This book shows you WHO was behind these revolutions.  There are also chapters on “American Aid to the Soviet Union”, Karl Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, and the Illuminati.  This should be a must-read book for all Americans!))


The “common thread” in the French, Russian, Chinese, and other Communist Revolutions consists of the following:


1.) Mass terror and murder was used to:

**bring in a totalitarian police state;

**eliminate entire “classes” of people;

**suppress all opposition to the police state.


2.) Generally speaking, Christians (more than any other religious group) were especially targeted for imprisonment, torture, and execution.

I listed relevant quotes at the beginning of this newsletter to show you the categories of people that the Communists and other assorted Socialists (such as Fascists and Nazis) targeted.  In general, one can easily see that these “Revolutionaries” wanted to immediately remove the leadership (or potential leadership) of any opposition to their “Revolution”.  In some countries (such as Russia under the Bolsheviks) the entire middle and upper classes were targeted for “extermination”.  In particular, these “Revolutionaries” targeted: any clergy (and often their followers) who would not “play ball” with the Revolution; military officers; writers, artists, and other intellectuals; professors and teachers; merchants; independent farmers and other landowners; etc.  ((Communists seem to have a particular hatred and fear of farmers and ranchers.  This is because the farmer and rancher are NOT dependent upon the “State” for their livelihood.  Soviet Communists slaughtered and starved to death MILLIONS of farmers in the Ukraine (a part of the “former” Soviet Union).

Another group of people the Communists (and other Socialists) particularly hate and fear are the preachers, pastors, and priests (i.e., the clergy) who have the courage to oppose and speak out against the totalitarian police state.  During the French Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, the Russian Revolution, and the Communist takeover of China we find the clergy being viciously tortured and murdered in LARGE numbers.  And after the Communists eliminated the vast majority of the clergy who opposed them, they then infiltrated their own Communist stooges into high positions within the church.  ((NOTE: A book that details Communist infiltration into the Russian Orthodox Church is entitled How the Communists Use Religion by Edgar C. Bundy – Radio Liberty used to carry a very limited number of this book – you can call toll-free 800-544-8927 to order it.))



There really are rich elite people running this world.  And because these “globalist rich elite” control America’s mainstream media, many Americans have been “conditioned” (some would say “brainwashed”) into thinking that such things as “conspiracies” do NOT exist at the upper echelons of government, banking, and organized religion.  Unfortunately, such “conspiracies” DO EXIST.  There is indeed a group of rich elite individuals who CONTROL governments, banking systems, intelligence services, national military forces, and the leaders of organized religion.  Editor of ETI & TTT refers to this group of individuals as the “globalist rich elite”.  The globalist rich elite want a one-world totalitarian government, a one-world banking system, and a one-world religion – all under THEIR control!  The globalist rich elite believe in both massive gun control (i.e., disarming all us “peasants”) and massive population control (i.e., they plan on “eliminating” massive numbers of us “peasants”).  The globalist rich elite also HATE Christianity with a passion!

I, and many others, have written much about the globalist rich elite (the New World Order crowd) and their plans for global government.  To try to summarize in a nutshell:

The globalist rich elite want to place “what little remains of the earth’s population” (after massive population control) into a feudal system of serfdom.  The one-world totalitarian “police state” that they plan to establish will make the police state described in the book “1984” pale in comparison.  ((If you have not already read the book “1984”, I highly recommend that you get a paperback copy and read it ASAP.  “1984” may be coming soon to a neighborhood near you!))

The globalist rich elite control most of the government leaders in the world (to include the top U.S. government leaders).  They control the banking systems in most nations of the world (to include the Federal Reserve banking system in the USA).  The globalist rich elite control the top leadership of both the Republican and Democratic Parties at the national level.  The globalist rich elite control America’s mainstream media.  And they also control the leadership of the major religious denominations of America, to include such religious organizations as the National Council of Churches and the World Council of Churches.  The globalist rich elite use lackeys to carry out their policies – buying them off with money, power, sexual favors, etc.

The globalist rich elite control almost everything in America and much of the rest of the world.  They control almost every aspect of our lives through taxes, the media, etc.   But they are NOT content with controlling almost everything.  No – they want it ALL!  They want their global government, global financial system, and global religion.  And there are only two real “stumbling blocks” standing in the way of their grandiose plans: the American constitutional Republic with its well-armed population, and Christianity in America – and the globalist rich elite plan on exterminating both!

((NOTE: Many excellent books have been written on the globalists’ plans for one-world government and one-world religion (as well as their one-world banking system).  If you are interested in studying this issue (and you should be), call “Power of Prophecy” (800-234-9673) and ask them to mail you a catalog of the books, video & audio tape sets that they carry on this and other topics.))


Sadly, many Americans have been “conditioned” by the establishment-controlled mainstream media in America to think that horrible things like war, genocide, revolution, etc., could never happen here in America.  We’ve also been “conditioned” to believe that America is the world’s only remaining superpower, and that no nation would dare to launch a massive attack on our Republic.  We’ve also been “conditioned” to think that the top levels of our government love us and will always take care of us.

The facts are different:

1.) War, revolution, famine, genocide, etc., could happen overnight in America under the right conditions;

2.) America is NOT the only remaining superpower – at least from a military standpoint.  Both Red (Communist) China, (still-Communist) Russia, and Communist North Korea possess powerful military forces – forces, which if combined, could seriously challenge, if not possibly defeat, the military forces of the United States;

3.) America is HATED by most of the Slavic World and the Orthodox Christian World because of our bombing of little Serbia back into the Stone Age, and is HATED by the vast majority of the Moslem World and the Arab World because of our bombing Iraq back into the Stone Age (and because of our continual one-sided support of Israel); and,

4.) The top levels of our government are totally CONTROLLED by the globalist rich elite.  Our “leaders” do NOT love the U.S. Constitution; they do NOT love freedom; and they are “wolves in sheep’s clothing”.  They are “socialists” (i.e., liberal democrats and moderate/”neo-con” republicans) who are helping to destroy America’s national sovereignty as they try to merge the USA onto their “global plantation” of one-world government, one-world banking system, and one-world religion.



I can not emphasize enough how REAL this THREAT to our Republic and to Christianity is. The globalist rich elite have already orchestrated two World Wars (and they are working overtime to drag the world’s population into World War III).  The globalist rich elite brutalized and butchered millions and millions of innocent people not only during the two World Wars, but also during the heinous bloodbaths called the French and Russian Revolutions, and the Communist Terror in Red China. The “Communists” also butchered millions in Eastern Europe and in other nations of Asia (such as Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia).

The globalist rich elite not only financed the French and Russian Revolutions, and the Communist Terror in China – but they also continued to financially support the repressive Communist totalitarian police states in both the Soviet Union and Red China for decades.  The globalist rich elite also financed Adolph Hitler’s rise to power.

The “revolutionaries” (mostly Communists) that the globalist rich elite financed were not content to merely murder millions of innocent victims, but they also imprisoned and tortured millions and millions of innocent victims.  They destroyed entire classes (middle and upper) in the nations they controlled.  They tortured, butchered, and murdered millions of Christians (for whom they showed special hatred).  They set up brutal police states, imprisoning millions in slave labor camps and terrible concentration camps.




We must all get out of DENIAL.  Generally speaking, we are all in some degree of denial.  You know, the “it could never happen here in America” syndrome.  The facts are that the world is an evil place – and evil men tend to rise to the top and try to run everybody else’s lives.  Horrible things can and will happen here in America if we sit back and do nothing.

We’ve all got to cut back on watching the propaganda, conditioning, and brainwashing that the establishment-controlled mainstream media DAILY conducts on the American people through TV and movies.  The news and “analysis” that Fox, CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS give us is “spun” from a liberal and secular humanist standpoint.  ((Many stories are outright SUPPRESSED and are kept from the American people.))  Bottom line: Get your news and analysis from alternative media sources. (Also See: A Tremendous Idol)

Purchase the three books listed on the bottom of page three. Again, if you can only afford to buy one, get Under the Sign of the Scorpion. ((See page three for information on how to order.))

Please read once again the two Bible verses listed at the beginning of this newsletter.  If you are a Christian and you stand against evil and corruption, you WILL be HATED.  And let us all remember what Jesus Christ said shortly before His crucifixion about his disciples buying a “sword”.  Every American – and every American Christian – should be well-armed.  And the head of every American family should teach the children (and grandchildren, if any) proper firearms safety – and how to shoot accurately those firearms.  At the minimum, every family that can should possess a shotgun and a “hunting” rifle with scope.  If possible, every family should also acquire at least one military style semi-automatic rifle (such as Mini-14, Chinese SKS, AK-47, etc.) ((Several semi-automatic pistols would also be a good idea.))  And being mentally prepared to defend yourself and your family members is just as important as being proficient in putting “lead on target”.  ((The worst thing in the world that could happen to you and family members is to end up in a slave labor camp – dependent on the cruel mercies of camp guards.))

If you think that this newsletter contains important information, please make copies of it and give them to others.

Also see: How to Hold Back the New World Order