“I have estimated that the bankers…made about $3 billion out of the [American] Civil War [of 1861-1865]. – Dr. Martin A. Larson

            “The MONEY power preys upon the nation in times of peace and conspires against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces, as ‘public enemies’, all who question its methods or throw light upon its crimes.” – Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865; 16th President of the United States)

            “During [President Abraham] Lincoln’s administration, the British inspired the Civil War. The war would create the need to finance the war through borrowing. The plotters realized that the American people would not accept a national bank without a reason for having one. They decided upon a war. Wars are costly, and they force governments into a position in which they must borrow to finance the [war] effort.”

Ken Klein (author of the book America, Globalism, and the False Prophet)

((Ed. Comment for preceding quote: Certain banking interests had been controlling and using the British government, British intelligence services, and British military forces for their own purposes for decades prior to the American Civil War. The Rothschild banking dynasty for all extents and purposes had taken over Great Britain. Interestingly, one of the titles of the Rothschilds is “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury”. Now these “banking interests” use the U.S. government, U.S. intelligence services, and U.S. military forces for their own purposes.))

            “The Rothschilds were Jesuits who used their Jewish background as a façade to cover their sinister activities. The Jesuits, working through Rothschild and [financier Nicholas] Biddle, sought to gain control of the banking system of the United States.”

Bill Hughes (author of the book The Secret Terrorists)

            “President Abraham Lincoln…one of the most significant problems he faced was how he was going to finance the war effort. The English bankers told him they would lend him money, but only at very high interest rates… So ‘Old Abe’…issued $450,000,000 of ‘Lincoln Greenbacks’ – legal tender issued directly from the U.S. Treasury – that was backed by gold and paid directly to the Union venders and soldiers, without creating interest debt.

            …Lincoln’s granddaughter…went on to claim that [assassin John Wilkes] Booth was hired by international bankers to kill the President. …Soon after the assassination, President Andrew Johnson ordered the recall of the [Lincoln] Greenbacks.”

George Humphrey (author of the book Common Sense: An Introduction to The Dangers of The New World Order)

((Ed. Note: Five copies of this 60-page booklet can be purchased for $22.50 postpaid via credit card by calling Alex Jones’ toll-free order line at 888-253-3139.))

            “John Wilkes Booth, born May 10, 1838, was an actor who performed throughout the country in many plays. …In late summer of 1864 Booth began developing plans to kidnap [President] Lincoln. Several attempts to do so failed, so he was instructed by his commander in the Knights of the Golden Circle to kill Lincoln instead.” – Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr. (author of the book The Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, JFK, RFK & MLK; former U.S. Army intelligence officer)

            “The Elite, who resented [President] Lincoln’s printing of the greenbacks to finance the U.S. government’s debts, secretly financed the Knights of the Golden Circle, who paid Booth. The Rothschilds had made several attempts to establish a central bank in the U.S., so that they could control the creation of money in this fledgling nation.” – Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.

((Ed. Comment: I most highly recommend that you purchase a copy of the book The Elite Serial Killers of Lincoln, JFK, RFK & MLK by Robert Gaylon Ross, Sr.   This 338-page hardback book is $38.95 postpaid. Please make check or money order payable to “Radio Liberty”, and mail it to the following address: Radio Liberty // P.O. Box 969 // Soquel, CA 95073. Or, if you’d like to use a credit card, please call their toll-free order line at 800-544-8927.))

“War is a racket fought by the common man for the benefit of the rich and powerful.”

Smedley D. Butler (1881-1940; Major General, U.S. Marine Corps, retired; double Medal of Honor recipient)

“The war [i.e., the American Civil War of 1861-1865] would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits.” – Abraham Lincoln

“The Jesuits would control both sides of the conflict [i.e., the American Civil War] as they did during the Napoleonic Wars. They controlled the radicals in the North, particularly Thaddeus Stevens in the House [of Representatives], Charles Sumner in the [U.S.] Senate, and Freemason Edwin Stanton, Lincoln’s Secretary of War. They also controlled the leadership in the South, particularly President Jefferson Davis and Judah Benjamin, the [Confederate] Secretary of War.” – Eric Jon Phelps (author of the outstanding book Vatican Assassins)

            “The Jesuits, in control of the ‘Radical Red Republican Party’, insured [i.e., ensured] the election of [Abraham] Lincoln by disrupting the Democratic convention in Charleston with their Masonic tools – Stephen Douglas in particular.” – Eric Jon Phelps

((Ed. Comment: The Jesuits clearly wanted the American Civil War to take place. One had to wonder whether they simply wanted to split the Union and make tons of money in the process, or whether they wanted to split the Union, make tons of money, and bleed both sides in the conflict as much as possible. Why would the Jesuits want to do that? It is because they hate religious liberty and popular, representative government.))

            “…The Jesuits with their [control of] Freemasonry created the ‘radical secessionists’ in the South. They would hotly promote the withdrawing of the Southern States from the Union. Two Freemasons who were radical secessionists were John C. Calhoun and Robert Toombs.

            …The greatest and most powerful American Freemason at this time [of the American Civil War]…was the evil Albert Pike. As the Sovereign Grand Commander of Scottish Rite Freemasonry and Confederate General, Albert Pike was to the War Between the States what Frederick the Great [another top-level Mason] was to the French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.” – Eric Jon Phelps

“He [i.e., Union General Meade] LET the army of [Confederate General Robert E.] Lee escape, when it was so easy to cut his retreat and force him to surrender, after having lost nearly half of his soldiers in the last days’ carnage. ((Ed. Note: At the battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the summer of 1863.))

            When [General] Meade was to order the pursuit after the battle, a stranger came in haste to the headquarters – and that stranger was a disguised Jesuit. After a ten minute’s conversation with him, Meade made such arrangements for the pursuit of the enemy, that he escaped almost untouched, with the loss of only two [artillery] guns!” – Abraham Lincoln

((Ed. Comment: This was done to prolong the war of annihilation on the South, and the bloodletting against both sides.))

“It would seem that the Jesuits had had it in mind, from the beginning of the war [i.e., the American Civil War of 1861-1865], to find an occasion for the taking off [i.e., the assassination] of Mr. [Abraham] Lincoln.” – U.S. Army Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris (author of the book Rome’s Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln)

            “[John Wilkes] Booth was nothing but the tool of the Jesuits. It was Rome [Ed. Comment: More specifically, the Jesuit Order] who directed his arm

            And, after twenty years of constant and most difficult research, I come…before the American people to say and prove that the President, Abraham Lincoln, was assassinated by the priests and the Jesuits of Rome – Charles Chiniquy (Roman Catholic priest for 25 years)

“It was the Pope of Rome [i.e., Pope Pius IX], and he alone, of all the European potentates, that gave his recognition and blessing to the Confederate government…”

U.S. Army Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris

            “I have fought against the people of the North because I believed they were seeking to wrest from the South dearest rights.” – Robert E. Lee (1807-1870; General of the Confederate Army; Christian gentleman)

((Ed. Comment: Generals Robert E. Lee and Thomas J. (“Stonewall”) Jackson were the best two generals of the American Civil War, and possibly the best two American generals of all time!))

“The dictatorial power of Lincoln is evidenced when he suspended the writ of habeas corpus and then moved to silence his critics in the North, not in the South.

            …Some writers place the number of Lincoln’s political prisoners as high as forty thousand. They were held indefinitely, without knowing what, if any, charges were brought against them and without receiving bail or the services of an attorney. Indeed, many of their families did not even know where they were. ((Ed. Comment: Sounds a lot like some of the provisions of the Patriot Act and Homeland Security!)) More than three hundred newspapers and journals were shut down by executive order.”

James and Walter Kennedy (authors of the book The South Was Right)

Any people whatever have a right to abolish the existing government and form a new one that suits them better.” – Abraham Lincoln (Congressional Records, 1847)

“If the Union was formed by the accession of States then the Union may be dissolved by the secession of States.” – Daniel Webster (U.S. Senate, February 15, 1833)

“If the Declaration of Independence justified the secession of 3,000,000 colonists in 1776, I do not see why the Constitution ratified by the same men should not justify the secession of 5,000,000 of the Southerners from the Federal Union in 1861.

            …And when a section of our Union resolves to go out, we shall resist any coercive acts to keep it in. We hope never to live in a Republic where one section is pinned to the other section by bayonets.” – Horace Greeley (quote taken from the New York Tribune)

            “John Quincy Adams [the 6th President of the U.S.], in 1839, and Abraham Lincoln, [in] 1847, make elaborate arguments in favor of the legal right of a State to Secede.”

Judge Black of Pennsylvania (from Black’s Essays)

“What passes as standard American history is really Yankee history written by New Englanders or their puppets to glorify Yankee heroes and ideals.”

            Dr. Grady McWhiney


((NOTE: The preceding last six quotes were taken from the outstanding book The South Was Right! by James and Walter Kennedy. This book gives a much more “balanced” presentation of the American Civil War than most American history textbooks, and is most highly recommended by Editor of TTT. Please see the last section of this newsletter for information on how to purchase a copy of it.))



(Note: Most of this introduction is the same as was used for “American History – Part I”.)

Editor of TTT’s favorite subject in both high school and college was history – especially American history. After I retired from military service, I began to read history books “outside of” mainstream publishing. To my horror I quickly discovered that a whole lot of very important information had been omitted from our history textbooks, especially in the public education system. Something very sinister happened in our beloved America in the 20th century, especially in the early to mid 1900s. It seems that some very wealthy individuals who hated America’s national sovereignty, her Republican form of government, and our beloved Constitution took over the mainstream media, the major publishing companies, and our public education system.

Once this takeover was complete, these wealthy individuals, who had placed their well-paid lackeys in key positions, gave us a carefully “edited” and “sanitized” version of history! Oh, they left in tact the names of generals, senators, and presidents. They also left in tact dates of important battles. They, however, did do something that was very repugnant – they omitted many key facts, especially regarding reasons and motives for wars, assassinations, etc. Something they also omitted were any references to the globalist rich and power elite who often rule nations “from behind the scenes”. They certainly omitted any references to the tremendous power and influence of “secret societies” on the course of history. They also at times actually fabricated historical evidence”, such as the “lone-nut assassin Oswald” and the “magic bullet” theories surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Possibly worst of all, these maniacal, power-hungry “control freaks” (i.e., the globalist rich and power elite and their well-paid lackeys) have stolen the truth of history from numerous generations of Americans. And this is one of the main reasons why this editor of TTT writes newsletters – to try to get small pieces of historical truth out to a few more of those Americans who have been cheated by these “robbers of history”.

I would like to cover three important topics in this issue of TTT:

(1) The American Civil War of 1861-1865;

(2) Abraham Lincoln – especially his role in the Civil War and his assassination; and,

(3) The Reconstruction period after the Civil War.

There are a lot of important facts concerning all three of these topics that are not covered in the vast majority of American history textbooks.

((NOTE: This newsletter will probably not please most Northerners or most Southerners, because my conclusions will be that BOTH sides [North and South] were partially right and partially wrong! The vast majority of the men who fought on BOTH sides were courageous men who most likely did not know that they were pawns being used by powers “behind the scenes” to harm America.))

  1. THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR (1861-1865)

NOTE: Number KILLED in the American Civil War: 498,332.

Most historians – remember, the victors write the history books – refer to the American Civil War as simply “the Civil War” or “the War Between the States”. Some Southerners prefer to call the Civil War one of the following: “The War of Northern Aggression”, “America’s Second War for Independence”, or “the War for Southern Independence”. What all historians can agree upon is that the American Civil War was the bloodiest war in American history. That is, more American soldiers were killed than in any war prior to or since the Civil War. Americans fought Americans in such bloody battles as Antietam in western Maryland and Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. At times, brother fought brother, as some families split over which “side” was in the right in this bloody war in which almost half a million of America’s best young men fell slain on numerous battlefields!

However, it certainly is not the purpose to this newsletter to “rehash” such things as the dates of important battles and the names of key generals. Rather, if the reader gets nothing else out of this newsletter, let it be these two key facts:

(1) The war was NOT fought over slavery! ((This, on the surface, may sound preposterous; however, please read Section “A.” that follows shortly.))

(2) The majority of the American people, at least initially, did NOT want war. Rather, it was evil international banking interests, certain European monarchs, and secret societies that fomented and orchestrated the American Civil War of 1861-1865.

  1. The American Civil War was NOT fought over slavery!

Oh yes, slavery indeed was used to agitate both sides (North and South) decades prior to the American Civil War. However, in Lincoln’s inaugural speech, he promised not to interfere with slavery in the states. Additionally, in August 1862, President Lincoln had stated: “My paramount object is to save the Union and not either to save or destroy slavery.” Lincoln had also stated one time that if he could save the Union without freeing one slave, he would do so. And while Lincoln’s famous Emancipation Proclamation “on paper” ‘freed’ the slaves in the Southern states, it did NOT free a single slave in the North! (Yes, some of the Northern states still had slaves!)

The fact is that most Southerners did NOT own slaves. James and Walter Kennedy in their outstanding book The South Was Right! state: “It has been estimated that from seventy to eighty percent of the Confederate soldiers were NOT slave owners.” The Kennedy brothers then go on to state the following: “Who in his right mind could honestly claim that the Southern soldiers and sailors, the vast majority of whom were NOT slave owners, went to war against a numerically superior foe and endured four long years of hardships, all in order to allow a few rich men to keep their slaves? Yet, the Yankee myth of history has been so pervasive that this is the message that our children usually receive from the educational system paid for by our taxes.”

It might be important to note here that “honest” historians who study this period of history would have to admit that, in general, Black people (African-Americans) were treated far better in the South than they were in the North prior to and during the American Civil War! Yes, there were some nasty white Southern men and some nasty black Southern men who mistreated their slaves. Yes, there were black men who owned black slaves in the South! Yes, overall, Blacks and Whites got along far better in the South than in the North!

Many Southerners will tell you that the “War of Northern Aggression” was fought over “states’ rights” – most specifically, the right of each individual state to secede from the Union. It is Editor of TTT’s personal opinion that the Southern secessionists certainly had a solid argument that the written words of many of our founding fathers supported their right to secede.

Some Northern historians will admit part of the reason for the Civil War was economic – that is, Lincoln himself had stated that he could not AFFORD to allow the Southern states to secede because of all the revenue that tariffs on cotton in the South brought into the Federal treasury. In fact, most of Lincoln’s cabinet had been AGAINST going to war with the South.

Sadly, the real reasons for the American Civil War had more to do with international banking, foreign intrigues, and secret societies.

  1. The Role of International Banking Interests, Certain European Monarchs, and Secret Societies

Many Americans, sadly, are unaware of the long-running battle over a “national bank” (or, “central bank”) throughout American history. The international bankers (or, “banksters” as some folks like to say) have played an important role in American history. These mostly- European banking families like to control governments by getting a monopoly on the issuance of a nation’s currency. Thus we see from the inception of this Republic a battle being waged by the banksters to establish a “central” or “national” bank (e.g., such as the “Federal Reserve”, which is privately owned, and is neither “federal” nor has it any “reserves”). Mayer Amschel Rothschild had stated: “Give me the control of a nation’s money supply; then I will not care who makes the laws.”

America had a central bank early on in its history. President Andrew Jackson stopped the efforts to renew its charter (through his veto of the bill), and he was rewarded with an assassination attempt on his life on January 30, 1835. (Jackson miraculously survived when both pistols of the assailant misfired!) ((NOTE: America would avoid another “central bank” from the time of President Jackson until the Federal Reserve System of banks was established in 1914.))

Many Americans are unaware of the importance of the Congresses of Vienna and Verona, and of Pope Pius IX’s “Syllabus of Errors” to both European and American history!

The Congress of Vienna (with its “Holy Alliance”) met from 1814 through 1815. The head of this congress was Prince von Metternich of Austria. The purpose of this congress was to suppress popular, representative movements wherever they appeared in Europe. They also plotted the destruction of the American Republic. ((NOTE: Austrian Prince Metternich was simply a tool of the Jesuits. Metternich was also a good friend of U.S. Senator Charles Sumner, a Radical Red Republican from the state of Massachusetts!))

Here is a quote from the famous American inventor, Samuel Morse: “He [Prince Metternich] persuaded the Emperor of Austria and [the] King of Prussia not to fulfill the promise they so solemnly made to their German subjects of giving them free constitutions. It was the influence of Metternich that prevented [Russian Czar] Alexander from assisting Greece in her struggles for liberty. He lent Austrian vessels to assist the [Moslem] Turks in the subjection of the Greeks. Metternich crushed the liberties of Spain by inducing [French King] Louis XVIII…to send 100,000 men there…’to restore public order’! When Sicily, Naples, and Genoa, in 1820-21, threw off the galling yoke of slavery, Metternich sent his 30,000 Austrian bayonets into Italy and re-established despotism.”

  1. Wayne Laurens provides us with yet another proof of the animosity of some European monarchs towards the American Republic when he states: “The Duke of Richmond…in speaking of the government of the United States, said…’It will be destroyed, it ought not, and will not be permitted to exist…and so long as it exists, no prince will be safe upon his throne; and the sovereigns of Europe are aware of it, and they have determined upon its destruction…’.”

The Congress of Verona was held in the town of Verona in northern Italy in 1822. According to author Bill Hughes, it was at Verona that “it was decided that America would be the target of Jesuit emissaries and that America was to be destroyed at all costs.”

Another meeting was held at Chieri, Italy in 1825. Here is what author Hector Macpherson has to say about this little-known meeting:

“In 1825, some eleven years after the revival of the Jesuit Order, a secret meeting of leading Jesuits was held at their College of Chieri near Turin, in northern Italy. At that gathering, plans were discussed for the advancement of Papal power, world-wide, [and] for the destabilizing of governments who stood in the way, and for the crushing of all opposition to Jesuit schemes and ambitions…”

On December 8, 1864 Pope Pius IX proclaimed his “Syllabus of Errors” where he condemned popular, representative government and religious liberty. Author Bill Hughes states: “In 1864, in his encyclical letter, [Pope] Pius IX anathematized [i.e., condemned to hell] ‘those who assert liberty of conscience and of religious worship’.” Author Avro Manhattan puts it in even stronger language when he states: “The Vatican condemned the Declaration of Independence as ‘wickedness’…and called the Constitution of the United States ‘a Satanic document’.”

Dear reader, the “Monroe Doctrine” of December 2, 1823 was America’s response to the earlier Congresses of Vienna and Verona. The facts are that certain elements high in the Vatican (especially the Jesuit Order) and European despots and tyrants had long planned the destruction of the Republic of the United States! And why would they want to destroy America? The reason is quite simple: America stands for popular, representative government and religious liberty – things that the Jesuits and absolute monarchs and all despots HATE!

Why did I bring up these Congresses of Vienna and Verona, the meeting at Chieri, and the “Syllabus of Errors”? It is because those events show a clear pattern of intervention in American history by sinister elements that are dedicated to destroying this country. These elements had their fingers all over the American Civil War – and subsequent wars in our history.

Most Americans in the decades preceding the American Civil War, as already mentioned in this newsletter, were not interested in a war that would have Americans shedding other Americans’ blood. So, the international banksters, certain European monarchs, the Jesuit Order, some top-level Masons, the Knights of the Golden Circle, the Radical Red Republicans, etc., all worked together to foment and orchestrate the American Civil War of 1861-1865. A number of Confederate generals were freemasons: General Beauregard (who fired on Fort Sumter) and General Albert Pike (33 degree Freemason & Sovereign Grand Inspector General; founder of the first Ku Klux Klan) come immediately to mind!

Southern militias in the decades leading up to the Civil War consisted mostly of very elderly gentlemen who got together once or twice a year for parades down main street. It took a lot of agents provocateur from the North heading below the Mason-Dixon Line to stir things up! Yes, Knights of the Golden Circle from Ohio and other northern parts headed South to get those Southern boys fired up for war, promising arms and support.

A number of European powers were quite eager to participate in the destruction of our Union and the American Republic. England, France, and Spain were preparing to provide major support to the South in her war with the North. In fact, some of these western European powers were planning on giving the South military support and troops through Mexico and Canada! (Louis Napoleon had sent French troops to keep Maximilian in power in Mexico. Great Britain had also sent extra British troops to Canada.) Fortunately for the Union, courageous Russian Czar Alexander II responded by sending part of his fleet to American waters in support of the North. Czar Alexander II threatened to intervene militarily on the side of the North should the British, French, and/or Spanish decide to provide troops to aid the South! Great Britain and France quickly backed down!

((NOTE: Payback time would come later to Czar Alexander II. The Jesuits made sure of that when they later assassinated him with a bomb. Five previous assassination attempts had failed.))

The Roman Catholic pope also got involved in the Civil War. Pope Pius IX had sent a letter of support to Confederate President Jefferson Davis in 1863.   U.S. Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris stated, “This letter of the pope to Jefferson Davis, couched in such courteous and loving terms, and showing so clearly that his sympathy was with the Southern cause, was well understood by his loyal and faithful subjects all over the North. Roman Catholic officers began to resign and the rank and file began to desert, from the time of the publication of that letter in 1863 to the close of the war. …Of the 144,000 Irishmen that enlisted, 104,000 deserted. And it is reliably stated that most of these desertions occurred after the recognition of the Confederacy by the Pope.”



One of my most important reasons for writing this newsletter on the American Civil War was to present some information on Abraham Lincoln that is probably not known by most Americans. Sadly, many Southerners view Lincoln strictly as a horrible tyrant who made vicious war against his Southern brothers. Equally as sad, many Northerners view Lincoln as a “saint” who “freed the slaves” and “preserved the Union”. Neither view is completely correct. The truth indeed lies somewhere in between those two views.

Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky in 1809. For the most part, he was a self-educated man (i.e., he read a lot of books). He went on to become quite a good lawyer. In fact, Lincoln took the case of a Roman Catholic priest named Charles Chiniquy who had been framed by the Jesuits. Chiniquy had been trying to expose corruption in his own Church, and his reward was a frame-up by the Jesuit Order. Attorney Abraham Lincoln successfully defended Charles Chiniquy, thereby earning the hatred of the Jesuit Order. Lincoln’s subsequent preservation of the Union, his refusal to take loans from the European banksters, and his refusal to severely punish the Southern States returning to the Union guaranteed his assassination.

Key facts in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, as in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, have been long suppressed by the establishment-controlled mainstream media in the United States. In both assassinations, there was a massive conspiracy with numerous conspirators. Books by such authors as Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris and Burke McCarty detail the conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln.

Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris was one of twelve members of the Military Commission that tried and convicted eight of the conspirators in the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. The U.S. military hung four of the conspirators (‘Davy’ Herold, Louis Payne, Atzerodt, and Mary E. Surratt) by the neck until dead in July of 1865. John H. Surratt (son of conspirator Mary Surratt) escaped with the help of Roman Catholic priests first to Montreal, and from there eventually to Rome, where he joined the Pope’s Zouave military unit. He was finally arrested by U.S. officials and brought back to trial in Washington, D.C. in 1867. Sadly, Jesuit priests from Georgetown “tampered” with the jury, having brought great pressure upon the Roman Catholic jurors, and John H. Surratt “walked”. Surratt later died in Baltimore, Maryland in 1916 at the age of 72.

So convinced was the U.S. government of the Vatican’s involvement in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, that it broke all diplomatic relations with the Vatican in 1867. These relations were not fully restored until 1984!

The important questions that all we Americans must ask are:

(1) Who has such power that they can suppress all this key historical information in our mainstream media and in our American history textbooks?

(2) Who continues to hate America, and is still working to destroy her?

In summary, Lincoln was both a tyrant and a great leader! Yes, he did do some tyrannical things at the beginning of the Civil War. But we must also remember that Lincoln was caught between the proverbial “rock and a hard place”. Lincoln knew that the Southern States had a legitimate reason for leaving the Union. But Lincoln also knew that the international banksters, certain European powers, and the Vatican (most specifically, the Jesuit Order) wanted a Civil War and also wanted to destroy the Union along with its wonderful Constitution that guaranteed men freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, and religious liberty.

As far as Lincoln’s moral character and religious beliefs, much has been written on that subject. His nickname of ‘Honest Abe’ gives us some insight into the man. One of the best appraisals of Lincoln comes from a man who knew him closely – i.e., Charles Chiniquy, the man whom Lincoln had successfully defended in court against the Jesuits. Charles Chiniquy, who tried unsuccessfully as a courageous Roman Catholic priest to fight the corruption he saw in his own Church, wrote a book entitled 50 Years in the Church of Rome. In this excellent book, Chiniquy writes much about his friend Abraham Lincoln. Some believe that Lincoln became a true believer in Jesus Christ sometime shortly after the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

Lincoln succeeded in saving the Union “on paper”; however, he was not allowed to live so that the Southern States could come back under kind terms into the Union they had left.



One of the reasons that President Lincoln had been assassinated was that both he and his vice president (Andrew Johnson) had wanted to allow the Southern States back into the Union under generous and kind terms. The ‘Radical Red Republicans’, under the control of the international banksters and secret societies, would not allow this. Not only was the South to be severely punished under Reconstruction, but the Federal Government was to become much more powerful. As at least one Southerner has correctly noted, “States’ rights died at Appomattox.” (Confederate General Robert E. Lee had surrendered to Union General Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865.)

Yes, the evil people who fomented and orchestrated the American Civil War failed to dissolve the Union. So they settled for ripping out important rights from the U.S. Constitution and setting up a very powerful central government in the United States – a government that would be much easier for them to “manage”. Space does not allow this editor to cover a lot of the Reconstruction measures that created the strong central (federal) government that we see today in the United States. The purpose of this issue of TTT has been to show that sinister and evil elements have worked, and continue to work, behind the scenes to foment and orchestrate wars in order to advance their own agenda. These same elements work today in America!



I had said earlier in this newsletter that most Northerners and most Southerners would probably not love this issue of TTT, since I had stated that neither side was completely correct in this bloody conflict. I will state here that I believe the South certainly had “most” of the “right” on their side, because the majority of our founding fathers believed, correctly, that states that had acceded into the Union had a RIGHT to secede from that Union. And if I had been living at that time (even though I am a Pennsylvanian), and knowing what most of the people knew at that time, I would have fought on the side of the South! (Because the South was RIGHT on the secession issue, and because I like the “underdog” – and the South was certainly the underdog in that war.)

However, knowing what I know today, that the international banksters and secret societies were running around trying to ignite the American Civil War, I would not have fought for either side. Rather, I would have fought against the international banksters and the secret societies that were trying so hard to destroy not only our Union, but also our freedoms and our Constitutional rights! I would have been trying to warn intelligent men on both sides NOT to take up arms against each other, but rather against the true enemies of our Republic – the banksters and the secret societies.

Yes, the American Civil War of 1861-1865 was a horribly bloody war that greatly changed America and our Constitutional Republic. Most Americans living in the 1850s and early 1860s did NOT want war! (Just as most Americans prior to the intervention of America into World Wars I and II were against going to war!)

Until we Americans can successfully identify the enemies of our Republic, and drive them from our shores, the destruction of our country, our freedom, and our national sovereignty will continue! And, we will continue to send the best of our young men and women off to fight in wars that are NOT in this Republic’s best interests, but rather are in the best interests of the international banksters, secret societies, and other tools of the globalist rich and power elite who want to destroy America! ((Important Note: Secret societies, such as the Jesuits and the Freemasons – especially those at the higher levels – have NO place in a free America. They are anti-Christian and anti-freedom at the higher, professed degrees!))

The famous philosopher Santayana stated, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” The majority of us Americans can choose to remain in denial about what has happened, and continues to happen, in our Republic, or we can choose to get quickly informed about the grave threat facing America, and then quickly inform others. If we do nothing, this Republic will be destroyed. We’ve all got to be willing to invest both our money and time into this effort to save America, and that means obtaining good books, videotapes, audio tapes, and other informational tools, and then sharing them with others. The next section will give readers of this newsletter some good places to start in learning the truth that the globalist rich and power elite hope that most Americans will never discover!


  2. We need to get informed on what really happened prior to, during, and immediately after the American Civil War – because history has a nasty habit of repeating itself. Here are some recommended books for learning about many of the important gaps in American history concerning the American Civil War:

(a.) Rome’s Responsibility for the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by U.S. Brigadier General Thomas M. Harris; 64-pages (paperback); 1897; provides overwhelming evidence of Jesuit involvement in the assassination of President Lincoln; $9.95 postpaid. To order, make check or money order payable to “The Conversion Center, Inc.” and send it to the following address: The Conversion Center // P.O. Box 31688 // Raleigh, NC 27622-1688.

((NOTE: Brigadier General Harris was a member of the 12-man military commission that tried and convicted eight of the conspirators involved in the assassination of President Lincoln.))

(b.) “Two books in one”: The above-mention book PLUS The Suppressed Truth about the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln by Burke McCarty. There are 269 pages in this double-volume paperback book with numerous illustrations. It is $14.95 postpaid. To order, make check or money order payable to “Ozark Book Publishers” and send it to the following address: Ozark Books // P.O. Box 3703 // Springfield, MO 65808.

(c.) 50 Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy; 366 pages (paperback); $15.75 postpaid.   (Note: Charles Chiniquy was a friend of Abraham Lincoln, and part of this excellent book deals with Chiniquy’s research into the Jesuit involvement in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. In fact, when Catholic priest Charles Chiniquy was framed by the Jesuits, it was a young lawyer named Abraham Lincoln who successfully defended him.) To order this book, make check or money order payable to “Chick Publications” and send it to the following address: Chick Publications // P.O. Box 3500 // Ontario, CA 91761-1019. For credit card orders, please call 909-987-0771.

(d.) The South Was Right! by James R. Kennedy and Walter D. Kennedy; 431 pages (hardback); 1998; Publisher: Pelican Publishing Company, Inc. // P.O. Box 3110 // Gretna, LA 70054-3110; ISBN 1-56554-024-7; gives the true history of events leading up to, and during, the Civil War of 1861-1865 in the words of both Northerners and Southerners. This book should be available in most large bookstore chains – or, please do a search for it on the Internet.

(e.) The Secret Terrorists by Bill Hughes; 151 pages (paperback); 2002; deals with the Jesuits and with the assassination of a number of U.S. presidents, to include President Lincoln. It is only $5 postpaid. To order, make check or money order payable to “Truth Triumphant Ministries” and send it to the following address: Truth Triumphant Ministries // P.O. Box 1417 // Eustis, FL 32727-1417.

((NOTE: Please remember to review the order information on several other books that I mentioned in the other sections of this newsletter.))

  1. After purchasing as many as possible of the books mentioned in this newsletter, please carefully read them and THEN share them with others. There are sinister forces working diligently to destroy our Republic, our Constitution & Bill of Rights, and our freedoms. Right now we are in an “information war” where it is absolutely critical that we all get informed, and then become teachers as we help inform others!
  2. Here are two of the best web sites for seeking truth: www.infowars.com and www.prisonplanet.com .