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Betrayals of Nations


“Truth is violated by falsehood, but it is outraged by silence.”

Henri-Frederic Amiel (1821-1881; Swiss writer and philosopher)

“When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden – it is yellow [i.e., cowardly].”

Tom Anderson (Writer)

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Edmund Burke (1729-1797; British orator, author, and statesman)

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

Edmund Burke

“Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not so costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance for survival. There may be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is NO chance of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

Sir Winston Leonard Churchill (1874-1965; British statesman and writer)


There are numerous instances where the United States government, and especially the U.S. State Department, has made foreign policy decisions that were definitely NOT in the best interests of the American people – or, in the best interests of innocent citizens of many other countries. Some of these foreign policy decisions included:

(1) “Operation Keelhaul” at the end of World War II (WWII): Tens of thousands of courageous Russians who had fought against Stalin’s repressive Soviet Union Communist Police State were forcibly turned over by Allied Forces to Soviet Red Army forces – to be taken back to the Soviet Union to be tortured, murdered, or worked to death in the Soviet Gulag system of camps. ((NOTE: The U.S. military was clearly the dominant military power on the European continent at the end of WWII, and could have easily protected the anti-communist Russians rather than forcibly turning them over to the Soviet Red Army!)) Why did the U.S. government order the U.S. military forces in Europe to participate in this dastardly deed that aided and abetted the vicious, murderous Soviet Communist regime under its bloodthirsty dictator Joseph Stalin?

(2) The abandonment of the Nationalist Chinese at the end of WWII: The Nationalist Chinese certainly had some major faults, but they pale in comparison to the vicious, murderous Red Chinese Communist regime led by Mao Tse-tung. The U.S. Senate at one time estimated that the Red Chinese government had murdered between 30 to 60+ million of its own citizens. Why did the U.S. government knowingly put into power one of the most ruthless, murderous dictators (i.e., Mao Tse-tung) that the world has ever seen?

(3) The abandonment of numerous Eastern European countries at the end of WWII: As mentioned earlier, the U.S. military was clearly the dominant military power on the European continent at the end of World War II. Without massive U.S. aid, the Soviet Union would have been soundly defeated by Germany in the early 1940s, and would have collapsed. U.S. and British military forces on the European continent were deliberately held back in order to allow the Soviet Red Army to capture and occupy not only the eastern part of Germany and its capital Berlin, but also many Eastern European countries as well, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Rumania, etc. Some of the generals for the Allied Forces, such as U.S. General George Patton, wanted to really liberate these countries of Eastern Europe, and to send the Soviet Red Army back to where it belonged (i.e., the Soviet Union); however, their wise suggestions were ignored. These Eastern European countries, with millions of innocent citizens, were turned over to the Soviet Red Army, which set up Communist puppet regimes in them. The result: hundreds of thousands of people were tortured, butchered, and murdered by vicious Communist regimes. Why did the U.S. government sell out millions of innocent Eastern European people to Communism, and allow their countries to be put under the control of the Soviet Union?

(4) In October/November of 1956 the Hungarian “Freedom Fighters” were apparently set up by elements within the United States government, and then they were allowed to be violently crushed by Russian and “Eastern Bloc” military forces. Why did this happen? ((This will be examined in more detail in Section II.))

(5) In April of 1961 the Cuban “Freedom Fighters” were set up by elements within the United States government, and then they were allowed to be violently crushed by Castro’s Communist military forces. Why did this happen? ((This will be examined in more detail in Section III.))

Editor of TTT would like to take a closer look at these last two examples, because he believes that patriotic Americans may soon face a very similar fate!


The Hungarian people suffered greatly under an oppressive Communist regime propped up by Soviet Red Army troops which were stationed in Hungary. ((Remember, please, that the Hungarian people were in this situation because the U.S. government under Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman had SOLD THEM (and other Eastern European nations) OUT to the murderous Soviet Communist Police State! Please also remember that in 1956 the U.S. had powerful military forces stationed in West Germany, as well as an Army Brigade in Berlin.))

Well, somebody on the U.S. side must have given the go-ahead to U.S. governmentsponsored radio stations in Western Europe to broadcast messages into Hungary promising the Hungarians support if they rose up and threw off their Communist oppressors. Well, this “promise of support from the West” “flushed out” the patriotic Hungarians, who indeed rose up and threw off their oppressive Communist regime for a very short period of time. They were even able to drive Soviet Red Army troops out of Budapest, using only rifles and “Molotov cocktails” against professional military troops and tanks! As the Soviet Red Army regrouped and brought in reinforcements (both Soviet and Eastern Bloc countries’ military forces) to reoccupy Hungary, the brave “freedom fighters” in Budapest and other locations in Hungary were pleading for help from American military forces stationed in Germany and elsewhere in Western Europe. Their requests for help were totally ignored. The brave freedom fighters, using only rifles and “Molotov cocktails” against modern armored and mechanized troops, were eventually crushed by overwhelming military force! Many of the “freedom fighters” were killed or imprisoned. Approximately 200,000 Hungarians fled the country. The premier of the short-lived government, Nagy, was executed. During the few days of this new government’s existence, Premier Nagy had declared Hungary a neutral country.

If the U.S. government back in the 1950s was really anti-communist, why then did it apparently set up the Hungarian freedom fighters, and then allow them to be soundly defeated when U.S. military support could have easily turned the battle in their favor, and ensured the liberation of the Hungarian people from a repressive Communist regime? Why weren’t our brave American soldiers allowed to come to the rescue of the courageous Hungarian freedom fighters? Had General George Patton still been alive, and had he been in command of U.S. military forces in Europe at the time of the Hungarian Revolution in 1956, Hungary would have received U.S. military support and would have quickly won its freedom from both the puppet Hungarian Communist regime and from the control of the Soviet Union. Soviet and Warsaw Pact military forces would never have dared to reenter Hungary had U.S. forces joined the fight!


During the early morning hours of April 17, 1961, a brigade of Cuban “freedom fighters” landed at Cochinos Bay on the southern coast of Cuba (in an operation known as the “Bay of Pigs”). These brave Cuban exiles, with a little “help” from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), had launched an invasion of their homeland to free it from the repressive Communist regime led by Marxist dictator Fidel Castro. Their courageous attempt to liberate their homeland failed for several reasons. First, they ran out of ammunition while fighting on the beachhead. ((The promised re-supply of ammunition never materialized.)) Secondly, they never received the air support that had been promised to them by elements within the U.S. government. Thus, they were at the mercy of Castro’s Air Force, which was supposed to have been knocked out while its planes were still on the ground.

Was this “sacrifice” of the Cuban “freedom fighters” deliberate? Editor of TTT believes that the evidence clearly shows that it was. Placing this brigade of Cuban fighting men on the beach, and then holding back the promised air support (and supplies of ammunition, fuel, etc.), guaranteed that they would be defeated. It also guaranteed the end of any serious threat of the overthrow of Castro’s repressive Communist regime by free Cubans for the foreseeable future. The “hope” of promised American military support had “flushed out” patriotic Cubans willing to risk their lives in an invasion of Communist Cuba.

If the U.S. government back in the 1960s was really anti-communist, why then did it set up the Cuban freedom fighters, and allow them to be soundly defeated when U.S. military support in the form of ammunition supply and air support could have easily turned the battle in their favor, and ensured the overthrow of a repressive Communist regime?


U.S. administration after U.S. administration in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s claimed to be “anti-communist” – and yet, just about every single foreign policy decision they made actually benefited murderous Communist regimes all around the globe. Our brave American military troops were made to fight two wars (in Korea and in Vietnam) with “their hands tied behind their backs”! For the first time in American history, our brave fighting men were NOT allowed to apply their full military strength to defeat the enemy! Why did this occur? It was because they were never SUPPOSED to defeat these Communist regimes! ((NOTE: If you have any doubts as to whether the U.S. military could have easily won in Vietnam, then you need to obtain a copy of the 4-audio cassette tape set entitled “Vietnam: The Untold Story” from “Radio Liberty” – See “Recommended Audio Tapes” at the end of this section for more information.))

Time and time again the U.S. government bailed out the repressive, murderous Soviet Police State (the USSR) with massive infusions of U.S. aid and support (funded by the U.S. taxpayer, of course). And the repressive, murderous Red Chinese Police State has received more than its fair share of U.S. aid and support (funded by the U.S. taxpayer, of course).

Likewise, the U.S. government made sure that both Rhodesia and South Africa fell to communist thugs and murderers.

Again, if the U.S. government was (and still is) really opposed to Communism, why did all this happen?

Communism STILL exists. Despite the phony “perestroika” (restructuring) and “glasnost’” (openness) in Russia (and the “name changes”), Communists STILL run the “former” Soviet Union. The Communists STILL run Red China. The Communists STILL run North Korea (despite the sacrifice of the blood and lives of many brave American soldiers). And the Communists STILL run Vietnam (despite the sacrifice of the blood and lives of many brave American soldiers). And the United Nations was founded by Communists within the U.S. government!

So why did I write this issue of TTT? It is because this editor “smells” another “set up” coming. Just as the Hungarian “freedom fighters” and the Cuban “freedom fighters” were “set up” in 1956 and 1961 respectively, I believe patriotic Americans are now being set up with this phony “war on terrorism” (which is really more of a “war on freedom”). A massive Police State is being erected right here in America (most of it is already in place). Using the “war on terrorism” as cover, some elements of the U.S. government have trashed many of our most basic rights (such as our 4th Amendment Right against unreasonable searches and seizures). On the slightest of suspicions, government agents can come into our homes (even when we are not there), and take documents, computer hard drives, etc., and never even have to tell us that they’ve been there. They can go to our local libraries and ask to see what books we’ve been reading, and then threaten the librarians with prison terms if they ever breathe a word of it to anyone! Many of these Constitution-gutting measures are a result of the USA Patriot Act and other similar legislation. ((If the U.S. government is really interested in fighting terrorism, then why does our southern border with Mexico remain an open sieve?))

The armed American people have long been the ONLY major roadblock in the plans of the globalist rich elite for their one-world government. And for decades one of their major goals has been the destruction of our Constitutional Republic!

It sure looks like the “enemies of freedom” are in the “identification phase” of their planned destruction of America. Could it be that they, through a lot of this unconstitutional legislation, are “setting up” patriotic Americans – identifying who has the courage to speak out against these tyrannical measures? It this why a massive high-tech surveillance system has been set up to watch the activities of law-abiding American citizens?

If this be so, should we continue to speak out against tyrannical measures and the surveillance of American citizens? Most assuredly the answer is yes! Freedom must be closely guarded, or it will be undermined. We must all keep in mind that old quote, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance!” We must all speak out for freedom as never before!

Much of our history (both American history and world history) has been literally STOLEN from us! Most history courses today in America (whether in high school or college) teach students about dates of revolutions & wars & battles, about generals’ names, etc., but they do NOT, for the most part, teach the real reasons WHY these revolutions and wars took place – or WHO it was that fomented or orchestrated them. Some of the most important facts of history are simply omitted. Many facts about World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Agent Orange, Gulf War Illness, the Prisoner of War/Missing-in-Action (POW/MIA) issue, etc., are never mentioned, or seldom see the light of day! The truth about such momentous events as the assassinations of Abraham Lincoln and John Fitzgerald Kennedy is concealed from most of the American people. The role of secret societies in history (such as the Jesuits) is frequently covered up.

We all need to get better informed, and to do so quickly. And then we need to inform others. We absolutely must go outside of the establishment-CONTROLLED mainstream media in the USA for truth. We need to read “alternative media” newspapers, magazines, and books. And we need to seek truth on web sites that are NOT afraid to expose government corruption.