Betrayal of America’s Fighting Man Stinks

ood evening, veterans and guests! I am going to be touching on some SERIOUS topics tonight. Hopefully, my remarks will not be too long.

I would like to express my thanks tonight to the following:

1) To ALMIGHTY GOD for blessing America with freedom, and because I had the opportunity to grow up in such a Republic;

2) To our veterans, both living and deceased, who fought when their country called upon them;

3) To our courageous founding fathers, who fought, bled, and in some instances died, to give us a Republic with some of the greatest documents ever written by men: the U.S. Constitution with its Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence; and,

4) To this American Legion Post for giving me the opportunity to speak to such a distinguished audience tonight.

I had been asked to talk about aerial reconnaissance during the Cold War, to include my experiences in this arena. Nothing that I am about to pass on to you comes from “classified” sources. As a matter of fact, years ago USN&WR ran a lengthy article about U.S. reconnaissance aircraft that had been shot down during the Cold War. Additionally, a book, I believe it was entitled The Little Toy Dog, was written about the shootdown of an RB-47 aircraft in the Barents Sea. ((NOTE: The “R” in “RB” stands for “reconnaissance”; the “B” stands for “bomber” – thus this was a bomber aircraft that had been converted into a reconnaissance aircraft.)) While “surfing” the net, I found a site that listed 13 reconnaissance aircraft incidents in which Americans were initially listed as MIA (NOTE: MIA = missing-in-action). Many of those men STILL remain “unaccounted for”! (By the way, without going into specifics, I will say that the number of American reconnaissance aircraft shot down during the Cold War is greater than the numbers I saw in the USN&WR article or the above-mentioned web site.)

Of course, one of the most famous “shootdowns” was that of the U-2 aircraft that was piloted by Francis Gary Powers over the “former” Soviet Union on May 1, 1960. The entire world learned of the American overflight of Soviet territory during the public trial of Powers that took place in Moscow.

The unarmed reconnaissance flights that I participated in while a member of the United States Air Force Security Service (USAFSS) were flown on RC-130 and RC-135 aircraft. These flights were over INTERNATIONAL waters. (Other aircraft, such as the U-2 and the SR-71, were used for overflights of targeted nations.)

Flying UNARMED reconnaissance missions over INTERNATIONAL waters against Soviet, Red Chinese, and North Korean targets often turned into VERY DANGEROUS “business” because some nations, such as the “former” Soviet Union, claimed sovereignty over waters at greater distances from their shores than the internationally-recognized 12 nautical mile limit! This conflict in claims over “territorial limits” sometimes resulted in attempted shootdowns, and sometimes in successful shootdowns, of UNARMED American reconnaissance aircraft.

During the Cold War numerous American reconnaissance aircraft were lost. In many of these cases the crew members were never recovered. Many of these reconnaissance aircraft were lost in the 1950s and 1960s.

Now I would like to talk a little about the POW/MIA ((NOTE: prisoners-of-war/missing in action)) issue.

First, here is a quote by Winston Churchill:

“Most people, sometime in their lives, stumble across the truth. Most jump up, brush themselves off, and hurry on about their business AS IF NOTHING HAD HAPPENED.”

Sadly, this is the reaction of MANY people who learn the truth about the POW/MIA issue, i.e., they go into TOTAL DENIAL because they do not WANT to believe that such betrayal of our American fighting men could ever have taken place! And so, some of you may find the following information somewhat disturbing; however, it is a chapter of America’s history that NEEDS to be told. It is a story that has, for the most part, been SUPPRESSED by top levels of the U.S. government, and by the establishment-CONTROLLED mainstream media!

Here are some questions to consider:

1) How many of you knew that there were over 78,000 American POW/MIAs from World War II (WWII)?

2) How many of you knew that more than 25,000 of our WWII American POW/MIAs were “liberated” near the end of WWII by Soviet Red Army troops as they advanced through Eastern Europe and the eastern part of Germany?

3) How many of you knew that ONLY 4165 of those American servicemen “liberated” by the Soviet Red Army in WWII ever came home? (That’s less than 1/5 of those men!)

4) How many of you knew that close to 21,000 of those American servicemen are STILL “UNACCOUNTED FOR”, and that many of them were sent to Soviet gulags (i.e., slave labor camps) where many of them were WORKED TO DEATH in mines, digging canals, etc.?

5) How many of you knew that General Eisenhower had lists of these brave American fighting men who had been “liberated” by the Soviet Red Army at the end of WWII, and that he and top levels of the U.S. government WROTE OFF these men who had bravely served their country, leaving them to ROT in Soviet gulags?

6) How many of you knew that in the Korean War we had 7190 POWs, and that ONLY 4428 were ever repatriated?

7) How many of you knew that there were OVER 8000 men MIA from the Korean War?

8) How many of you knew that there were OVER 2400 POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War, and that these men are now listed as “PFOD” (Presumptive Finding of Death)?

9) How many of you knew that some of our POW/MIAs had perfectly healthy arms and legs amputated SOLELY FOR THE PURPOSES OF MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS, and to give Communist nations’ doctors practice in this “medical procedure”?

10) How many of you knew that during WWII the Japanese performed biological experimentation upon American POWs?

11) How many of you knew that the “former” Soviet Union performed chemical, biological, and radiation testing on our American POW/MIAs, and that the Red Chinese and North Koreans also participated in some of these horrible experiments on our captured fighting men?

12) In 1973 then-President Nixon and Henry Kissinger told the American people that all our men in POW/MIA status from the Vietnam War had been accounted for. How many of you knew that for a least A DECADE AFTER 1973 U.S. military intelligence and Department of Defense civilian intelligence were tracking our American POW/MIAs being moved through South East Asia to locations in North Korea, Red China, and the “former” Soviet Union?

13) How many of you knew that a U.S. Army colonel serving at the Defense Intelligence Agency (Colonel Millard A. Peck, Infantry) requested to be “retired immediately” from active military service because of the Pentagon’s cover-ups of any evidence that surfaced showing our POW/MIAs were still alive? (Colonel Peck had been the Chief of the Special Office for Prisoners of War and Missing In Action.) ((NOTE: The Pentagon’s cover-up of the POW/MIA issue CONTINUES to this very day!))

14) How many of you were aware that CBS’s “60 Minutes” assigned Monika Jensen-Stevenson to do a segment on the POW/MIA issue; however, when she discovered irrefutable evidence that American fighting men were STILL being held in Laos, Vietnam, and the “former” Soviet Union, CBS REFUSED to air that segment! (Jensen-Stevenson quit her job at CBS and pursued the POW/MIA story on her own, later writing a book entitled Kiss the Boys Goodbye.)

Sadly, this BETRAYAL of America’s fighting men by top government leaders and the CONTROLLED media has not been limited to just the POW/MIA issue. I would like to illustrate additional BETRAYAL of our American fighting men by asking a few more questions:

1) How many of you were aware that our American fighting men had to fight with “one arm tied behind their backs” in the Korean War when our military aircraft were NOT ALLOWED to bomb the main bridge over which the Chinese Communists were bringing in their troops, ammunition, and other supplies?

2) How many of you were aware that our American fighting men had to fight with “one arm tied behind their backs” in Vietnam when:

a) our military aircraft were often NOT ALLOWED to fire on enemy aircraft unless first fired upon;

b) certain strategic targets inside of North Vietnam, such as their dikes, were OFF-LIMITS to our fighter/bomber aircraft; and,

c) our ground forces were NOT ALLOWED to turn the full force of their offensive assets against the enemy?

3) How many of you were aware of the fact that OVER 10,000 (some figures have that amount at over 25,000) of our Gulf War veterans DIED after returning from the Persian Gulf War from what the Veterans Administration and Pentagon called “psychosomatic” problems? (This does NOT include the spouses and children of the Gulf War veterans who died after contact with the returning veterans, or their children who were born with serious birth defects!) 

And, of course, there was the massive cover-up by the U.S government and the CONTROLLED media of the Agent Orange issue!

Folks, it OUGHT NOT to be like this. Our fighting men DESERVE MUCH BETTER! I remember that when I went through “survival training” during my early years in the U.S. Air Force, I was told that if I was ever captured, that my country would do EVERYTHING it could to secure my freedom. I now look back over the history of World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the first Gulf War, and other actions, and I see a WHOLE LOT of BETRAYAL of our American fighting men – with FAR TOO MANY of them being LEFT to ROT in bamboo gages, slave labor camps, and other filthy prisons – WRITTEN OFFby top government leaders. And to make matters worse, the U.S. government, the Pentagon, and the CONTROLLED media CONTINUE TO THIS VERY DAY the cover-up of what really happened to the men we LEFT BEHIND!

Why have I brought this information to your attention? Am I anti-war? “Not hardly”, since I served 20 years in our military forces. I also served six years at a Department of Defense (DOD) intelligence agency as a DOD civilian employee.

Am I anti-government for bringing you this information? “Not hardly”, since I consider “we, the people” to be the government, and consider our elected officials and appointed bureaucrats to be our public SERVANTS. I heartily subscribe to this quote whose source is unknown to me: “The true patriot does NOT love his government [i.e., leaders, officials, etc.]. The true patriot loves his COUNTRY and watches his government.”

I would like to propose the following to you:

1. Before we send our men and women off to fight, bleed, and die overseas, WE MUST MAKE SURE that the cause is RIGHT and JUST!

2. Once committed to battle, WE MUST MAKE SURE that our troops fight with NO hands “tied behind their backs”, and that they be allowed to bring the FULL force of America’s military power against the enemy. (And we must do all we can to minimize civilian casualties!)

3. WE MUST fight wars TO WIN – never for stalemates, such as occurred in Korea.

4. WE MUST NEVER LEAVE our military personnel BEHIND to rot in enemy prisons – NOT ONE SINGLE SOLDIER!

5. WE MUST NEVER again allow our troops to return to this country and be DENIED top-notch health care and medical treatment, such as occurred with our returning Gulf War veterans (from Gulf War I).

6. WE MUST NOT permit the lies and cover-ups to continue.

7. Our veteran organizations, such as the American Legion and the VFW, MUST ENSURE that our top government leaders are held accountable for DOING ALL OF THE ABOVE, and that they are prosecuted to the full extent of the law if they do NOT! And if that means that the American Legion and VFW have to give up their tax exemptions from the government in order to criticize top leaders in the government or at the Pentagon, then so be it! (By the way, pointing out the government’s cover-up of the POW/MIA, Agent Orange, and Gulf War Illness issues is NOT “political”, it is “PATRIOTIC”!)

How many of you were aware of the fact that our OWN government performed experiments with chemicals, biological agents, and radiation on U.S. military personnel? Much of this experimentation was done WITHOUT either the consent or knowledge of those military personnel, and this has been well documented by the United States Senate! (This radiation testing was conducted between 1945 and 1962.) 

I would like to challenge each and every one of you to GET INFORMED on the POW/MIA issue, Gulf War Illness, and other veterans’ issues – and also on issues involving our freedoms, and our RIGHT to keep and bear Arms. Sadly, history has a way of “repeating itself”, and if we do NOT hold our government leaders accountable for the horrible BETRAYAL of America’s fighting men in the past, then such BETRAYALS will likely CONTINUE to occur in the future!

Please select a good cause, such as the POW/MIA issue or Gulf War Illness. Then please GET VERY INFORMED, inform OTHERS, and get and stay ACTIVELY INVOLVED!

Here are some of the things that you can do:

1) Write letters to your congressmen and U.S. senators, and to the editors of local newspapers.

2) Call or Fax your elected officials and let them know how strongly you feel about key issues.

3) Purchase and pass out booklets, books, audio tapes, video tapes, etc. on important topics.

4) When permitted, make copies of good video tapes and give them to others.

5) Possibly you can write and distribute your own newsletter.

Believe it or not, there are times when we CAN successfully “fight city hall” and “swim upstream”. (It’s easy to float downstream, but it takes a real man or woman to swim upstream!)

Sometimes it might just be YOUR efforts that turn the tide on an important issue!