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“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.         Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world(1928)

            Edward Bernays (Called by some the “Father of Public Opinion”)


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((NOTE: The following two Dick Armey quotes are taken from Nat Hentoff’s book The War on the Bill of Rights and the Gathering Resistance – which is highly recommended by editor of TTT.))


we the people had better keep an eye onour government.

            How do you [in government] use these tools we have given you to make us safe in such a manner that will preserve our freedom? Freedom is no policy for the timid. And my plaintive plea to all my colleagues that remain in this government as I leave it is, for our sake, for my sake, for heaven’s sake, don’t give up on freedom.” ( December 6, 2002 ) (An excerpt from his farewell address given at the National Press Club in Washington , D.C. )

Dick Armey (Former Republican U.S. Congressman; former House Majority Leader)

            “The Justice Departmentseems to be running amok… This agency right now is the biggest threat to personal liberty in the country.” ( October 21, 2002 ; From the New Republic)

Dick Armey

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((Ed. Note: The next seven quotes are taken from the March 2004 “Radio Liberty newsletter.         A subscription to this outstanding monthly newsletter written by Dr. Stanley K. Monteith is only $25 for one year.         Call 800-544-8927* or send check or money order payable to “Radio Liberty and mail to: Radio Liberty // P.O. Box 969 // Soquel , CA 95073 .))

“Should the CIA [Central Intelligence Agency] be allowed to kill people? Should the CIA be allowed to have covert agents in the media, and [to] plant articles designed to control what the American people think?” (March 2004)

Dr. Stanley K. Monteith (Author; host of the “Radio Liberty broadcast)

“Most people don’t understand the events that led up to the 9/11 [2001] attack because the CIA planted hundreds of conflicting stories in the media to confuse the public and prevent them from understanding the true reason for the war in Iraq.” (March 2004)

Dr. Stanley K. Monteith

“Immediately after the World Trade Center was destroyed, the Eastern-Establishment-CIA complex mobilized their agents in the media, and tried to conceal the fact that the Neocons [Ed. Note: neo-conservatives] in the Bush Administration were planning to attack Iraq .         Most government officials refused to discuss that issue, but Paul O’Neill, a prominent member of President Bush’s Cabinet from January 2001 until December 2003, revealed what happened: his shocking revelations are recorded in Ron Suskind’s book, The Price of Loyalty. Paul O’Neill was asked to resign from President Bush’s Cabinet because he feared the Administration’s economic policies would destroy our economy and result in financial ruin.” (March 2004)

Dr. Stanley K. Monteith

            “Immediately after Ron Suskind’s book was released, the CIA mobilized its agents in the media, and set out to destroy Paul O’Neill’s credibility.         He was attacked, demonized, and vilified because he criticized President Bush, and [because he] revealed that Vice President Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz discussed launching a preemptive strike on Iraq at Cabinet meetings seven months before the [9/11/2001] terrorist attack on America. According to O’Neill, Donald Rumsfeld said the U.S. needed an ‘incident’ to justify going to war with Iraq .         Regular readers of the Radio Liberty [news] letter know that Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, and Paul Wolfowitz are founding members of Project for the New American Century (PNAC), a Neoconservative group organized in June 1997 to establish ‘an international order friendly to our security, our prosperity, and our principles.’”

Dr. Stanley K. Monteith (March 2004)

            “CIA operatives working in the media have tried to convince the public [that] the Intelligence Community didn’t know that Osama Bin Laden was going to attack America , but that is NOT true.         Eleanor Hill was the Staff Director of the Joint Select Committee that investigated the [ 9/11/2001 ] terrorist attack; her testimony before the Joint Select Committee on September 18, 2002 , reveals [that] the Intelligence Community knew about Osama Bin Laden’s plan to attack the United States , and did NOT try to stop him(March 2004)

Dr. Stanley K. Monteith

Why did most members of the Intelligence Community believe the terrorist attack would take place overseas?         [It was] because critical information on the impending attack was restricted to officials at the highest level of government, and agents like John O’Neill, who tried to investigate the terrorist threat in America, were censored, and kept from doing their job.”     Dr. Stanley K. Monteith (March 2004)

“When the CIA briefed President Bush on August 6, 2001 , they told him terrorists planned to hijack American passenger planes. Was the President told about their plan to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon?         The Bush Administration refuses to declassify the text of the August 6 briefing. Why?” (March 2004)

Dr. Stanley K. Monteith

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            “How did it happen that the CIA, FBI, Defense Intelligence Agency and our other extravagantly funded spooks could neither prevent nor learn in advance about the most deadly attack [i.e., September 11, 2001] on America since Pearl Harbor? The answer was as unpleasant as the question.

            If U.S. intelligence agencies did not see the attack [i.e., September 11, 2001] coming, it was because they were told NOT to look. Why? From inside the agencies were obtained statements and documents indicating that the Bush administration blocked key investigations into allegations that top Saudi Arabia royals and some members of the bin Laden family, not just Osama, funded and supported Al-Qaeda and other terrorist organizations.”

            Greg Palast (Investigative reporter; author of the book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy)

            “According to insiders, FBI agents had wanted to check into two members of the bin Laden family, Abdullah and Omar, but were told to stay away by superiors – until September 13, 2001 .         ((Ed. Note: The attack was on September 11, 2001 .)) By then, Abdullah and Omar were long gone from the USA .

            Why [was there] no investigation of the brothers bin Laden?         The Bush administration’s line is [that] the Binladdins (a more common spelling of the Arabic name) are good folk. Osama is the Black Sheep, supposedly cut off from his Saudi kin.         But the official line notwithstanding, some FBI agents believed the family had some gray sheep worth questioning

            Greg Palast

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“I don’t think anybody could have predicted that these peoplewould try to use an airplane as a missile – a hijacked airplane as a missile.” ( May 17, 2002 )

Condoleezza Rice (National Security Advisor to the Bush Administration)

((Ed. Comment: Ms. Rice is talking about the 9/11/2001 attack on the World Trade Center . If she really believes what she is saying here, then why did she warn Mayor Willie Brown of San Francisco NOT to fly the day prior to the 9/11 attack?         Dr. Stanley Monteith of “Radio Liberty listed several “pieces of intelligence” in his March 2004 newsletter that tell a different story than the one Ms. Rice is telling us concerning the “use of aircraft” at terrorist weapons:

“In August 1998, the Intelligence Community obtained information that a group of unidentified Arabs planned to fly an explosive-laden plane from a foreign country into the World Trade Center

In September 1998, the Intelligence Community obtained information that Osama Bin Laden’s next operation could possibly involve flying an aircraft loaded with explosives into a U.S. airport and detonating it

In the fall of 1998, the Intelligence Community received information concerning a Bin Laden plot involving aircraft in the New York and Washington , D.C. areas.”))



            America is the land of “cover-ups” (and “whitewashes”). And the cover-ups never seem to end. Worst of all, the establishment-CONTROLLED mainstream media (such as ABC, CBS, and NBC) often, and for the most part, collaborates with the U.S. government in perpetrating these cover-ups on the American people – at least until they can no longer keep the “lid” on the story!

Such cover-ups have included:

**The attack on American military forces at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 that was known at least 12 days prior to the attack by the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Administration (which allowed to attack to proceed unhindered) ((Yes, I know the mainstream media finally admitted to this one – but it took them decades to do so!));

**The establishment-sponsored, orchestrated & choreographed brutal assassination of U.S. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Dallas , Texas on November 22, 1963 , and the subsequent “lone assassin” cover-up by the Warren Commission;

**The deliberate, pre-meditated, and vicious Israeli military attack on the USS Liberty (a U.S. Navy surveillance vessel) on June 8, 1967 – the subsequent cover-up (by both the U.S. government and Israel ) maintains (to this day) that the attack was “accidental”;

**The Agent Orange cover-up in the aftermath of the Vietnam War;

**The Prisoner of War/Missing-in-Action (POW/MIA) cover-up that occurred after World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War;

**The Gulf War Illness cover-up that occurred after Gulf War I;

**The TWA Flight 800 cover-up (it was shot down!);

etc., etc., etc. ad nauseam

And now, what’s this we see – another major cover-up (and “whitewash”) coming our way in the form of the “9/11 Commission”?

One of the greatest “oxymora” [Ed. Note: plural of “oxymoron”] in the world is an “independent” investigation by the U.S. government. When President John Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, the Warren Commission was appointed to investigate his death.         Some of John Kennedy’s enemies, such as Allen Dulles (whom Kennedy had fired from being head of the CIA), were appointed to the Commission. Now, how conducive is that in getting to the truth of who really assassinated John Kennedy?

And so now, we Americans are once again being subjected to an “independent” investigation of the 9/11/2001 attack on the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon – conducted by insiders and friends of the government! My guess is that we will get just about as much truth from the 9/11 Commission as we did from the Warren Commission that investigated the John Kennedy assassination!



            The purpose of this issue of “Tackling the Tough Topics (TTT)” is not for me to type ten or more pages of information for the reader about what REALLY happened immediately before, during, and immediately after the 9/11/2001 Attacks on America. Much has already been written and published on that topic, and besides the “quotations” included at the beginning of this newsletter, I plan to make only a small number of comments.         I do, however, hope to list some great web sites and some great informational materials that hopefully the reader of this newsletter will check out and/or obtain. We all need to do our own “independent investigation” of this important topic, because we absolutely cannot trust the U.S. government to tell us the truth about this or any other critical issue – they just plain have too much of a history of LYING to us!

My few and brief (hopefully) comments:

First, Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, and al-Qaeda have never been great threats to America ’s security. Saddam Hussein was for decades the recipient of much U.S. support in his war against Iran . In fact, then-U.S. ambassador to Iraq , April Glaspie, gave Saddam the “green light” to invade Kuwait in 1991. ((Was Saddam Hussein double-crossed?)) In the 1980s Saddam Hussein had been one of the U.S. government’s “good buddies”. The Saudi Bin Laden family has long had business ties with top U.S. government officials. Osama Bin Laden himself has long had ties to the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and was one of the CIA’s heroes in fighting the Soviet military forces which invaded Afghanistan in 1979. Those who have read George Orwell’s novel 1984 know all about the bogeyman “Goldstein” used by “Big Brother government” to energize the population to fight “Big Brother’s” enemies. Well, today we have Saddam “Goldstein” Hussein, Osama “Goldstein” Bin Laden, and the al-Qaeda “Goldsteins”.         ((If you have not read 1984 – or, if it’s been a long time since you read it – then I most highly recommend that you get a copy to read (or, to re-read).))

Secondly, the invasion of Iraq was planned BEFORE the Bush Administration took office.         This is clearly revealed by Project for the New American Century (PNAC) documents.         Some of the founding members of PNAC are Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. As Dr. Stanley Monteith pointed out in his March 2004 issue of the “Radio Liberty newsletter, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz had “discussed launching a preemptive strike on Iraq at Cabinet meetings seven months before the [ 9/11/2001 ] terrorist attack on America .         According to [Paul] O’Neill, Donald Rumsfeld said the U.S. needed an ‘incident’ to justify going to war with Iraq .”

Thirdly, there was plenty of intelligence indicating that “terrorists” planned to attack targets in the USA , and even some intelligence that the “terrorists” planned to use commercial aircraft in these attacks. This makes National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice’s statement on May 17, 2002 (where she said: “I don’t think anybody could have predicted that these peoplewould try to use an airplane as a missile – a hijacked airplane as a missile.”) one of most fantastic statements in the history of mankind!

Fourthly, many FBI agents were hindered in their investigations concerning potential Arab terrorists here in the USA by the Bush Administration prior to the 9/11 attacks.         This hindering of FBI investigations by the Bush Administration got so bad that a top FBI chief, John O’Neill, quit in disgust!         ((He was subsequently hired to be security chief at the World Trade Towers , and “conveniently” (for the government) died in the attacks on 9/11/2001 !))

Fifthly, some of the supposed Arab hijackers involved in the 9/11 attacks have shown up ALIVE in various Arab countries AFTER the attack!         Most of the alleged hijackers were Saudis – so why did we attack Iraq ?

Sixthly, there are so very many questionable things about the 9/11/2001 attacks, such as:

**How did jet fuel melt steel beams so that the Towers collapsed?         ((Fires had never brought down a large steel-structured building before in the USA .))

**Why did Building #7 collapse? (Note: It was not hit by any aircraft, and it was not that close to the towers.)

**What happened to the large jet engines when the commercial jet supposedly hit the Pentagon? And why was the initial “hole” in the Pentagon so TINY if a large commercial jet aircraft crashed into it?

**Why were some government officials, such as San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, warned NOT to fly before the 9/11 attacks?

**Why were tapes of the firefighters’ conversations seized under “national security”?


And there are many other questionable things about the 9/11 attacks – but I hope I have listed a sufficient amount to “whet the appetite” of the reader of this newsletter enough to do some “independent investigation” of the 9/11 attacks on his/her own.         Here are some recommended web sites, books, and videos on the topic of the 9/11 attacks:




(NOTE:         These web sites contain some great information concerning the 9/11 attacks that you will never get from the establishment-CONTROLLED mainstream media in the USA .) ; ; and


RECOMMENDED VIDEOS (An * indicates credit card orders accepted)

“9/11: The Road to Tyranny” by Alex Jones; 144 minutes; (documents the ruthless history of governments orchestrating terrorist attacks against their own people to scare them into total submission); $33.455 postpaid; to order, call 888-253-3139*

“Matrix of Evil” by Alex Jones; 2 hours; (exposes Patriot Act and the latest police state developments); $33.45 postpaid; to order, call 888-253-3139*

“Police State III – Total Enslavement” by Alex Jones; 160 minutes; (deals with the growing American police state); $33.45 postpaid; to order, call 888-253-3139*

“The Masters of Terror” by Alex Jones; 125 minutes; 2002; (shows how governments use terrorist events to push their own agenda); $33.45 postpaid; to order, call 888-253-3139*

((IMPORTANT NOTE: If you buy three or more of Alex Jones videos, the price per video drops down to $20 plus S&H.         Editor of TTT most highly recommends these four: “9/11: The Road to Tyranny”; “The Masters of Terror”; “Police State III – Total Enslavement”; and, “MARTIAL LAW:         9-11: The Rise of the Police State”.))

“Painful Deceptions” by Eric Huffschmid; (brings out a whole lot of things about the 9/11 attacks that the controlled media is not telling us); $33.45 postpaid; to order, call 888-253-3139*

RECOMMENDED BOOKS (An * indicates credit card orders accepted)

1984 by George Orwell; 268 pages; 1949; First Signet Classic printing: 1950; ISBN 0-451-52493-4; (a novel about “Big Brother” totalitarian government – a must-read book to show us all the horrors of a powerful “police state”); should be available through all large bookstore chains

9-11:         Descent into Tyranny by Alex Jones; 232 pages; 2002; Publisher: AEJ Publishing; ISBN 1-57558-113-2; (deals with the real story behind the September 11 attacks); to order, call 888-253-3139*

Order out of Chaos:         Elite Sponsored Terrorism & the New World Order by Paul Joseph Watson; 331 pages; 2003; Publisher: AEJ Productions; ISBN 0-9743381-0-9; to order, call 888-253-3139*

The War on Freedom:         The 9/11 Conspiracies by Jim Marrs; 322 pages; 2003; Publisher: ARES Publishing; ISBN 0-9727131-1-5; $27.50 postpaid; to order, call “Power of Prophecy” at 800-234-9673*

The War on the Bill of Rights and the Gathering Resistance by Nat Hentoff; 176 pages; 2003; Publisher: Seven Stories Press; ISBN 1-58322-621-4; probably available through large bookstore chains, or check the internet


            Things are often “not what they seem”.         There are a whole lot of things that our government and the establishment-controlled mainstream media are telling us about the 9/11/2001 attacks on America that don’t sound right! Is there another massive cover-up (and whitewash) going on concerning these attacks on the people of this Republic? I think there is, and if we are to be responsible citizens, then we must investigate these matters for ourselves. Please check out the web sites I listed earlier.         Please purchase as many of the books and videos as you can possibly afford, and then share them with others after you have read/viewed them. And if you think this issue of the TTT newsletter contains good information, then please make as many copies of it as you possibly can, and give them away free-of-charge to others.



“Truth is violated by falsehood, but it is outraged by silence.”

            Henri-Frederic Amiel (1821-1881; Swiss writer and philosopher)


“When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden – it is yellow [i.e., cowardly].”

            Tom Anderson (Writer)

            “…They [Ed. Note: theFeds’] are establishing SECRET military trials where you will NOT have ANY rights.         NOW it’s just forsupposedly forforeign terrorists, or people who are here illegally.         But it’s A VERY SHORT STEP from taking foreign terrorists into the secret courts to taking Americans into the secret courts.

            And this is what it’s really all about, ladies and gentlemen!         Freedom hangs like a threadwhat are YOU willing to do?

            I got a call from a fellow today who said he wanted to get some of my material, but he didn’t want to be put on our web [site] list, because he didn’t want anyone knocking on his door.         You know, this is what makes COWARDS of menan unwillingness to SPEAK OUT for righteousness!         We haveright’ on our side, and the question is: ‘Are there enough Americans out there who are willing to stand with us?’         Or are they going [to] run for cover and say, as did so many of the Jews in Germany : ‘Well, maybe if we don’t say anything, they’ll leave us alone.’?”

Dr. Stanley K. Monteith (Author; host of the “Radio Liberty broadcast)

“If we lose America , do you think your 401K retirement is going to be safe? Do you think your IRA is going to be safe?         Do you think you’re going to be allowed to remain in your home?         Don’t you understand that there are evil and wicked people out there who want to take away your freedom, and they’re going to succeed if you don’t have the COURAGE to stand?         And if you don’t have the COURAGE to take a stand now, you don’t deserve to be free!

            Do you remember what Dante, who wrote the ‘Inferno’ [Ed. Note: a section of Dante’s Divine Comedy], told us: ‘The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in a time of moral crisis try to maintain a position of neutrality.’?         When freedom is at stake, there is NO place for neutrality…

            America – your freedom, your future, your family – are under attack today!”

            Dr. Stanley K. Monteith