About us

Tackling The Tough Topics came to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in 1982. I was saved in January of that year after reading a library book that contained the gospel of Jesus Christ. Shortly after my conversion, Tackling The Tough Topics and I began attending what appeared to be an independent, fundamental Baptist church.

Not long after we began attending services, Tackling The Tough Topics also repented and placed his faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We remained in this establishment for over ten years. It was to our spiritual hurt that we did not heed the many signs that indicated it was not a real church.  

If we had fully believed the Bible and therefore acted upon the precepts taught therein, we would have known that at the very least, this was not a genuine church. We later learned that it was founded and run by followers of Satan who were posing as Christians and even attended a Christian college in preparation for the “ministry.” After we left their establishment, we found ourselves being forced to deal with the evil spirits they sent on assignment to harass our family. We learned to rely on the Lord in prayer to combat this spiritual onslaught. We are grateful to God for his grace during this difficult time. 

We have come to the realization that our experience was not unique. It is not uncommon for Satan’s followers to begin “churches” (and infiltrate real ones) for the purpose of spiritually sabotaging God’s people. The Lord is now commanding us to warn others about this and other snares that Satan has prepared for the Christian–many from within the church.

As we repented from all known sin and compromise, God’s mercy abounded toward us.  As began to seek Him through his word we began to search for a real Baptist church, because that is the denomination that we were accustomed to. We did find one for a short time, but a move brought us to the place of having to search for a church. We visited many churches and paid careful attention to the teachings. This brought us to the shocking realization that the true gospel of Jesus Christ is not being taught in most churches in the New England area. After gaining internet access in 1998, we learned that the falling away is by no means confined to our region.

We are now assembling together at home as a family. We have a time of daily Bible reading and enjoy singing hymns together and praying. We would be happy to meet other like-minded Christians in our area. We not are not Baptist any longer because after time reading the Bible without study notes, we no longer hold to the unconditional eternal security teaching, the pre-tribulation rapture teaching, and the cessation of the spiritual gifts needed to survive during the Tribulation (the supernatural ones.) Even though we are no longer Baptist, we hold to the fundamentals of the Christian faith and reject New Evangelicalism (modernism).

We do not agree with the modern charismatic movement with the rock music and fleshly and demonic goings-on that counterfeit as spiritual gifts. We believe that all the spiritual gifts do exist in the church even though we have not personally seen them all in operation. We are very cautious about this and believe gifts should be proven to see if they are of God. Real spiritual gifts are from the Holy Spirit. False spiritual gifts are from demon spirits. If you have willful sin in your life, you will not be able to tell the difference.

I began to write articles for the website in June, 2001, shortly after I began investigating the Left Behind Series. At this time, I (Lisa) do the actual writing of the articles. My writing does not usurp the authority my husband has over me because he urges me to write and as my spiritual head, he protects me from demonic attack so that I am able to write. God has used these simple articles for his glory, but we know that He has given Tackling The Tough Topics messages to share. This will happen in due time.

I am a homemaker and have not been employed outside the home except as a counter person in a donut shop when our first and second-born children were young. [My children reminded me recently that I was also employed by Burger Chef for a short time.] Tackling The Tough Topics is an auto and truck mechanic, an exceptional autobody technician, and has some experience repairing motorcycles. He has completed one custom bike.

We are a couple who have covenanted with God to obey Him completely and without reservation. As we keep our covenant, He will guide our steps now and in the perilous times to come. We are committed to share with those who have “ears to hear” what we have learned and are continuing to learn that is especially relevant in these latter days. Of particular concern is the way Luciferians have gained leadership positions in the church and in every institution that calls itself Christian, and are bringing in doctrines that are bringing about the falling away of the church from the faith of Jesus. 

Few are speaking out due to the fear of reprisals. It is time to speak out. Hell is an unquenchable fire where the worm never dies. We must co-labor with Jesus Christ to prevent people from going there and expose those from within the church establishment who are sending them there. 

May you hold the beginning of your confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ steadfast until the end.