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A Courageous Lady

This “information sheet” is being typed so that more Americans will find out about a courageous lady named Karen-lee Bixman and her excellent newsletter, “The Investigative Reporter”. Karen-lee Bixman almost died from a severe infection a couple years ago. That she survived was nothing short of a miracle!

Karen-lee Bixman has been publishing her newsletter, “The Investigative Reporter”, for years. She recently took a several-month break from writing after receiving Internet “hate mail”. Well, she’s back writing, and her latest issue (March-April 2003) is entitled “The Re-emergence of The Third Reich”. Karen-lee compares some of the DRACONIAN and ORWELLIAN U.S. legislation (such as “Homeland Security”) with similar legislation in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

Here is a great quote from her March-April 2003 issue:

“Occupied with their daily routines, still living in their comfort zones, the American public have [sic] yet to realize their loss of personal freedom. In 1934, in the early days of the Third Reich, the situation was the same.”

And here is another great quote from her March-April 2003 issue:

“By embracing those [New Deal] programs [of the 1930s] Americans unwittingly sold their birthright for a pot of porridge. The enactment of the Social Security Act and later, the Federal Income Tax, firmly established a precedent of government intervention into the lives of its citizens that would never be revoked. Sadly, each succeeding generation has succumbed to continued government constraints, so much so, that the America of today doesn’t even resemble the America of 1960, much less [of] 1930.”

The above two quotes show the “great insight” that Karen-lee Bixman brings to her “investigative reporting”. Editor of TTT MOST HIGHLY recommends that you get a subscription to “The Investigative Reporter” for $36 a year, which includes 6 Investigative Reports and 6 Investigative Updates. Checks or money orders should be made out to: Karen-lee Bixman ; please mail to: Karen-lee Bixman // 18685A Main St., #280 // Huntington Beach, CA 92648. Karen-lee asks that you include your Email address if available. For more information call her office at 562-493-8957 or Email .

Again, Editor of TTT urges the reader of this “information sheet” to get INFORMED on the serious issues of our day, and then to INFORM OTHERS. Newsletters like Karen-lee Bixman’s “The Investigative Reporter” are great “informational tools” to be used to “wake up” others who may be unaware of the Draconian and Orwellian legislation recently passed in this country, and other important issues of our day!